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Silver Lining of War

Perspective of a Soldier

By Chantell SchulzPublished 6 years ago 3 min read
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War, war is such a destructive event. Sadly, this world has to encounter it so often. I can hardly think it's so loud. Mortars and cannons fire left and right. My friends, who were once beside me, are there no more. It's easier said than done to run out of hiding and flank your enemies when they least expect it. Many have tried and many have failed. I hide behind a barricade praying nobody will see me. I now comprehend that I am not cut out for war. Every muscle in my body aches. Every movement and every thought requires energy I do not currently obtain. Tears slowly run down my cheeks, getting wedged at every patch of dirt that covers my face. What I wouldn't give to be at home right now in my nice warm bed with my loving family around me. I miss my family, but I can't focus on them right now. There is only one mission at hand and it's to eliminate the enemy. Staring at the AK-47 in hand, I look over to all the bodies on the ground. Their limbs detached from their bodies. Blood covers the ground like a thick blanket and cries echo in my mind. Looking at my friend's head, I feel numb. The body is meters away and to see his spiritless eyes stare into my soul like's too much. Nothing in the world could ever prepare you for something like this. For all my innumerable friends that are now dead, I realize I must complete their mission. Reaching into my green jacket pocket, I pull out the photo of my beloved wife one last time.

"Take care of our family." With a kiss on her face, I put it back into my pocket. There's no telling what my actions will cause. Putting all my strength into my mission, I pick my feet up that are being weighed down by my boots and I peer out from the barricade. With my gun in hand, I crouch low to the ground, scanning the area for intruders. With no one in site, my pace quickens. Faster and faster the sand flies behind me, the barricade further behind me. Pain disperses through my body from previous wounds, adrenaline pumps through my veins, memories play through my mind, and each breathe getting shorter and faster...I'm almost there. With the enemies bunker getting closer, I reach a grenade out of my belt and pull the pin. there's too many, the chance of me surviving is too slim. I make a quick's my life, or many more brother's at arm. Without hesitation, I throw the grenade right at them as I run into the bunker. The building bursts into flames and debris forcefully flies away from it. The vigorous impact throws my body backwards, slamming me into the hard concrete wall behind me. I knew they had explosives but I wasn't sure how many until I felt the impact of them now. Everything goes black and I realize I have gone unconscious.

My eyes leisurely open and I have an immense migraine. I look around at what's left of the bunker to see the impact my grenade made. A picture falls from above me. As it gets closer, I start to make out her face. Her soft, vibrant, curly, brown hair compliments her heart shaped face. Her luminescent green eyes are full of hope and loyalty. She wouldn't hurt a fly, no matter how angry she got. She's wearing the dark blue blouse I gave her for her birthday. Somehow, she always found an occasion to wear it, no matter the circumstances. The picture is now in arm's reach and I grab it one last time. There is no doubt that I am hurt badly. From moving my arm a tiny bit, I feel excruciating pain. My eyes wander to see what's causing me to ache so much. As I see a massive piece of concrete in my ribs, I know that I'm not going to make it. The blood is too vast for me to be able to do anything about it. Lying here, I feel my heart beat slowing down. Placing the picture on my heart, I close my weary eyes. It wasn't until then I realized the silver lining to war. Without soldiers, there would be no peace. Without war, there would be no change. Without courage, there would be no triumph. I am a soldier, I am the change and I found the triumph. Now it's my time to sleep. For my brothers around me, for my family at home, and for the wounded world I am in... let me rest in peace.


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Chantell Schulz

Aspiring writer who pours their heart into what they write. My desire in life is to lift people up, give them hope when times are rough and give people a different outlook on life. All of this I achieve through writing.

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    Chantell SchulzWritten by Chantell Schulz

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