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A Poor Mans Armor

Go beyond mere appearances and truly embody the part.

By K. Wisendanger Published 2 months ago 3 min read
A Poor Mans Armor
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My jeans are Rustler.

My shoes are not name brand.

My jacket is made by Starter.

I can afford a Lamborghini,

but I choose to drive my F-150 and my Dodge Charger.

I dress pleasingly and appropriately to the eye, but I view people as just people.

People are not the sky so, would it make sense for me to focus on being fly?

Some focus on impressing others as they decorate their exteriors, displaying a false reflection-

hoping they can get noticed by passersby, and make their heads turn in their direction.

Unlike most people, my concentration is not on being the highlight of the moment like a fluorescent marker.

Instead, my vision is eagle-sighted, it extends farther.

I was taught by a man who empowered me to think smarter.

He said,

“You can do things that cost you money, make you money, save you money, or protect your money.”

For a man of my wealth class, my lifestyle may be viewed by some people as cheap, frugal, and improper.

What is the purpose of putting on a shell if you are not a clam, crab, or lobster…?

Even if I were to decorate my exterior with exquisite fashions and fine jewelry at least I would not be posing as an imposter

Many people loathe my wealth.

They are unaware of the sacrifices I have made to become wealthy like jeopardizing my faith, family, fitness, and health.

What did I do to become wealthy?

Uhhh… I rather not answer that question and leave that in stealth.

Some people who are less fortunate than me say,

"You do not know how it feels to be poor and live in poverty. You do not know what it is like to be in my shoes! You have never been where I am."

Wrong! You may think I have never been here like your earlobes,

but I have been where you are, and guess what…? People are all the same when we disrobe and are unclothed.

Living above your means seems to be a trend especially, within certain social classes and ethnicities.

Are you still in the dark as to what I am talking about?

Well, let me shed light on what I am referring to and give you a little electricity.

Some men and women think attraction is merely built around fashion, and what they appear to be on the outside, when in fact it is more about one another’s chemistry.

Why fake it just to get a little publicity?

Are you that ashamed of who you appear to be physically to the extent you have to hide your authenticity?

Your armor will eventually lose its durability.

Who you are beneath that armor will lose its invisibility.

Instead of portraying an image fictitiously, why not take actual steps to be able to comfortably portray that image officially, instead of being focused on what primarily benefits you superficially?

Why decorate your exterior to be superior, giving people the impression, that you are living tremendously when in fact, your interior is going to contradict your exterior and reveal itself eventually?

Why continue to buy things and spend money you do not have essentially, intentionally causing yourself financial strain when you know in the end it is going to result in you being able to buy what you are able to afford consequentially?

Does it make sense to do all this to please someone visually?

Does it make sense to do all this to keep up with the hottest and latest trends in the fashion industry?

You are only going to be able to uphold that image for brevity,

as it is certainly going to result in you displaying who you are inevitably.

Why put on a front like you are making real money when in fact, to be able to afford to live that exquisite lifestyle you spend your bill money converting it into thrill money.

Instead of fishing for attention, why not put yourself in a position to reel money?

Be the part, and look the part.

Do not be a flaunter.

Do not be a charmer.

False external decoration in the absence of self-actualization is a poor man’s armor.


About the Creator

K. Wisendanger

A literary architect who builds worlds with words.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    Great work!😍

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