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Are Pink Sapphire And Pink Diamond Similar?

Pink Diamonds Vs. Pink Sapphires

By Mark JamesPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Pink is one of the most popular and fascinating colors in the entire color spectrum. It is symbolic of love and romance, tenderness and sensitivity, compassion and peace along with childhood and femininity. In the world of gemstones and jewelry, natural pink-colored gemstones hold a magnetic charm and have become a popular choice for the center stones of proposal rings, engagement rings, and wedding bands.

Some of the popular natural gemstones found in shades of pink are pink sapphires, morganite, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, pink diamond, etc. In this post, we will be making a comparison between two popular pink gemstones namely, pink diamond and pink sapphire gems which are often seen similarly.

Composite image of loose pink sapphire and pink diamond gemstones with their respective names

Pink Diamonds Vs. Pink Sapphires

Pink sapphires are often considered substitutes for pink diamonds which is why both gemstones are seen as similar. However, both are different from each other in several ways, below are the pointers in support of this statement:

Physical & Chemical Composition

Pink diamonds are a variety of naturally colored diamonds that are made up of carbon just like colorless diamonds. On the other hand, pink sapphires are one of the several naturally colored sapphires. They get their color due to the inclusion of trace element chromium in the base mineral corundum which all the sapphires are primarily made up of. Speaking of brilliance, pink diamonds are more lustrous and shining, something that one will miss even in the finest colors of pink sapphires.

Origin & Affordability

The best quality pink sapphires are mined in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, and East Africa while pink diamonds are mostly mined in Australia, Tanzania, Brazil, South Africa, and Russia. In terms of cost, pink diamonds are much more expensive than pink sapphires which can be bought at a fraction of the cost of pink diamonds. It is a prominent reason why many people opt for a pink sapphire over a pink diamond.

Color Intensity

Color is the most aesthetic feature of color gemstones. Although both the pink sapphire and pink diamond are available in a range of color tones, the most desirable shades of pink are observed in pink sapphires rather than in pink diamonds. The pale tones of pink are more common in pink diamonds while pink sapphires will be available in pale as well as darker shades. So if a vibrant shade of pink is what you are looking for then go for sapphires rather than diamonds.


As far as availability is concerned, even though both stones are rare, pink diamonds are much rarer than pink sapphires. The availability of natural pink diamonds is quite low, hence each stone is priced exceptionally high as compared to still easily accessible pink sapphire. So if the rarity of gemstones tops your priority while buying your sapphire engagement ring then pink diamond will emerge as the winner here.


Believe it or not, both diamonds and sapphires are just fabulously durable. On the 10-point Mohs hardness scale, diamonds rate 10 while sapphires take one position down with a score of 9. It means a diamond can scratch a sapphire but not vice-versa. It also means that only a diamond can scratch another diamond while a sapphire can be scratched by both a diamond and another sapphire. Still, both stones serve as an ideal choice to be worn in any piece of jewelry every day.

Lab-Grown Varieties

Though the look and feel of natural gemstones can’t be compromised with that of artificial gemstones, the cost of synthetic gemstones is much less than that of natural ones. So you can always think of purchasing a lab made pink sapphire or pink diamond instead of the natural ones to save significantly on your pocket. However, since natural pink diamonds are more expensive than pink sapphires, their synthetic counterparts will reflect major differences in prices.

End Note

Both pink sapphires and pink diamonds are highly desirable candidates for being the centerstone of modern engagement rings and wedding bands. While pink diamonds are rarer, more durable, and brilliant as compared to pink sapphires, the latter are more affordable and easily available than the former. If price is a concern then trust us, you will witness a surprising fall in the prices if you opt for the artificial counterparts of these stones. But in the end, your pink gemstone hunt will end with your personal taste and budget consideration.

So what are you waiting for, curate your suitable pick from where we offer a stunning collection of pink sapphires and pink diamonds. Be your own designer, purchase loose pink sapphires or pink diamonds and set them later in custom-made designs. Whatever is your pink dream, we will make it come true


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