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Reasons The Marines Will Dominate Doomsday

By M.L. LewisPublished 25 days ago 3 min read

Happy birthday to the US Marines! Today, they are 248 years young. In the US, there are currently around 177,200 active marines and 32,400 in reserves. Marines will go through 13 weeks of rigorous training to become the world’s most elite fighting force. They are required to be knowledgeable, team players, physically fit, and well-rounded individuals. As an amphibious force, they are trained to fight on land and sea. They are the first fighting force to hit the ground in any conflict. They are stationed all over the world to be ready to go at a moment’s notice. Here are a few things they’ll do to keep us safe on doomsday.

Jack Of All Trades

Marines deliver experts in more than 300 fields of disciplines to become a diverse, talented, unwavering force. They have many roles, all joined together in one fight, freedom. These Marine experts are referred to as Military Occupational Specialists or MOSs. These MOSs are classified into military occupational fields based on their chosen area of study. Infantry MOSs are the ground forces that are trained to locate and destroy enemy forces. So do the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Planning MOSs. The Distribution Management MOSs coordinate supplies so they are dispersed appropriately. They are also responsible for handling and transporting hazardous materials.

Combat Engineers

Combat Engineers fight on the front lines alongside their infantry counterparts. Their expertise lies in designing and implementing strong defense positions. These are specialized Marines who focus on explosive utilization, demolition, constructing impromptu structures, and retrieving weapons. They will attend advanced training schools to stay current on advanced tactics used by the Special Forces to become experts in creating obstacles, booby traps, and explosive devices. They are the toughest warriors, making them useful in recovery missions in the event we get invaded by an enemy. Combat Engineers will most likely be in charge of compound security because of this.

Recon Marines

Recon Marines are highly trained in gathering intelligence from behind enemy lines. They are often given the task of providing commanders with much-needed information that could change the tides of war in our favor. They keep track of enemy forces, noting where their bases are located. Recon Marines are good at infantry since they participate in small raids. All of this will be helpful when your compound needs supplies. They operate independently, so they have a strong lone-wolf mentality. This will be helpful in bug-in situations.

In The Navy

Even though the Marines are considered their own military branch, they still fall under the administration of the Navy. Marines often train alongside the Navy while serving abroad on their ships. The Navy protects the water from threats to preserve economic prosperity. Whether the threat is above the surface or below it, they are ready to fight it. They can sometimes serve as maritime security by catching criminals before they make landfall with illegal goods or terroristic thoughts. Sometimes they’ll help the Coast Guard find missing people with their impressive Navy Aviation fleet.


This is the Marines Special Forces Team. The MARSOC, or Marine Forces Special Operations Command, unit is divided into three major groups. Marine Raider Regiment (MRR) is trained to advise and assist friendly host nations with their internal security and stability. The Marine Raider Support Group (MRSG) trains, equips, builds structures, and provides qualified people to sustain operations worldwide. Lastly, the Marine Raiders Training Center (MRTC) assesses and selects the best personnel for an upcoming assignment. They also conduct training on basic skills, languages, and cultures.

For more information about the Marines, or if you have an interest in joining visit

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