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The Uncertain Future of Fashion

by Brian Anonymous 3 years ago in trends
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Fashion is here to stay but how will it continue to boom?

I would say that fashion is never going to die but there are a lot of trends happening today that kind of make me concerned for the future. One of those trends is the fact fact that the Internet has greatly impacted our lifestyles. Our lives are a lot different from years back when we didn't rely on computers so much. The cost of living has greatly increased and the world is becoming very populated.

I love how fashion trends change over the years but the next few decades will be very interesting. The general populace is adapting and I don't know if I'm ready for it.

Through my travels around the world I used to notice a wide difference in clothing styles between once country with another but today I think a little of that identity is gone now. I don't want to blame anyone but I kind of blame our interconnectedness through the Internet. We are definitely becoming a smaller global village where someone across the globe can easily connect with you and identify with the trends and fashions. The borders from seeing each other has been unveiled and we're all starting to see each other. That's not a bad thing but in terms of original looks it kind of sucks.

I get it. Not everyone is a trendsetter but having this connectedness kind of makes us more reserved from more bold and daring looks. Some of us fear of looking different. We aren't aware of this but we're very conscious of looks and trends displayed on social media. This influences our choices.

Our connectedness brings in a lot more judging of others as well. So I can see how people could be fearful of looking different. On the other hand there has been a small movement to be yourself and small campaigns of anti-bullying but for the most part we know how humans behave. We're fearful of haters and those that judge us so we often stick with safe choices.

Safe choices are starting to become a lot more prevalent nowadays. I'm starting to see less eccentric people that dress to capture attention or to express themselves. This really sucks because we have more choices now than we have ever had in terms of fashion choices.

We even see communities that were often identified to have loud outrageous styles tone themselves down and blend into the crowd. I get it though. No one wants to be labeled into any group.

So now my concern is that if all of these people continue to take safe choices will there be a market for more adventurous clothing? We've seen the monotony of many things that follow the footsteps of where the market goes. Cars are no more because people want to buy SUVs. Movies are becoming cookie cutter because that's what draws in the crowds. Now I'm worried that fashions will follow this trend because of the fact that people are making safer choices with their apparel.

I only counter this opinion with the fact that this could also be just a stage. We've seen in the 50's a more conservative style that was only to be disrupted soon afterwards with beautiful colors and outrageous cuts and styles for hair and clothing.

They say things coming in waves and history will repeat itself. The last time we had a semi outrageous look was the early 2000s. A time of optimism. The internet was just coming into its own and people were experimenting with bright colors and taking chances.

Today I don't see that but it could very well be the social climate that we live in today. Don't get me wrong people still look good today. In fact I think fashions haven't look this great in many years. It's just about time that we got a little riskier and take chances on some things that might not be so safe.


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Brian Anonymous

I have tons of opinions that change constantly. I watch a lot of movies and play video games. There are some articles on my struggles with languages and dance as well.

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