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Emerald cut Engagement Ring for Her Birthday

Emerald cut Pave Ring,Emerald cut Halo Ring

By Mark JamesPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

It’s her birthday, and you still have not figured out what to gift her! Deciding on a birthday gift for women is exhausting. You wander market to market just to get a perfect gift, and sometimes you have to end up buying a casual gift like a bouquet, dress, or chocolate.

Every woman has different tastes and preferences that make it hard to land on a perfect gift. But jewelry is one of the best gifts and is desired by every woman. It is a timeless gift that she can wear for years. If she holds a special position in your life, then nothing can match the supremacy of the emerald-cut engagement ring.

Let’s make this birthday special and buy a unique emerald-cut engagement ring for her. Emerald cut engagement rings might be old, but the charisma of the design is still a star.

Here are some exciting options in emerald cut emerald stone engagement rings that she might love to have in her wardrobe.

Emerald cut Pave Ring

Have you planned to surprise her on her birthday? Surprise her with the charm of an emerald-cut pave engagement ring. It has gained tremendous popularity among jewelry admirers these days. Small diamonds on the ring’s shank augment the beauty of the center stone. Pave rings are known for their unique designs and compelling appearance. She is going to steal everyone’s attention when she walks in wearing a pave emerald-cut engagement ring. Gift her this beautiful ring on her surprise birthday bash and see how she adores you.

Ruby, Emerald, and Sapphire are three of the most precious stones that will look exceptionally stunning at the center of the ring. These gemstones are symbols of romance, love, and care. The royal appearance of this pave ring will fuel your relationship and make it grow stronger.

Emerald cut Solitaire Ring

The solitaire ring style is old but still a superstar in any ring style. The love for the solitaire ring has grown over time. Gift her this old-new fashioned solitaire emerald cut ring to make her day lovely. Diamond and Alexandrite will go perfectly with the style of the solitaire ring and match the expectation of your special one. These two stones will give an elegant look to her finger and set her apart from the crowd.

We all love to admire Hollywood celebrities and try to follow their fashion. Celebrities don’t miss any chance to exhibit their fashion on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, and Beyonce have been captured wearing emerald-cut engagement rings at many parties. Their love for emerald cut rings is beyond measure.

Emerald cut Halo Ring

The beauty of the halo emerald cut ring can’t be described in words; it’s magnificent and can rock any party easily. A halo emerald cut ring with small classic diamonds on the shank and around the center stone is a show-stopper. If you are planning to propose to her on her birthday, then get this implausible ring to get a ‘Yes’ from her. Diamond as a center stone will be a wonderful match and look versatile on her. Plan a romantic dinner on her birthday and ask her to be yours forever.

Don’t know where to buy a decent piece of halo emerald-cut ring? GemsNY has got you covered here. Their preset engagement ring collection offers beautiful designer rings in three precious stones: Rubies, Emeralds, and Sapphires. The company also customizes designer jewelry according to the preference and requirements of clients, so you don’t have to worry about getting a perfect ring for your special one.

Emerald cut Three-stone Ring

The three-stone emerald cut ring is not just beautiful; it’s more than that. The three stones in the ring have their symbolic meaning; friendship, love, and fidelity in a relationship. Gift her this three-stone ring with a promise to be by her side forever and love her a little more every day.

If your woman likes to do experiments with her ring, then you can embed tanzanite, sapphire, and emerald as a center stone in a three-stone emerald cut ring apart from diamond. Let the small diamond on both sides of the center stone lift the shining beauty of the ring.

GemsNY is there to help you choose the perfect ring for her. GemsNY is offering designer jewelry and natural gemstones, and the dedicated staff of the company is continuously working for the satisfaction of the customers. Visit the official website of GemsNY and get the best quality emerald cut ring for your special one.


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