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How to Survive Marine Corps Basic Training

Getting through the Marine Corps training isn't easy at all. Here are tips on how to survive Marine Corps basic training to get you off and running.

By George NekilanPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

If you thought that getting through the Marine Corps basic training was easy, then you're wrong. There are certainly things you may not know about the US Marine Corps. Anyway, the Marine Corps is among the toughest of the four branches of the United States Armed Forces. Which means that their training program is going to be tough, too. In order for these individuals to be part of the branch, they have to deal with strict regulations, hard work, and a lot of dedication if they want to be part of the Marines. And if you're planning on getting into it, don't arrive at training unprepared. Every single future Marine should be well prepared and motivated upon arrival.

So, if you're completely unaware of what to do, follow these steps on how to survive Marine Corps basic training. Even though they may sound simple, they really aren't while you're in the midst of training. Always keep in mind these crucial tips and advice, because they will help you get through the Marine Corps training.

Stay focused.

Throughout the entire training process, always stay focused! Any Armed Forces training involves both mental and physical attention, so put your all into it. If you have only ten minutes to eat your meal, then you only have ten minutes. If you need to get 200 push ups in within eight minutes, then that's how much time you have. Pay attention to all drill evaluations.

Never slack off, don't be discouraged, and don't lose interest. You placed yourself into this training program, constantly stay focused on the physical fitnesses and what is being said.

You don't make the rules.

The second you walk into the Marine Corps training camp, you're there to listen, follow the rules and regulations, and never give your opinion. Don't try to twist rules, get rid of any, or make rules on your own, because there will definitely be consequences.

If you want to know how to survive Marine Corps basic training, it's your duty to listen to those above you. Any rules that they tell you to follow religiously, do it. You can't complain about the rules, because I'm sure that your drill instructor will have something up his sleeve just for you.

Help your friends.

Remember, when you're a Marine, you're part of a team. You're not fighting through this alone, there's always others going at the same pace as you, which means everyone must help each other out.

You all eat together, sleep together, and fight together in battles. Everyone in training must cooperate with each other and if you can't do that, then you can't be part of any US Armed Forces. You have to be a team player and help each other out in the midst of any crisis.

Always prioritize things.

In boot camp, there's a fine line between what you personally want to do compared to what you have to do. This goes for wanting to get in more sleep, taking time to shower, eating slowly, etc. You're in training, so put you're entire focus on what you must do.

It's so easy to slack, because temptation can creep up behind you at any time. Don't let it get to you. Ignore all of the things that you want to do, and always put what you must do first before anything. Staying organized and being on top of your game is a great tip on how to survive Marine Corps basic training.

Make sure you're always listening.

I cannot stress this enough, but always stay focused and listen. If your drill instructor is telling you what to do, and if you weren't paying attention to what he said... he certainly has something planned for those who can't open their ears.

To avoid dozing off and not listening, keep your head in the game and whenever anyone is talking, pay attention. Because if someone tells you something or tells you what to do, and you didn't hear them right, then you don't really have any options, and it certainly won't look good on your part.

Never break the rules.

From how to survive Marine Corps basic training and part of never making your own rules, don't break them, either. If you're feeling rebellious and want to get in an extra ten minutes of sleep or an extra five minutes for your shower... don't. This will certainly place you in a far worse position and your drill instructor will notice how you're not following the rules.

Just know the rules like the back of your hand and follow them. It's as simple as that. I'm sure that you want to get in that extra five minutes of sleep, but this isn't helping you stay focused and determined to get through the Marine Corps boot camp.

Don't volunteer.

As great as it sounds, I highly suggest you don't ever raise your hand or volunteer for anything. Your drill instructor will tell you if you need to answer or do something. If he's asking for one trainee to do 100 sit ups in three minutes, even if you can do it in a heartbeat, don't volunteer to do it. For any physical fitness, don't raise your hand to do them.

Not only will you be placed in a much worse task, but this won't give you any recognition for participating at all. They really don't care if you participate. Also, don't think that this will make you look good in any way, you're just getting yourself into a deeper mess.

Don't question anything.

When your drill instructor in the Marines boot camp is screaming at your face to do 500 push ups within five minutes, don't question him by saying "how?" In fact, don't respond in any way. This shows that you don't have the skills and determination to do it. He'll probably even tell you to do 800 push ups within five minutes just for questioning him.

From tips on how to survive Marine Corps basic training, never ever question anyone higher than you. Not only will this make you look weak, but it also means that you can't follow regulations in combat training and aren't fit to be part of the Marines Corps. When you're in battle and someone tells you to get out there, there's no time for questioning, only doing.

Speak loudly and clearly.

Be confident in what you're telling your drill instructors or anyone else at a higher level. There is no time for repeating what you said, because you were too quiet or spoke too fast. Allow anyone to hear you only once.

So, when your drill instructor is right up in your face and asking you a question, yell it back to him. Even if he's an inch away from you, say everything at the same tone and pace as your instructor. He's there to teach you, so follow his tone, posture, and facial expression.

Stay awake and don't get sick.

Try to get enough sleep, eat what's served to you, and bathe properly. There is definitely no time to become sleepy or get sick — it will get in the way of you fulfilling tasks. Marine Corps training camps are all about giving it 100 percent of your attention. You can't keep thinking about how tired you are or about your sore throat. And, being sick won't excuse you from being part of the training, so don't even think about it.

Follow these tips on how to survive Marine Corps basic training and you'll be good to go. Just make sure you're both mentally and physically prepared for the journey of becoming part of the Marine Corps.


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