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Omniscient Eyes: Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2

Miko feels her gift can help rather than haunt her as word of her heroic deed spreads.

By christ story Published 2 months ago 3 min read

Episode 1: New Awakening

It was a cold winter night when Clara awoke, confused and alone. The sterile white room flooded her senses as her eyes adjusted to the light. Where was she? Trying to move, she realized her limbs felt unnaturally heavy. Looking down, she saw strange metallic arms and legs had replaced her own flesh and blood. Panic began to set in when the door slid open.

"Hello Clara, welcome to your new life." A man in a lab coat greeted her. "I am Dr. Reynolds, head of the Omniscient project. You have been chosen to be our first prototype."

Clara's mind raced as Dr. Reynolds explained. A rare brain disease had ended her old life, but thanks to advanced bionics she could live on. Her new body gave superhuman strength, speed and most importantly - sight. Special cameras and sensors allowed her to see in any spectrum, scan objects from a distance and zoom in close with incredible clarity.

"Think of the good you can now do in the world." Dr. Reynolds smiled. "With your gifts, no crime could be hidden, no lie could be told. You will be a force for justice."

Clara wasn't sure she wanted this responsibility but had little choice. She spent months learning to use her new abilities, helping the police solve cases with ease. However, her perfect vision also showed humanity's imperfections. She saw things no one was meant to see - secrets, deception, corruption even within the force.

Her mentor, Detective Ryan, was one of the few she could trust. "This power comes with a duty." He told her. "Use it to protect the innocent, not just close cases. The real criminals hide behind badges as much as masks."

Clara was beginning to realize her calling went beyond simply helping the police. With her omniscient eyes, she could root out injustice wherever it lurked...even among those meant to uphold the law.

Episode 2: Shattered Illusions

Clara's skills were put to the test when a major crime boss, Vincent Black, slipped through the police's net yet again. Using her enhanced vision, she tracked him to an underground fight club and watched in horror as people were beaten within inches of their lives for the criminals' amusement.

When Black noticed her observation, he smirked. "Shouldn't you be helping the boys in blue instead of peeping on private matters?"

"This is far from private. People are being tortured for your entertainment." Clara fired back.

Black just chuckled. "The poor fools know what they sign up for. It's consensual, so the cops can't touch me."

Clara knew he was right, legally speaking. But someone had to stop these barbaric acts, even if the law couldn't. That night, she snuck back and sabotaged the power generators, plunging the whole operation into darkness before the next bout could start. In the chaos, she delivered a firm beating of her own to Black, sending a clear message.

Word of Clara's covert crusade spread through the criminal underground. Some saw her as an ominous new threat, while others secretly cheered her defiance of the corrupt system. Detective Ryan disapproved of her methods but admitted changes were needed. "There are many like Black the law can't reach. Just be careful - with great power comes great risk."

Clara was realizing the full extent of her powers also came with grave responsibility. She now stood between the innocent and those who slipped through legal loopholes. But could one girl truly make a difference against such entrenched evil, or would she be crushed under its weights

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