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How does the war in Ukraine demonstrate the superiority of US military over Russian military?

One major revelation from the war in Ukraine is that the Russian military is not as strong as many thought. Read today’s new thrilling narrative that explains how the Russian military is struggling with Ukraine and how the US military would crush them in a direct confrontation! πŸŽ₯πŸ”₯🌎

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Tiny Detail X Huge Advantage πŸŽ₯πŸ”₯🌎

Why the US Military Would Annihilate Russia's in War

With Russia floundering in Ukraine, it's evident its military is no match for American armed forces. Systemic corruption, rigid Soviet-era tactics, and technological backwardness have left Russia unprepared and vulnerable, while the United States boasts the world's most advanced and capable military.

This narrative will dive deep into the core systemic strengths of the US military versus the deep deficiencies hobbling Russia's combat power. We'll examine how innovative US strategies, cutting-edge technology, superior training and communications would spell a swift and devastating defeat for Russia's lumbering, graft-ridden forces in any conventional confrontation.

Russia: A Corrupt, Hollowed-Out Bear πŸŽ₯πŸ”₯🌎

Russia: A Corrupt, Hollowed-Out Bear

Russia has traditionally oriented itself as a land power, forgoing serious naval capabilities due to geography. It owns the largest fleet of main battle tanks and artillery tubes in the world - most being decrepit Soviet-era relics.

While impressive on paper, corruption has gutted actual Russian military capabilities. Funds earmarked for maintenance, provisions and training routinely disappear into officers' pockets. A pervasive culture of graft has corroded Russia's strength from within.

Desperate for manpower, Russia depends heavily on legions of abused, unmotivated conscripts with pitifully inadequate training. Rampant hazing and maltreatment destroy troop morale and readiness. Meanwhile, the military is bereft of an experienced professional NCO corps to train, lead and mentor recruits.

Doctrinally, the Russian military remains rigidly beholden to now-obsolete Soviet tactics emphasizing rote obedience over initiative. The Russian army today retains a dysfunctional, top-heavy command structure ill-suited for modern fast-moving warfare.

Overall, endemic corruption coupled with cultural dysfunction have produced a ponderous, technologically backward fighting force incapable of executing modern combined arms maneuver warfare. Russia's glaring limitations are fully exposed by Ukrainian defenders enhanced with Western weapons and real-time intelligence.

America: An Unrivaled High-Tech Military Juggernaut

In stark contrast, the United States invested trillions since WWII building the world's most technologically dominant military across air, land and sea. Game-changing capabilities like stealth aircraft give America undisputed control over the skies in any conflict.

US ground forces leverage a mix of heavy firepower and rapid mobility to outmaneuver foes. Training centers on innovative flexible tactics and decentralized command encouraging individual initiative on the battlefield. Robust secure communications seamlessly link US tanks, planes, ships and infantry into a unified hammer.

By optimizing mobility, precision weaponry, technological superiority and flexible network-centric warfare, the US military fields the world's most lethal fighting force that has consistently prevailed even when heavily outnumbered. No other nation comes close to matching America's awe-inspiring military capabilities.

Communication: Russia's Fundamental Weakness πŸŽ₯πŸ”₯🌎

Communication: Russia's Fundamental Weakness

Battlefield communications and coordination represent possibly Russia's greatest deficiency in modern warfare. Primitive unencrypted radios and cellphones characterize Russian operations even at the battalion level, allowing US forces to easily intercept Russian troop movements and plans.

In contrast, the United States employs interlocking tactical data links across all domains to share intelligence and targeting data in real-time. This enables seamless coordination of air, ground and naval forces - a tremendous force multiplier that Russia still struggles to achieve. Degraded communications cripples any modern military, yet Russia has failed to address this basic vulnerability.

The Decisive US Advantage in Night Warfare

Russia's underequipped and undertrained conscripts also can't hope to match American soldiers outfitted down to the squad level with advanced night vision devices, infrared lasers, thermal scopes and more as standard gear.

The United States is globally unmatched in sophisticated night warfare capability and leverages this asymmetric advantage extensively in operations. By comparison, Russia's forces are essentially blind, passive, and combat ineffective after dark, ceding the initiative completely during this critical domain.

Technology: How America's Military Dominates πŸŽ₯πŸ”₯🌎

Technology: How America's Military Dominates

In general, Russia's pervasive technology deficits in key areas like electronic warfare, secure communications, networked sensors, precision maneuverability and targeting make modern combined arms maneuvers virtually impossible.

Meanwhile, the US can saturate battlespaces with networked sensors and shooters, feeding targeting data to warplanes, artillery, tanks and infantry equipped with vast stocks of precision munitions. This integrated battle network allows US forces across domains to locate and destroy enemy units with frightening ease and little risk of retaliation or even detection.

Russia's technology backwardness in relation to the US is equivalent to a modern athlete racing against a Bronze Age caveman. Victory is assured barring missteps.

Plummeting Morale Feeding a Russian "Brain Drain"

As Russia's most competent soldiers and pilots die in a war the population supports only abstractly, they are replaced with ever more undertrained and undermotivated conscripts, fueling a downward "death spiral".

Junior officers are forced to take on roles above their competence just before perishing themselves. The Russian military is suffering a devastating attrition in human capital and institutional knowledge, leaving no one left to train the next wave of cannon fodder.

These mutually reinforcing trends are steadily sapping Russian morale while only increasing resistance amongst impressed Ukrainians. Having passed the point of no return structurally, Russia likely requires direct Chinese intervention just to avoid outright military collapse.

Conclusion: A Feeble Russian Military Ripe for Obliteration πŸŽ₯πŸ”₯🌎

Conclusion: A Feeble Russian Military Ripe for Obliteration

In conclusion, the Ukrainian people have defied Russia's expectations precisely because its military fails spectacularly at modern warfare. A culture of corruption, graft and abuse produces unmotivated cannon fodder led by venal officers using equipment from the last century.

Doctrinal rigidity and technology deficits nullify Russia's advantage in manpower and artillery against agile NATO-standard maneuvers. Having cannibalized its own fighting strength, Russia now finds itself in a hole that no amount of bodies can fill.

Facing a wealthy and determined foe leveraging the strongest military alliance in human history, Russia's decrepit Soviet-legacy forces will continue to wither before the world's eyes until either eradicated outright or propped up indefinitely by Chinese largesse.


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  • Deasun T. Smyth4 months ago

    Great article. Though I feel your description of the American military is a bit inaccurate. USA is clearly not what it used to be during the height of the Cold War, especially since the rise of China's army. There's still no doubt that America is powerful, but America's "superior" might couldn't defeat the Taliban, forcing them to sign a peace treaty. I think China will be more of a match for USA than most people want to think.

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