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Dump Bitcoin Campaign Has Begun

by Paul Guadagno 12 months ago in bitcoin · updated 9 months ago
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Buy Silver And Gold 🪙🏅

Why you should dump BC

Jan. 23 2022 Update - just 3 months after this article was originally published, Bitcoin is down to trading around 35K. Down about 50% from last all time high !

Watch all markets carefully. The last quarter of the year could certainly hold some big surprises. More and more investors are realizing that the Stock Market and Bitcoin are very top heavy. Risk is very elevated right now. So when you see strong rallies in these assets, you should be selling, because believe it or not , this can't go on forever. To get a better idea of how these assets are trading in the longer term, you should be looking at technical charts . If you look at the long term curve, you can project that curve to start sloping downward slowly over time. The total stock market is best measured by the S&P 500.

Looks like stock market may have put in a top

If you look at the 1 year Bitcoin chart, you can see that it's still struggling below its all time high and the longer term curve in red is starting to lean downward.

Bitcoin 1yr chart leaning downward slightly

Refer to article below:

I don't agree with the above article 100%. All markets might crash, but only a few will come back very quickly - Gold and Silver.

I personally believe this is an opportunity to buy. But you better buy the right one's. Only Gold and Silver will rebound hard off the bottom quickly. Bitcoin and the total market will get hit a lot harder.

Don't buy back into US stocks after this happens. You will regret it. You should also wait to buy back into Bitcoin because this sell off is likely to take the price down another 50%. The only safe buys will be Silver and Gold , right after this big sell off ! Why ? They are the only assets that haven't been artificially pumped up !

The above article confirms Gold will continue to be a great long term buy and hold. People that don't own any physical gold or GLD (gold fund that trades like a stock) should definitely put at least 10 - 20% of their money in at least one of these. Or if you want even bigger potential upside buy Physical silver or SLV (silver fund that trades like a stock).

More evidence that gold will keep going up:

Regarding article above:

This is one more fact that confirms , Nations and Central Banks are buying Gold, not Bitcoin ! When El Salvador adopted Bitcoin as legal tender, they got the shaft on the price almost as quickly as they bought into it.

Regarding Silver:

The Gold price will continue to support silver in the near term, but as industrial demand for silver and risk to the US dollar goes up a lot more , in the future , the explosive potential for silvers price to go much higher remains intact.

Refer to article below

I know that what I'm projecting in this article probably sounds crazy to a lot of investors right now. But, I do believe this scenario will eventually play out !

When Bitcoin rallies on bad news, you know something is wrong

The above article confirms cryptocurrencies are going to be regulated more heavily and that they're wrought with criminal activity.

Leave it to CNBC to push a gigantic bull story like the one below :

When does this madness stop ?

Everyone that owns Bitcoin and anyone thinking about buying it should keep in mind that these stories are there to keep the multitude of smaller buyers consistently buying it at continually higher prices so that heavy owners can sellout all their shares at a reasonable gain. Honestly, all the Bitcoiners could have picked a different asset , like some kind of sexy penny stock and did the same thing with it as they did to Bitcoin. But it doesn't make that asset really worth anything. When there's no underlying value to an asset and most people are only buying it because it's going up, that inflated price is hanging on a lie that depends on more and more people to continue perpetuating that lie to keep it alive.

If Bitcoin can bust through the old high , of around $65000, by the end of this year and hold at a new high , I will concede that the above scenario will take a lot longer to play out . That certainly doesn't mean that I would change my mind about Bitcoins real value. It just means that, there are a lot more suckers out there still buying Bitcoin at these ridiculous prices. Like I said in my other articles, all logic is out the window with these high flying "assets" . I put the word assets in quotation marks because, I don't believe it's an asset at all. The fact that some heavy buyers of Bitcoin are using borrowed money to buy it should scare the hell out of you ! Why ? Because if a millionaire or a billionaire is borrowing money to buy more of an asset they already own a lot of , that sounds like paranoid buying to hold up the price to keep it from falling.


The article below refers to the fragility of the stock market .

Maybe No Santa Claus Rally This Year

Even if there is no meaningful sell off in the last quarter of the year, It still looks like the longer term outlook on , over inflated markets like , Bitcoin and mainstream stocks is very shakey over the longer term.

All Kitco articles and videos inserted are very recent.

If you start transitioning your investments towards reality instead of fantasy, you will find yourself begin to sleep better at night. At least some of your investment money needs to go into Real Assets like precious metals and possibly real estate. If you liked this article and have an open mind about hidden agendas, You will like my other articles on Vocal.

Thanks in advance for your interest !

Paul Guadagno


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