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by M.R. Cameo 2 years ago in bitcoin
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A Prodigy Imprisoned

I sat with a cigarette in my Belize cabana watching as the waves combed the beach. I knew my time as a free man was limited. I had been too optimistic, crossed lines that no man could get away with. Freedom of prosperity and individual rights were ideals that were no longer cherished by society. However, being a Libertarian, I couldn’t throw these values to the wind. I worked against the odds and risked everything to bring my sovereign creation to life.

It had all begun back in 2008, when the United States found itself in another financial crisis. Once again people were a disappointment, expecting bailouts from the government and yearning for the banks and IRS to return to normality. As the old quote goes “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. This ingrained way of thinking, this confidence in these antiquated institutions, is the problem.

Financial freedom is imperative to a Libertarian, and really should be to any individual. Many Americans have this false belief that the Federal Reserve is this indispensable institution that holds the fabric of the economy together. In fact, it is the opposite, the Fed is both corrupt and unconstitutional, keeping people continuously oppressed. I knew something had to be done. When it seemed no one else was going to stand up, I attempted to be the hero.

Working tirelessly day and night for nearly a year, utilizing my extensive background in computer security; I came up with what I believed could be a solution. Bitcoin, a decentralized digital currency, that could be sent directly between two individuals with no intermediaries such as banks needed. Knowing it would likely take off and that this would anger those benefiting from the current system, I made it under a pseudonym, Satoshi Nakamoto. For several years I was able to keep my identity a secret and live my life normally. However, as time would tell, I had underestimated the complexity and maliciousness of the corruption I was trying to circumvent.

These people who run everything from the shadows had already placed my name on lists and had been keeping a watchful eye on me. It may be difficult to understand, but we are living in 1984. The government is always monitoring us through our computers, transactions, conversations and everything else possible. Personal privacy and freedom of speech withered away and died long ago. They couldn’t stand for a prominent figure to be waking people up to the truth. When I told people that their liberties were being eroded, when I warned people that their humanity would soon be lost; I was immediately flagged as a threat to the establishment.

Once the people behind the curtain figured out that I was also the one behind Bitcoin, their course of persecution became relentless. The actual legality of Bitcoin is still up for debate, so it wasn’t just an open and shut-case. Yet they wanted it gone, and they wanted to teach me a lesson for daring to create a decentralized option where people could have private transactions. I was certain if I had come forward with the truth, I would have promptly died in a mysterious fashion along with those I dwelled with. They have been meticulous in keeping my identity veiled to insure I am not made into a martyr. Enough people now know what Bitcoin has done, and if they knew I was its true inventor, I am certain they would fight for me.

Having lived between the United State and Britain growing up, I was no stranger to being on the move. I attempted to divert their pursuit of me, by frequently relocating; from Virginia to Oregon, Florida, and now I was all the way in Belize. They were here though, sure enough. I had perceived the surveillance cars parked down the street, the men striding on the beach whilst keeping an eagle eye on my house, the clandestine woman who had attempted to infiltrate my house under the guise of a maid, even the government agent they had installed as my next-door neighbor.

They just wouldn’t leave me alone, they were looking for any reason to arrest me, or perhaps the perfect moment to take me out. I secured my compound with computerized weapons, security guards, and several attack dogs. I also kept myself surrounded by various witnesses, hiring many beautiful women, which I found a nonchalant cover for a man such as myself. I arranged for these women to essentially live in my house in exchange for keeping their eye out for me. I figured I’d be less likely to be assassinated when I had them around, although I knew this certainly wasn’t guaranteed. On top of this I always kept an extremely large arsenal of firearms. To be clear, I do not have a fascination with guns; I have a fascination with survival.

My tenacity for fighting for what is right certainly didn’t help in getting me out of their crosshairs. Campaigning for 2020, on my second bid for president, I played with fire by running on the platform of promoting cryptocurrency. I was proud of what had become of Bitcoin, and I knew the good cryptocurrencies could do for the world if further developed. The mainstream media of course made me out to be just some buffoon, I hardly got any airtime, reminiscent of Ron Paul’s run in 2008. The more sense and truth exhibited, the further they bury you beneath the pile of monotonous candidates. Yet even being able to reach a few people, to make some small impact, made the runs worthwhile.

They targeted me every time I tried to do something positive. If it could have a genuine impact on the world, they rushed to destroy it. They had recently raided my other compound in the jungle where I had been developing natural plant-based antibiotics. I should have known better than to step on the toes of Big Pharma. They cannot stand to have anyone get in the way of their profits, having made that clear time and time again. I guess that endeavor was just icing on the cake for them wanting to take me off the chessboard.

That night there was a bizarre charge in the air and a pit in my stomach. I knew something was going to happen. I went inside and my senses were stirred by the smell of a fragrant soup simmering on the stove. I smiled at my wife as she chopped fresh herbs in an alluring apron. I wondered what was ahead for us. I had finally found happiness in an idyllic marriage and was fearful of having that ripped away from me. A far-off scream pried me from my thoughts and I turned my head towards the window.

“What’s wrong John?”

“I thought I heard someone scream. You didn’t hear that?”

“No,” she shook her head.

I shrugged after listening a moment longer and walked over to the soup. Giving it a taste, I reasoned that perhaps my worries were getting the best of me.

“This is delectable, what-”

A melody of gunfire erupted, lancinating the night.

“Get down!” My wife and I dropped to the floor and stayed silent for several seconds. I inched my way up to peek out the window.

“John, don’t!”


Peering out the window it was difficult to make out much of anything given that there no sunlight left. The lights glaring inside the kitchen forced my eyes to take their time before being able to distinguish anything outside.

“Oh my god!”

“What? What is it?”

I watched as several men in full tactile gear ran up the beach

“We have to get out of here now!”

I grabbed her arm and led her through the living room. A grimace befell me as I diverted her down another hall after glimpsing the carnage on the back deck. Several dogs and human bodies were scattered in pools of blood, some still struggling but there was nothing I could do. I equipped a firearm from one of my wall mounts and tossed another to my wife.

“Don’t hesitate to shoot. They are here to kill us”.

We hurried further into the house and promptly shut the door behind us upon entering the saferoom. I ran to the control panel that operated the exterior mounted guns. I didn’t know how we’re going to make it out of there. There was so many of them and even if we were able to take them out, I was certain there would be reinforcements. I had always known this day would come, but had always wished it wouldn’t.

“I am going to take out as many of them as I can. We’ll have to run to the car on the eastside and tail it”.

“Okay”. My wife agreed as she proceeded to obtain our security box from underneath the cabinet.

I analyzed the security cameras before opening a righteous hellfire of bullets. I saw at least ten men fall to the ground, and could see no more in the radius of the cameras.


My wife and I sprinted through the house, exiting on the eastside that would have been normally been covered with floor to ceiling glass, but now was just a large opening with few shards of glass hanging onto the sides. We hopped into the car, I put it in gear and slammed on the gas as if something from a high-octane action movie. A few gunshots were directed at us by a man who had taken cover behind my boat, but luckily, they all missed.

My lawyer eyed me wearily as we sat in his study shortly after I was captured.

“John you have to reason with me, we don’t want you to come off as unhinged. Let’s start from the top”.

“I told you exactly what happened how many times now?”

“It just doesn’t add up. We have no witnesses to corroborate anything that you have said. It looks like your wife and you just ran, which doesn’t look good after your neighbor turned up dead”.

“They killed him, he must have known something they didn’t want him to, or they were just done with him. I don’t know. But what about all the other people they murdered?”

“What people again?’

“The women? My dogs? Have you even been listening to me?”

“They found no other bodies aside from your neighbor, whose mother-”

“What do you mean they found no other bodies?” I interjected.

“I mean just that John, the only body found was your neighbor.”

“That’s bullshit!” I swiped several books and a stack of paperwork off his desk in my rage.

“John I-”

“They are going to get away with this. They always get away with it. All those women, my bodyguards, were all people outside of the system, felons, prostitutes, they had no one else. No one will question their disappearance, and they knew that. They murdered them all, they burnt down my house to hide all the evidence, they-”

“Who is exactly is they?”

“The government for god’s sake!”

I ended up moving to Montreal after that whole fiasco, I figured I might try to lay low and enjoy myself. Uneasiness soon filled my life as I felt they were once again spying on me. I moved once more, this time to a quaint town in Tennessee. It was nice to be somewhere where I had ability to buy a wide range of defensive items and where a good segment of people still believed in the principle of freedom. I acquired trusted body guards, rebuilt my arsenal, and enjoyed the married life for as long as I could.

Maybe if I had just gone off the grid completely, not done interviews, not offered my point of view on social media, I might have been eventually left alone. Maybe. Yet if I had done that, I wouldn’t have been me. I could not turn my back on what I knew to be right, I could not disappear into the shadows whilst humanity be plundered, abused, and controlled. While the worst evils in this world are put on pedestals and seemingly worshipped. Where lies become so commonplace, that truth is shamed and forgotten. That is not who I am, and that is not who I would want to be.

In early 2019 they had made the determination that no matter what it took, I could no longer be a free man. I was too dangerous to their plans, more people were beginning to listen to me, and clearly the threats to my life hadn’t been enough to subdue me. I tried to subvert them by escaping to the Caribbean, then the Bahamas, and even Cuba, but this time they had vast manpower masterminding the mission. They caught up with me and had a slew of trumped-up charges at the ready.

Did I have millions in undeclared cryptocurrency? Hell yeah I did. I created it; it was mine. In what kind of crooked dystopian world is it a problem for someone to keep the knowledge of personal property from the government? Did I also evade paying taxes? A resounding yes! Being forced to pay taxes is regulated theft and blatantly unconstitutional, the IRS a mockery of liberty. I could have very easily filed and paid my taxes like a good boy, but I refused due to principle.

This planned take down of me had been in the works ever since I'd invented an unregulated currency. Now I sit in my prison cell, reflecting on it all. Wondering if I will ever get out in my lifetime. Furious and perplexed by how fraudulent the system is. But never once considering that I would have done things differently. I wouldn’t. I did what was right. I went against the grain in the hope of bringing real change. I always knew what the consequences could be. I won’t bite my tongue, I won’t hide in the shadows, and I certainly will not be a puppet for the men that do.

The want to keep us tyrannized. They will continue taking significant players off the chessboard so long as others continue to turn a blind eye. There is no longer time to wait around anymore hoping that maybe things will just wondrously get better. We need to come to terms with the world we are currently living in, the world they have manufactured to keep us in our place. Only once we are willing to accept that reality, can we all rise up collectively in the name of truth, integrity, and freedom, and overhaul the system to encompass these ideologies.

I beseech each and every single one of you reading this to put aside everything you think you know, even if for just a few hours, and delve into the rabbit hole of alternative information with a fully open mind. For those of you who already know the truth and may think things feel helpless; never doubt the power of your voice. Look at the extremes they are willing to go to in an attempt to silence you.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say”- George R.R. Martin- A Clash of Kings

I know it’s not yet too late for humanity. We are capable of miraculous feats, but we are running out of time.


About the author

M.R. Cameo

M.R. Cameo generally writes horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and nonfiction, yet enjoys dabbling in different genres. She is currently doing freelance work as a writer, ghostwriter, copywriter, editor, and proofreader for various publications.

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