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Most Active Military Units and Specialties Today

by Iggy Paulsen 4 years ago in fact or fiction
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Have a friend in the military? If they're deployed and from an elite squad, we're willing to bet that they're from one of these military units and specialties.

The military has a job for just about every single person out there—even if they aren't gearing up to fight a war. There are military-based journalists, military musicians, and even military chefs trained to help the US fight wars and show off flair.

Some of those folks may be deployed. However, most people will probably not be seeing action as military musicians. Right now, there are a slew military units and specialties that are abroad and deployed in the middle of war zones.

Wondering who's been out fighting for our freedom lately? According to a number of sources, these are some of the most elite and active military units and specialties today.

US Army 10th Mountain Division

Based out of Fort Drum, New York, the US Army 10th Mountain Division has become one of the most epic military units and specialties groups to have fought in the War on Terror. This light infantry unit has done several hard tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, but they've been around for way longer.

History shows that the 10th Mountain Division has been around since 1918 and has completed a number of tours in the mountains of Italy during World War II. Ever since then, their mountaineering and land defense skills have become the top of their kind.

US Army 101st Airborne Division

You might have heard of the US Army 101st Airborne Division, because they're most commonly known as "Screaming Eagles." This elite light-infantry unit has seen active duty in World War II, Iraq, and the current onslaught of the War on Terror.

Many movies about military training were based on this army division and their amazing air defense skills. Seeing Screaming Eagles in action is terrifying and awe-inducing, which is why we so often rely on them to help fight wars.

US Army 1st Cavalry Division

Without a doubt, one of the most active military units and specialties today is the US Army 1st Cavalry Division. This elite group is based out of Fort Hood, and has become famous for being one of the most decorated divisions in the US Army.

Highly active doesn't even begin to describe this division. The 1st Cavalry Division has fought in every major war the United States has been part of since 1921. This includes the War on Terror, World War II, Bosnia, and Korea.

Since it has been so historically significant, the US Army 1st Cavalry Division has also been featured in a number of the best war movies of all time, including the smash hit, Platoon.

Green Berets

Part of SOCOM, also known as the United States Special Operations Command, the Green Berets are about as famous as military units and specialties can get. Everyone knows who the Green Berets are, and that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Versatility is the name of the game with these guys. The Green Berets are used in everything from direct action to counterterrorism, which makes them one of the most active military divisions and specialties currently in use in the War on Terror.


Admit it—you knew that this group would have to be on this list eventually, right? Along with being some of the most well-paid military men in the Navy, the US Navy SEALs have been used heavily in the War on Terror's land-based skirmishes.

Tons of Navy SEAL movies exist to show us why they are considered to be the best of the best. They also sealed their name in the history books when SEAL Team Six was credited with catching terrorist leader, Osama Bin Laden.

US Navy Explosive Ordnance Division

Not all of the deployments you'll hear about are abroad. Some skills are equally in demand on the battlefield and at home. In the case of the US Navy EOD team, soldiers may end up taking a more domestic stance on the War on Terror.

This elite squad is the group that's dedicated to disarming bombs of all kinds—and as a result, is often assigned Secret Service positions when working stateside.

US Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance

Devil dogs they are, the USMC's best and brightest definitely know how to kick some serious butt. They're tough and rugged as can be—and no one is more tenacious than a Marine. In war, many of the best units and specialties come from the US Marine Corps.

When the armed forces need a top-level reconnaissance group, they know to call the USMC Force Reconnaissance squads. This division became so popular, it ended up sparking the creation of another division: the Marine Special Operations Command.

US Air Force Pararescuemen

Lovingly nicknamed as "PJ's," the US Air Force Pararescuemen are one of those few military units and specialties that is only called in when there's a serious emergency. They are the ultimate search and rescue team for just about any emergency.

"So that others may live," is their motto, and they really live by it. They are selfless and have been the group to save countless lives while on active duty. More impressively, they even administer emergency trauma care as part of their rescue mission.

US Air Force Combat Controllers

Any time that a plane has to land in a hostile war zone, you can bet that US Airforce CCTs will be the ones that get called in to make that happen. This is one of the only military units and specialties that is capable of getting into hostile territory, then working to help planes take off and land safely.

Strong communication and brilliant maneuvers make this a group that's indispensable in every major modern war—including the ones we're fighting now.


Believe it or not, Army PSYOPS are actually one of the more active military units and specialties currently active in war right now. They specialize in attacking the minds and morale of our enemies—and have been doing so since World War II.

If you've been wondering what has been getting terrorists to give up on the field, or if you've ever wondered how American forces strike fear into the hearts of enemies, take a look at your PSYOP friend and you'll get a glimpse into it.

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