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Myths About Marines That Civilians Believe

For those in the Marine Corps, there's a lot that's assumed about them from civilians. As much as there is to believe about them, these are the myths about Marines that are false.

By C.C. CurtisPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

Among the strongest groups in the United States Armed Forces, the Marine Corps are truly the toughest. They're the ones trained individually to become riflemen, the first group to go into battle, and the ones responsible for conducting amphibious operations with the Navy. Overall, the Marines are pretty much a group of total badasses who have a fierce passion in their beliefs and keeping our country safe. Since there's so much they do and a lot of things we may not know about the US Marine Corps, there's also a lot we assume about them.

Us civilians don't entirely know much about the Marines individually and what they do on the daily. We may assume that they're constantly in battle, are a bunch of the meanest people on the planet, and give no mercy to anyone... ever. But those are just a few of the myths about Marines. In fact, there's a couple of myths that so many people believe and are totally false. Here are the myths about Marines that civilians are constantly believing.

All Marines are top-notch riflemen.

It's true that every single Marine in the Marine Corps is trained to become a rifleman, but this doesn't mean they're all excellent at it. In order to become a Marine, every individual must at least pass basic rifle training. In order to pursue further as a rifleman, there is extra training that the Marine can take to be superb.

This is certainly one of the myths about Marines that people continue to believe. Even though all of them know how to take apart and put a weapon back together, not all of them are at marksmanship level. A Marine can achieve that level by getting involved in more training. However, all of them are pretty handy when it comes to weapons.

To join the Marine Corps, you have to be super patriotic.

I don't think anyone who walks into their first day of training shouts at the top of their lungs their love for America. Yes, as part of the Marine Corps, you're defending our country and fighting for us. But this doesn't imply that you have to be super patriotic to join.

Some of the Marines who've been recruited can only see themselves in the Marine Corps rather than in any other branch of the US Armed Forces. They believe that the Marine Corps' duties are more fitting to them than the Navy, Air Force, etc.

Every single Marine is jacked AF.

You bet the Marines are jacked AF... but not all of them. The majority of the Marines are pretty buff through intense training or simply constantly working out. However, there are other recruiters who are normal sized, but still obtain a good amount of strength to go out there.

You don't have to have the same appearance and strength as the The Incredible Hulk to become part of the Marine Corps. This is one of the myths about Marines that people tend to believe. All you need is to be decently sized and possess a large heart to fight for your country!

They're all scary as hell, too.

The Marines look like they can bash an entire boulder with their two hands, scare a mighty lion with a glare, and cause an earthquake with a fist to the ground... no they can't. So many people see every single Marine as a terrifying monster, but they're just like us, only with more battle experience and have witnessed a lot more than we could image. This doesn't make them scary, at all.

Yes, the Marines are pretty intense individuals, but this only shows how passionate they are. Depending on their Marine Corps ranking and if they come across someone they don't entirely like to be around, they can seem quite fierce. Not the type of fierce where one slightly wrong encounter can trigger them to start a raging rampage. They're much more professional and poised to start something. On the other side, the majority of the Marines really just enjoy having fun and are a blast to be around with!

All Marines must go into battle and fight.

Among the myths about Marines that many civilians believe, all Marines go into battle and fight is one of them. This is certainly false. When it comes to the Marine Corps, there are several different elements rather than fighting on foot.

For the Marine Corps, there is aircraft maintenance, logistics, and other duties and tasks that cause the Marine to even sit in an office all day analyzing intel. Not every single Marine heads into battle, but some of them do work behind the battles.

They've all been brainwashed during training.

Finally, it's believed that all Marines are totally brainwashed from training. From the myths about Marines, this isn't true either. Yes, during boot camp, the Marines are fully trained in order to carry out missions. They go through a bunch of mental and physical training to become the ideal recruit in the Marine Corps.

However, this doesn't mean that they're totally brainwashed through Marine Corps basic training. The boot camps teach them how to behave and fight like a Marine. But this doesn't take away every individual's sense of self.

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