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Benefits of Being an Army Recruiter

It's a job that often gets overlooked for those looking to join the armed forces, but is one of the most important roles there is. The benefits of being an army recruiter are numerous and highly valued.

By Taylor MarkarianPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Being an army recruiter might not seem glamorous, but this position offers more perks than you would think. When an army recruiter goes out to talk to people and future army prospects, they have values to uphold and a crucial role to play in the development of national security. But the benefits of being an army recruiter aren't just practical, they're emotional.

The Chance to Be an Inspirational Figure

If you're selecting for recruiting duty, that means that your higher-ups saw something special in you and think that you're up to the task of motivating and refining new recruits. Being chosen as an army recruiter means that the people around you think very highly of you and trust in your skill set. Only a true leader has the ability to inspire others.

That ability isn't just a point of pride, but also a point of humility. Being able to effect change in someone else and to inspire them to be a better version of themselves can be extremely fulfilling.

Communicating with the Youth

Anyone can make it into the army if they have enough will power, skill, and fortitude. Mainly, though, the army directs its recruiting efforts toward the youth of the country. This is another one of the benefits of being an army recruiter: You have the chance to connect with young adults and even help guide them down the right path. In a way, recruiting for the army is a lot like teaching.

Playing an Important Role in Strengthening the Army

When most people think of the figures who are responsible for making the army strong, they thing about the generals. While generals do have significant roles to play in the successful management of the armed forces, they're not the only ones. Army recruiters and station commanders are entrusted with that task, too.

As an army recruiter, your job is to select people you think would make the army stronger and who you think would be able to maintain the army's integrity. Essentially, the future effectiveness of the army is in your hands. That's a lot of responsibility, but with that comes power and respect.

Health Benefits

Of course, anyone in the army is entitled to health benefits, whether they're on active duty, special duty, or if they're in reserve. The army provides health benefits that are extremely low cost, as one of their goals is to give you a career and a life path that would be most beneficial to you. This is one of the more pragmatic benefits of being an army recruiter.

Financial Benefits

The army does provide its recruits with a salary and covers room and board expenses tax free. As a person moves up in rank and becomes a more permanent member of army personnel, those financial perks increase. For more information, contact a recruiter yourself.

Working on Media Projects

Part of the army recruiter's job is to publicize. Strategically placing the army in publications and marketing campaigns is part of attracting new recruits. So you don't just deal with training and interviewing day in, day out, you also get the chance to work on media projects that can be fun!

Anyone who is particularly interested in media and communications would be well-suited to this job and would love the opportunity to brainstorm new ways to attract positive attention to the army.

Creating New Outreach Programs

While interacting with the media is the more glamorous aspect of an army recruiter's job, one of the most meaningful benefits of being an army recruiter is figuring out new kinds of community outreach programs.

It's your job to learn how to reach people who are looking for purpose in their life. Not only do you get the chance to participate in that outreach, but you get to develop new outreach strategies that you think would hit home for people. This position is based in psychology just as much as it is based in army training and communications, and that has its own rewards.

Working Your Way up the Ladder

Being an army recruiter is not a dead-end job by any stretch of the imagination. Everyone in the armed forces knows that being an army recruiter is one of the hardest jobs and respects the hard work that they do. If you manage to get selected for recruiting duty, it means your superiors see potential in you.

Sure, you can remain an army recruiter for years if you like, but being an army recruiter also increases your chances of further upward mobility. Being able to move up in rank is one of the main benefits of being an army recruiter.

Maintaining the Army's Image

The army recruiter's slogan is "Provide the Strength." These three words define what it means to be an army recruiter. You're basically the backbone of the army. It's your job to maintain the army's image. The way the public perceives the army is, for the most part, in your hands. It's up to you to maintain and even grow the legacy.

Helping Others Plan Their Future

The most important thing to realize as an army recruiter is that your job is generally not about you. You are there to help the army as a whole and to help every individual on a personal level. An army recruiter is also a kind of career counselor, whose job it is to help recruits plan for their career in or after the army.

What are their strengths? What are their skills? What do they want? You are meant to lend a helping hand to these people and help them on their life's journey. Being able to help people is always rewarding.


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