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How does "pornography" hurt your brain step by step?


By Kim CruzPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

According to incomplete statistics, 12% of all websites on the global Internet are pornographic sites. This does not includePervasive pornographic images on social media, pornographic adware, and other data.

This shows how widespread pornography is today with the prevalence of the Internet.Basically all adult boys have seen pornography, and 99% of adult boys have several AV actresses in their online collection.Most people spend an average of more than two hours a week on pornography, while heavy addicts spend an average of one hour a day on pornography.

Perhaps in the perception of many people, watching pornography is a very normal thing, and can relieve stress and make people happy.But is that really the case?

The reason why pornography gives people unprecedented pleasure, as if they are in heaven-like pleasure, is because the indescribable images in pornography will stimulate the brain to secrete a lot of dopamine.It is the brain's "reward center" that transmits the message of excitement and happiness.Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is primarily responsible for the brain's eroticism, the sensations.So when there is an increase in dopamine in the body, it makes people hyperactive and cheerful, and it is also addictive.

Watching pornography can make people reach orgasm easily. Scientists found during brain scans that orgasm is similar to heroin imaging, so it can be said that watching pornography is like being on drugs.When watching pornography, the brain is frequently in a state of arousal and the genitals become repeatedly engorged with blood.Regular viewing of pornography can lead to repeated and constant surges of dopamine in the brain.Over time the volume of the striatum shrinks, the activity of the area responding to sexual stimulation decreases, and the brain becomes dull and numb.

This is when the viewer needs more, more exciting, more alternative pornography to stimulate the dopamine secretion, and thus get pleasure.This ultimately leads to a vicious circle of viewers who are unable to arouse sexual desire for real-life partners and become more involved in pornography.

Related research shows that young people who watch pornography for a long time may have a 30-year premature decline in sexual performance and have difficulty arousing sexual desire by the age of 50.But the viewer has become addicted to watching pornography, as long as they feel bored and empty, they will subconsciously open the pornography.

Watching pornography has become an integral part of their lives, like the instinct to eat and sleep, even if it's not interesting, they can't stop.And as soon as you stop, there is a withdrawal reaction.Many porn addicts lose control again and again in the process of withdrawal, falling into the black hole of pornography and being swallowed up.

Under the repeated torture of resistance and failure, many people's self-confidence is crushed, falling into themselves as garbage, losers, useless, etc..These low self-esteem negative emotions, and even produce suicidal thoughts.

Many pornographic films on the Internet are filmed through illegal clandestine filming, entrapment, and coercion. These acts cause serious harm to the personal safety and psychological well-being of girls.The proliferation of and trade in pornography has left all women living in an environment of fear, reducing them to a clearly marked commodity in the hands of those who profit from it.

Do not think that watching pornography is just traveling their right to vent their sexual desires, in fact, every consumer of pornography is an accomplice behind the criminal.

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