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What is the Most Beautiful Stone that is Not a Diamond?

Beautiful Gemstones Other Than Diamonds,Plethora of Hues: Sapphires,The Green Enchantment: Emeralds

By Mark JamesPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

The term “beauty” is synonymous with nature. All the resources that nature has bestowed on humans are a source of exceptional beauty and boundless compassion. Be it air, water, vegetation, or minerals, humans have been heavily relying on these natural resources for survival. One such resource is naturally occurring gemstones that took millions of years to form deep under the earth’s crust. Though these gemstones are not essential for human survival, they have surely raised the living standards by introducing an element of beautification and fascination among us all.

Beautiful Gemstones Other Than Diamonds

The list of natural gemstones is expanding to date but there is one gemstone that has attracted undivided attention ever since it was discovered centuries ago. This miraculous gemstone is none other than a diamond that is known far and wide for its eye-blinding brilliance, exceptional durability and rarity. But wait, the colorless diamond is not the only gemstone that has secured a special place in the hearts of people, there are other naturally colored gemstones that are favored for their ravishing color schemes and luster. Let us take a look at some of these gemstones that have been hyped no less than diamonds.

Plethora of Hues: Sapphires

With a terrific score of 9 on the 10-point Mohs hardness scale, sapphire is another precious gemstone, other than diamonds, that is formed in a variety of colors. Except for the classic blue color version, all the shades of natural sapphire stone are categorized as fancy sapphires with colors ranging from white to black, other than red which is exclusively called ruby.

So in a way, you can consider that the September birthstone is the hardest alternative to both colorless and color diamonds. And on top of that, you can get hold of a good quality loose sapphire at a price that is much less than that of a diamond. Opt for a sapphire engagement ring in your favorite color and leave it brighter and shinier for your kids to cherish.

The Green Enchantment: Emeralds

With its vibrant green shades syncing well with its alluring transparency, the finest quality emeralds are a soothing treat to every eye. Although most loose emerald stones are prone to treatments with oil, resins, or wax, it only increases the shelf life of the stones and makes them appear more aesthetic by filling most of the internal fractures that often reach the surface.

However, the treated stones can often change appearance over time as a result of losing oil due to extensive high temperature or improper cleaning. With a hardness score between 7.5 and 8, wearing an emerald every day will not be a headache as long as you protect your emerald gemstone from getting scratched by harder gemstones such as sapphires and diamonds. However, depending on the gem quality, you may find an emerald stone costlier than a diamond, so investing in a fine-quality emerald is definitely an expensive deal.

Natural Scarlet Beauty: Rubies

Another precious gemstone with charismatic charm is ruby, a red color variety of mineral corundum of which sapphires are also made up. If you are looking for a classic as well as a bold alternative to antique diamonds, then rubies top the list. The finest of rubies have deep red hues with medium to medium-dark tones and strong to vivid saturation.

The vibrant scarlet hues of ruby are symbolic of intense love and passionate romance, hence a perfect colorful treat to express love emotions to one’s beloved. Since rubies are relatives of sapphire, both share the same score on the Mohs hardness scale, hence it is as safe to wear a ruby as it is to wear a sapphire. A fine species of ruby can cost more than a diamond of moderate quality, so a ruby is worth your hard-earned investment.

Feminine Hues of Morganite

If pink is your favorite color and rarity is what you seek, then morganite is the bundle to your gemstone joy. The subtle feminine hues of morganite are representative of selfless love, budding romance and sweet innocence. A gentle reminder of compassion and healing, the pink to orangish-pink natural morganite is derived from the same base mineral beryl the emeralds are made up of.

This means just like emeralds, morganites enjoy a rating between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs hardness scale. So make sure to keep your morganite jewelry under wraps when diamonds or sapphires are in the picture. Although pink diamonds and pink sapphires are hot choices when it comes to pink-hued gemstones, the soft pastel shades of morganite will cost much less than a pink sapphire, let alone a pink diamond. It is a significant reason why you should invest in a morganite rather than any other pink-hued gemstone.

End Note

We love diamonds so much that no other gemstone can ever take its place in our lives. Diamonds are surely our pride but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other gemstones to delight us. There are sapphires, emeralds, rubies and several other semi-precious stones that have raised the beauty standards. You can also level up your confidence and style with your favorite gemstone bling. Visit and get an exciting glimpse of GemsNY’s vast collection of precious and semi-precious loose gemstones and ready-to-ship jewelry at the best prices.


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