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Effective Tips to Design Trendy and Attractive Custom Hair Packaging


By jone maxPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

Custom hair packaging is a stylish way to protect hair extensions. You can choose partial cover packaging, two-piece, or straight tuck end box. And it gives an exclusive look to your cosmetic brand. But there are many design elements that make your packaging a hit. So, this blog discusses all the tips and tricks to help you design the best hair packaging.

Let us crack it down step by step!

Choose the Right Packaging Material

Do you want to design custom hair packaging in kraft, cardboard, or rigid stock? Well, sounds perfect! All the packaging for hair bundles substrates are eco-safe, durable, and long-lasting. But each of them is different and offers great benefits. 

For instance, kraft gives a more natural look to your packaging. Whereas the rigid is used for high-end custom hair packaging boxes (gift/subscription boxes). And cardboard is the most popular stock for hair packaging. And it offers an endless design margin. Thus, it is highly customizable, and that makes it quite popular. 

But, corrugated is the ideal choice for shipping bulk quantities of hair boxes. Its double or triple wall feature makes it strong and durable. Thus, depending on the product weight, size, and style, you can pick any packaging stock. 

Use of Customized Add-Ons 

What is the importance of add-ons in customized packaging? Well, it improves the box’s functionality, shelf life, and aesthetics. And it’s a beautiful way to add value to custom printed hair packaging. For example, you can decorate the boxes with the following.

• Hang tabs

• PVC sheet

• Custom inserts

• Stickers

• Ribbons

• Hemp rope

• Greeting cards

The decorations, as mentioned above, attract consumers and convince them to buy your product. 

Convenient Packaging

Lately, the concept of easy, flexible, and convenient packaging has become quite popular. And worldwide consumers and manufacturers love them for all the good reasons. Convenient packaging is easy to ship, assemble, carry, and handle. And it means that cardboard and kraft boxes are shipped flat. And you are wondering how does it benefit the manufacturers?

Well, the deflated custom printed hair packaging occupies less space and lowers the shipment fare. And when the shipment reaches the retailers, they instantly assemble the boxes and place them on the beauty shelves.

Thus, it saves their time, energy, and resources. Thus, they get impressed with your professional packaging services and turn into repeat clients. Sounds great!

Design Interactive Custom Hair Packaging

It is admitted that custom hair boxes are a wonderful way to engage the audience. Your packaging tells them everything about your brand. Hence ensure that you design top-notch custom cosmetic boxes wholesale that meets the customer’s expectations. And for that, you can print attractive images, useful information, and warning labels.

It makes your hair packaging informative and engaging. And if it satisfies the customer’s queries, they finally buy.

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Promote Sustainable Packaging

Consumers have become eco-responsible, and that shapes their buying behavior. Now they read the packaging information before anything. They ensure that their product involves no animal testing or harmful chemicals. And they get to know all this through custom packaging.

Hence custom boxes are also a great way to create a positive impact on the environment. You can print that your brand uses eco-safe stock. It means that the boxes are recyclable, decomposable, and reusable.

Thus, it poses no harm to the planet and the customer. So, what are you thinking about? It is time to begin the green movement with corrugated, rigid, kraft, and cardboard stock. 

Unique Packaging Designs: Increase Brand Awareness

No matter how successful your brand is, you always need a strong marketing game. And it decides your customer retention and annual sales graph. Hence you always need strong marketing strategies.

And partial cover packaging is a cost-effective marketing tactic. It is one of kind cosmetic packaging wholesale style and acts as a silent salesperson. It literally tells the customers everything about hair extensions. And they don’t need any salesperson to guide them.

Hence, they have enough product information to decide on their own. So, it saves their time, and they buy suitable products.

Why Choose Us?

iCustomBoxes is known for its customer-friendly policies. We give our clients full freedom and confidence to design wholesale hair packaging. And our talented team is present with them thought out the customization process.

You can dial +1-800-347-2197 and feel free to discuss your box designs and ideas with our team. And they will provide the best solution that suits your budget.

Moreover, we offer quick and free shipping services. Whether you order a hundred or thousand boxes, we manufacture them excellently and deliver them to your doorsteps. And our customer service keeps you updated on your shipment. 

So, if you have any doubts, ideas, or suggestions, email supp[email protected], and our sales agents will get back to you!


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