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7 Celeb-Inspired Wedding Dress For Men Can Never Go Wrong At An Indian Wedding

Summer wedding outfit ideas

By Kiera EllisPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
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If you still believe that men do not have many options for ethnic wear like women then Good Morning! It’s 2021 and the ethnic wardrobe choices for men have only increased and got better.

No matter how comfortable or trendy western outfits can be, wearing ethnic wear is far better than wearing jeans and a shirt for wedding functions.

Ethnic wear can never go wrong in any function be it wearing kurta pajama for a wedding function or a casual day-out, it is the perfect choice.

For weddings, casual-day outs, family functions, and various gatherings, ethnic wear goes well for each of these.

So, if you have various wedding functions and family gatherings to attend in 2021, then we present you some sherwani for men's essentials that you need in your wardrobe to steal the show.

Men’s Fashion: Here’s How to stand out from the Crowd This Wedding Season

If you are in the mood for jodhpuri dress or simply looking to update your wedding season wardrobe, look no further.

· Go for linen: There is no other fabric like linen, which is synonymous with summer. Linen is a light, cotton fabric, which makes it perfect for summer. For a summer wedding, linen must always be your go-to fabric.

· Pick pastel colors: Rather than wearing bright or dark colored clothes go for pastel shades like cream, turquoise, white, etc.

These are light shades and do not absorb heat unlike bright and dark shades. White is always a man’s best friend when it comes to dressing up for a summer wedding party.

· A well-tailored suit is a must have: Men must always take care that the clothes they wear must neither be too tight or baggy.

Prince coat for groom is preferable with proper cuts. They should not be too informally dressed for a wedding party. T-shirts and jeans should be avoided.

1. The Royal Jodhpuri Suits

The most commonly worn, royal jodhpuri suit are perfect for all occasions that call for a traditional look. The Jodhpuri suits are adorned with intricate embroidery and rich colors.

The suit gives a structure to anyone wearing it and gives a regal look. This Rajasthani dress is undoubtedly the grandest of all the other apparel available for men.

2. Indo-Western Sherwani

Indo western wear is apt for those looking for something quirkier than regular traditional clothes. These sherwani fuse the benefits of Indian and western clothing into one.

Wearing Indo-Western sherwani for wedding feels like the best of both worlds. It has the innate comfort of western clothes with beautiful designs of Indian clothes.

They are usually short and can be worn as jackets as well. Grooms prefer to wear such apparel as it is both comfortable and attractive.

3. Banarasi Brocade Sherwani

Look dapper in a regal Banarasi Sherwani adorned with motifs like Bootis, florals, vines and more. This hand-embroidered sherwani for groom is done in vintage Banarasi patterns with signature house buttons.

Inspired by the palatial Mughal gardens and architectural designs, these sherwanis will help you divulge a majestic poise on your Big Day! Pastels like green, yellow, pink and blue are some of the trending shades this season!

4. Embroidered Velvet Sherwani

Velvet is undeniably one of the most celebrated fabrics, especially during the wedding season! How about donning embellishments, but with a touch of minimalism!

This Band-Gala Embroidered sherwani for men wedding paired with a plain kurta, churidars and a Tulle stole by Manish Malhotra is a total heart-throbber!

5. The Classic Black Suit

Can you ever go wrong with the classic well-fitted black suit look? Absolutely not! Wear three piece suits latest designs with a solid colored and well-tailored shirt.

You may or not team that up with a bow tie, a slim tie or just a formal scarf and you are good to attend a cocktail party or a reception dinner.

6. The Semi-Casual Waistcoat Look

If you want to look dressed up for a wedding function, but not too dressed up at the same time, then you need to mix and match formal with casual.

Buy suits online from Suvidha Fashion yet chic shirt and trouser or linen pants combination. On top of this, add a nice waistcoat and that is all you need to look well-dressed for the occasion.

7. Afghani Suit

Want to show off the biceps that you have been working on for months in the gym at the wedding?

Well, now you do not need to worry as wearing an Afghani latest suit design for men with your sleeves folded up until your biceps will let you do just that.

Wear it on the haldi, mehendi or sangeet night or just for your casual visits to the wedding house and you will surely grab a lot of female attention.

Find A Flair For Fusion

This wedding season opt for a fuss-free celebration by making men's jodhpuri suit your go-to style. Fusion wear experience has changed from being drab to being open to numerous patterns and styles.

Nowadays, ready-to-wear, dress looks are the buzzwords in fashion this season. Go the "less is more" route if you want to nail any fusion wear attire.

The attires found here are sophisticated and refined, but not without any interest and fun. You have the chance to update your wardrobe with the latest collection of dinner suits.

These dresses reflect your personality and you look stunning during the parties. Different aspects of garments for men are taken into account in order to design suits for men.

You are sure to find the best of prince coat for men at Suvidha Fashion. Be it a casual or a cocktail party, you can find the best dresses that suit your style and personality.

Buy Ethnic Wear, Party Wear, Cocktail Party Wear Clothing For Men From Suvidha Fashion!

As the party season begins, demand for party wear for men rises like anything. In every season, there is an emergence of the latest fashion trends. In case you are looking for party dresses online, we bring to you the most trendy fashion party men wear.

At Suvidha Fashion, you can buy sherwani online or the latest party wear that can make you look out of the ordinary in the crowd.

You can look for designer ethnic wear online that merits delight. You are sure to display a high charm as you dress in these suits. Get dressed in this stunning menswear and steal the limelight of any occasion. Your search for the latest casual dresses for men now ends here.

Suvidha Fashion comes with the most trendy jodhpuri suit for wedding that make you look second to none during occasions. If you need to attend a wedding this year, have a look at our latest collection of wedding wear for men.

You are sure to look your sharpest on the day itself as you go for these dresses. You are sure to get spoiled by the wide array of dresses available online.

You can also refer to Suvidha Fashion for dresses for any exclusive parties. Buy dresses from Suvidha Fashion and rest assured you are going to look stunning and charming.


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