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How to Create NFT - Complete Guide

by Lia Carter about a year ago in tokens
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Do you wanna know how to create nft and how much does it cost to create an non fungible token? Refer to this article which helps to make your own NFT without any hassle.

It is still astonishing to think that a digital token has gone through a great pace in this short term. Thanks to the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Traders and investors have been searching for new investments so that they could invest their cryptocurrency in a relatively new way and this NFT came up. In this blog, you could find answers to the questions like “How to create nft?”, “ How to get started with nft?”, “How to buy and sell nft?”, etc. Without delaying any further, let us get into the facts.

What is NFT?

NFT is a Non-Fungible Token. It is not a new concept after all as it has been in existence since 2017. NFT is known for their authenticity and their authority over a particular digital collectible. This token provides an entire ownership to the person or individual who owns it as they are authorised through a blockchain certificate. To be short, NFT is an authenticated digital collectible that is authorized by a blockchain certificate.

Any form of digital art can be NFT’ed. That means, any form of digital collectibles like digital art, antiques, sounds, music, designs, gif, meme, etc. can be converted into an NFT and stored and valued as a digital collectible. For instance, a meme about NFT can be tokenized and converted into NFT.

NFT can be sold like any other physical items in a digital marketplace called the NFT marketplace. The thing is that you cannot determine the price of the NFT as it would be decided through a bidding process. If you think that the particular NFT is of high value, there is no wonder that it would be sold for millions. Everyone would be aware of the Nyan Cat gif that had been sold for $600,000. Interesting right?

Can a digital art be spammed? May not be. Let us make it clear.

Security of NFT

A particular NFT can be copied any number of times and can be altered as per the requirement of any individual. Does that mean that the particular NFT is spammed or altered? No. It is not. It is secured by the blockchain certificate and the ownership lies with the holder of that certificate. For an instance, Apple phones are owned by many people in the world and they can modify and modulate it according to their wish, but the real authority and ownership of production lies with the Apple company. Any official modifications would be released only by them as they have a secure production, privacy policy and terms and conditions. Similar is NFT. NFT is a secured token where you can store, manage, buy or sell a token.

Before jumping into “how to create nft token?”, let us know about certain things that you should have while creating NFT.

Things to consider while starting a NFT:

First of all, if you want to enter into the world of NFT, you should have three primary things accomplished.

1. You should have a digital wallet particularly ethereum wallet ( because most of the NFT are created in ERC 720/ERC1155 token standards)

2. Connect the wallet with the NFT marketplace.

3. Create your NFT and sell them.

Let us see these three of them in brief that would be resourceful to you.

Create a digital wallet account - As a first step, you need to create a digital wallet particularly the ethereum wallet if you want to create an NFT. Most of the NFTs are crafted in the Ethereum token standard, especially ERC 720 and ERC 1155 and so it is more important to create a digital wallet for your token creation. After successful token creation, you have to induce some deposits into the ethereum wallet. This will help you in the later phase where you have to pay a minimum gas fee for listing the NFT.

Connect the wallet with the NFT marketplace - After creating the account and depositing it with some cash, it is time to connect the wallet with the NFT marketplace. This will help you to buy or sell NFT effectively without any hassles. For instance, if you connect your cryptocurrency wallet with the Rarible, then this will make the job easier with just one swipe.

Create your NFT - After carefully considering the NFT marketplace and connecting with them, it is time to finally create NFT that would be so adorable and everyone would love to buy.

People start their NFT to list their digital collectible or art in the NFT marketplace. Come let us know how to create nft so that this will help you to create your NFT and list in the marketplace thereby making a considerable amount of revenue.

How to create NFT?

There are two ways in which you can create NFT and list them in the marketplace. One is you have your NFT image or digital art. In that case, the work is so simple. All you have to do is you connect your crypto wallet with a marketplace and list your NFT in the marketplace and generate profits.

Two - You will have to create your NFT. That means, you have to create your NFT in the marketplace and then list them in the market. Let us know the procedures in creating NFT in this style through a step by step manner.

Step 1 - You have to first of all register with the NFT marketplace. It would be better if you choose a nft marketplace like Rarible which will help you to analyse the tokens and their presence. You can start creating your token after registering the account by connecting your wallet.

Step 2- You can fix the dimensions of the token. It is best recommended to choose the 16:9 white canvas background. Then you can choose any image of your creativity and then construct your NFT. You can also use the resources in the marketplace to create your token. After shedding all your creativity, you can mint them into a token.

Step 3 - Add your image to the marketplace and pay the gas fees allocated for that image. Uploading the image and listing them as an NFT in the marketplace is as easy as uploading the files in the google doc. All you need to know is to pay the gas fees from your crypto wallet so that they get listed in the marketplace within seconds.

Step 4 - You have to wait for the bids. You will receive the best bid for your work that someone in the community would purchase the NFT for the best price possible. Sometimes, if the bid did not sell, you can market them among the community that will help you to sell for the best price. Most of the NFT marketplaces have this feature.

How Much Does it Cost to Create an NFT?

Perhaps. It depends on the type of NFT that you mint using the Ethereum network. For example, if your NFT involves a gif, then the network fee or gas fee may differ with respect to the NFT that involves a digital art. For instance, if you mount your NFT in the marketplace using ethereum, the average price would be varying from $50 to $100. This might be pretty high but if your token is sold for a higher rate, then it would be worth it.

If you think of the high gas fees, there is nothing to worry about. Because, Ethereum 2.0 is on the way and the higher gas fee issue would be resolved very soon. If you are still hysterical about the prices, then it is best recommended to start NFT marketplace. It does not attract as much investment as you think and you can create with proper guidance by using this valuable resource How to create NFT marketplace like Rarible within 7 days.

To conclude, you can create your NFT by starting with an ethereum wallet, connecting with a marketplace and using their resources and then you can sell them. If your question is How to buy nfts?, it is simple, follow the first two steps in creation criteria and you are ready to buy NFT. In any case, if you are an entrepreneur, then it is best recommended to start a NFT marketplace for your business.

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