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9 Kids' Starterpacks of the 2000s

vintage acessories

By Lanyard BekasiPublished 27 days ago 3 min read

When talking about school days, it seems endless because there are so many memories and funny events that often happened back then. Starting from the moment of fighting with friends, fighting over 'gebetan' with friends, excitement during study tours, to the excitement during class meetings. Every 'era' of school children must have its own memories.

Old Prnting Equipment

One of them is schoolchildren a few years ago who also had a 'starter pack' to be included in the 'slang kid' category. Some social media is also very synonymous with teenagers in this era. What was the starter pack for slang kids a few years ago? Check it out!

1. School children are not considered 'slang' if they haven't hung out at Seven Eleven. Even though it's just buying it, that's all.

Around 2010 to 2015, school children had a 'hangout' place besides the canteen. Yup, the presence of Seven Eleven used to be a place for children to fold after school hours. This place provides a variety of light snacks and free Wi-Fi for its visitors. This moment is also utilized by school children to try a variety of snacks as well as free internet.

In fact, sometimes they just want to buy a ciki with sevel's signature cheese sauce and a hit slurpee drink. Unfortunately, sevel is now officially closed in Indonesia. Anyway, it feels really slangul in the past if you have played at sevel tuh. Who used to be a loyal sevel visitor?

2. The starter pack for slang kids in the past was having a BlackBerry cellphone and then exchanging BBM (blackberry messenger) pins.

In addition to sevel, BlackBerry phones have also been a dream among schoolchildren. The reason is, this cellphone has a special application in the form of BBM or blackberry messenger to exchange messages. Terms such as display picture, delete contact, recent updates, and 'Ping' were also very popular back then. Maybe the greeting 'P' that appears today originated from 'Ping' in the BlackBerry messenger application.

3. Schoolchildren back then also wouldn't go a day without updating moments on the Path application. Just wake up and update 'wake up' first.

4. Lanyard bekasi to hang id card on our neck

The Path app is no less popular than BlackBerry messenger because of its various features. In the past, school children wouldn't go a day without updating moments on Path. No need to go all the way to the mall to update, even waking up you can update using the word 'wake up'.

Not to mention listening to songs, photos of hanging out with friends, and much more. Anyway, all daily activities must be transformed into moments on Path. Who is like this?

Old School acessories from 70's

Do you ever find yourself thinking about how different life was back in the 70s? From the music to the technology, it can feel a little surreal to look back and remember what it was like to grow up in that era.

If you’re a parent now, explaining some of the things you grew up with to your kids is even harder. How am I supposed to explain CB Radio to someone who grew up on the Internet?

So, let’s take a look at 70 things from the 1970s that our kids will never understand. When you bought an album, you had to pick how you wanted it: on vinyl, 8-track, or cassette. If you were really an audiophile, you bought albums on reel-to-reel tape. We really sat in front of the radio with our portable cassette players and the mic up to the speaker, just waiting for our favorite song.

DJs knew what we were doing, so they would talk over the song’s intro, just to be mean.

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