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What are the Advantages of Wearing a White Sapphire?

What are White Sapphires?,Is White Sapphire Durable?,What are the Advantages of Wearing a White Sapphire?

By Mark JamesPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Sapphires are one of the most admired gemstones all over the world. Known for centuries for their extravagant colors and vibrant luster, sapphires are the epitome of royalty and loyalty. Found in a wide spectrum of hues imitating the shades in a rainbow, sapphires are highly sought-after by contemporary couples as the centerstones of engagement and wedding rings.

In fact, a wide variety of ornamental pieces featuring blue and fancy sapphires are popular choices among admirers of fine jewelry. Apart from all the colorful sapphires, the hueless white variant is also favored far and wide. Let us find out why people prefer to wear white sapphires and what are the benefits of wearing them.

What are White Sapphires?

White sapphires are white or the colorless variety of corundum mineral. It is either transparent or translucent in appearance, depending on the clarity of the crystal. While the colored gems get their color from the presence of trace elements in the base mineral, white sapphires are formed as a result of an absence of any trace element in the corundum.

Is White Sapphire Durable?

With a score of 9 on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale, white sapphires are perfectly suited to wear every day in any piece of jewelry. Whether you wear it as a pendant or a ring, a white sapphire will surely resist all the scratches and weathering, keeping your gemstone as pretty as a new one.

Why White Sapphire is Popular?

A white sapphire is devoid of any hues; it is transparent white gemstone. So, if you are someone who is not much into colored gems, a white sapphire can be a fantastic addition to your jewelry collection. What makes this gemstone even more appreciated is that a white sapphire closely resembles a diamond.

Purchasing a diamond is a huge financial investment which is not everyone’s cup of tea. This very reason makes a white sapphire an affordable alternative to diamond engagement rings. However, if you want a white sapphire to replace a diamond, choose a smaller centerstone instead of a bigger one since a big stone will make the difference between the two crystals obvious.

What are the Advantages of Wearing a White Sapphire?

We have already discussed why white sapphires are considered a good match for everyday jewelry and even for engagement rings. Guess what? Several astrological qualities are also associated with this gemstone that are yet to be uncovered. Let us check them out.

White sapphire is astrologically associated with the planet of beauty, Venus. So if you are a professional in the field of art, wearing a white sapphire will attract good luck and success in your life. It will enrich your life with enthusiasm and enhance your self-awareness, making you realize the true power of your creative mind. A white sapphire creates a positive aura around you by stimulating your spiritual energy.

Wearing a white sapphire can assist you in making the right choices in life so you can enjoy a wealthy lifestyle along with a well-deserved social status. The gemstone is also believed to enhance the wearer’s confidence and interpersonal skills, thus building a strong character and self-esteem. Those individuals who wish to build worldly relationships can wear a white sapphire to promote love, harmony and balance in their relations with family, pals and their life partner.

Parting Words

Make meaningful choices in life and leave a long-lasting impression with a piece of jewelry featuring a white sapphire. Shop for loose white sapphires or jewelry from GemsNY to create moments of success and good fortune. Alternatively, grant your loved one’s wishes with sparkling natural or lab-made diamond jewelry


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