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Which is Superior: A Black Or A Purple Sapphire Ring?

What Are Black Sapphires?,Are Black Sapphires Valuable?

By Mark JamesPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

it can be difficult to choose between a black or a purple sapphire ring. Learn about the unique characteristics of each gemstone and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each to decide which is superior for you.

Sapphire is one of the most precious and among the top three colored jewels, the other two being emerald and ruby. It is also known as the wisdom stone and is the birthstone for the month of September, making a sapphire ring perfect for September borns. It stands for fidelity, wisdom, love, and power.

Although sapphire is famous for its stunning blue hue, you'll be surprised to find out that that's not all there is to sapphire. This gemstone is also available in many other colors and quality variations. These other colored gemstones are known as fancy sapphires and come in colors like pink, yellow, violet, orange, green, peach, etc.

Aside from these colors, the sapphire gemstone comes in two other beautiful colors, purple and black. Despite their growing popularity, not everyone is familiar with the black and purple sapphire stones. Are you curious about these colored sapphire gemstones and wondering which one of them is better than the other? We can help make things clearer for you to understand and make an informed decision! Let's get started.

What Are Black Sapphires?

Black sapphire is a crystallized version of the mineral aluminum oxide. Any light that strikes its surface seems to get absorbed. Black sapphire stones can have a translucent or opaque appearance but can't reflect much light. They are commonly available in grayish or blue-black color.

The deep, rich color of black sapphires frequently causes people to mistake them for onyx, which is another variety of stones. Although sapphire is much more resilient and durable than onyx, these two stones are excellent look-alikes when placed side by side.

Black sapphires are incredibly resilient and have a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale, like other sapphire gemstones. If you are looking for a piece of gemstone jewelry for everyday use, you can always go for black color women's sapphire ring.

Are Black Sapphires Valuable?

Black sapphires are regarded as being of low grade and quality by experts due to their abundance and extensive mining. You can find these gemstones in large quantities in Australia. Their easy and plentiful availability lowers their cost.

Are Black Sapphires Valuable?

Generally, black sapphires are considered low-grade and low-quality gemstones by many. That is because they are found in abundance.

Despite that, these gorgeous stones offer various metaphysical qualities, making them a great pick if you are a fan of black-colored jewelry. Black sapphires are typically cut into fancy shapes to provide depth and improve their luster. They are also frequently cabochon cut.

Benefits of Black Sapphire

Health and healing

The black sapphire is believed to serve as an efficient pain reliever. Its metaphysical properties can calm the overactive systems in the body and improve health.

Wealth and profession

When looking to switch careers or find new employment, the black sapphire is an excellent gemstone to have. It will also make you feel more content in your current occupation. Along with increasing your insight, it will also boost your mind.

These are a few important things you need to know about black sapphires. Now, let's discover a little something about purple sapphires.

What Are Purple Sapphires?

Purple sapphire is a precious gemstone that also goes by the name of violet or plum sapphire due to its purplish hues. Like the other sapphire stones, purple sapphire is also one of the traditional birthstones for people born in September.

It stands out from other gemstones thanks to its distinctive look, luster, and stunning natural color. It is highly robust and scratch-resistant like other sapphire stones and has a rating of 9 on the Mohs scale.

Are Purple Sapphires Valuable?

It exhibits mystical characteristics and fine details, making it a rare gemstone, unlike black sapphires. These are also considered valuable and highly prized. Vanadium, which may produce hues ranging from deep purple to green in exceptional cases, gives the plum sapphire its color.

Benefits of Purple Sapphire

Boosts spirituality

According to astrological values, purple sapphires have calming properties and can enhance one's spiritual abilities and enable the person owning or wearing this gemstone to concentrate on their task.

Love and relationships

You can influence how others perceive you by wearing a purple sapphire stone. It is also believed to have a positive effect on one's love life and relationships. As a result, purple sapphire is becoming a popular gemstone choice for an engagement ring.

Improves self-confidence

Purple sapphire is an ideal stone to boost one's self-confidence. It also contributes to improving one's stature and personality.

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Wrapping Up

Not everyone likes jewelry with sparkling diamonds; for some, the black depth and stunning beauty of black sapphire are alluring, while others have their hearts set on the rare and lustrous purple sapphires. Although black sapphires are not as rare as purple sapphires, it does not make them much inferior to plum sapphires. At the end of the day, the decision of which one is better than the other is yours to make


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