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Can I take vitamin C every day?

People who take one tablet of vitamin C for a long time

By Kim CruzPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Vitamin C can eliminate free radicals and active oxidation factors in the body, and to a certain extent can also play a role in cancer prevention. It can only promote the formation of collagen in the body and make your skin look younger, and the fruits and vegetables we usually eat contain a large amount of vitamin C. As long as we pay attention to the intake of these foods, we can meet the body's supplementation of vitamin C.

What happens to people who take a tablet of vitamin C for a long time in the end?

1、Improve the immunity of the body

Vitamin C can effectively promote white blood cells to engulf the invading pathogens; increase the chemotaxis and deformability of neutrophils and improve the bactericidal ability; also improve the recognition and killing function of lymphocytes for foreign pathogens and malignant cells; participate in the synthesis of immunoglobulins and inhibit the production of viruses, so vitamin C can improve immunity.

2、Promote collagen generation

On the other hand, vitamin c can promote the production of collagen, which can reasonably improve skin color, make skin fair and enhance glossiness.

3、Auxiliary treatment for cold and flu

Bad eating habits and daily living habits can lead to a decline in your immune system, at which point it is easy to realize that you have a cold and other symptoms, however, insisting on taking vitamin C in your life can effectively enhance your immunity and resistance and help treat a cold to some extent.

4、Beneficial to heart health

The main cause of heart failure is damage to the heart muscle after a heart attack has occurred. Taking vitamin C can induce embryonic stem cells to rapidly transform into heart cells. Research results show that once liver cells are genetically transformed into heart cells, they will take on a bright green color and will also beat rhythmically.


Vitamin C can anti-aging, many anti-aging products have added a certain amount of vitamin C. This is because vitamin C can inhibit the transformation of metabolic waste into colored substances, reduce the formation of melanin in the body, and repair the damaged tissue.

6、Promote the absorption of iron

The benefits of vitamin C in the prevention of iron deficiency anemia are very obvious, because vitamin C can reduce the trivalent iron that is not easily absorbed to divalent iron that is easily absorbed, which has a very good role in promoting iron absorption and preventing iron deficiency anemia.

Can I take vitamin C every day?

Since vitamins have so many benefits to the body, can they be taken every day or not? It is not recommended that you take it every day because it can lead to some side effects in your body.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, daily eating too much vitamin C intake, excess parts will be excreted with urine out of the body, and there is no great impediment to eat daily, but also need to grasp the amount, according to the National Health and Wellness Federation formulated specifications, the average vitamin C intake can not exceed 2000mg.

For example, causing gastrointestinal diseases, excessive intake of vitamin C can lead to excessive secretion of gastric acid, leading to stomach bleeding, gastric ulcers and other stomach diseases, but also reduce the body's immunity, long-term overdose of vitamin C will reduce the phagocytosis of white blood cells, leading to a decrease in the body's ability to fight viruses.

In addition, vitamin c is not supplemented by drugs alone: in accordance with the "Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents" specification, the daily intake of vitamin c is about 100mg up and down per person, which can be considered 490g up and down of vegetables and fruits, 200g of fresh fruits such as oranges and dates for human requirements.

Who needs vitamin C supplementation?

1、Pregnant or lactating women

Pregnant and lactating women also have a higher demand for vitamin C, so they also need to increase their intake of vitamin C.

2、People who are easy to catch a cold

People who are prone to colds indicate weakness and poor resistance to disease, so they can take vitamin C tablets in moderation under the guidance of a doctor to improve the body's immunity and strengthen the ability to fight disease, which can avoid frequent recurrence of colds.

3、People who are addicted to smoking

Smokers need to take a supplement because the nicotine in tobacco has a destructive effect on vitamin C. Each cigarette consumes 25 mg of vitamin C in the body, and the concentration of vitamin C in the blood is also reduced. Vitamin C supplementation helps to improve cell resistance, maintain the elasticity of blood vessels and eliminate nicotine from the body.

4、Iron deficiency anemia

Plant foods contain trivalent iron, such as dates and spinach, which cannot be directly absorbed by the body. Vitamin C can promote the conversion of trivalent iron into divalent iron, which can be easily absorbed and improve iron deficiency anemia.

5、Cataract patients

For the early stage of cataract, if a certain amount of vitamin C can be taken every day, it can be recovered soon and surgery can be dispensed with. For the people in the middle and late stage of cataract, it is also necessary to pay attention to the timely supplementation of vitamin C, which is beneficial to recovery and auxiliary treatment.

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