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Underground Female Rappers You Should Listen To
a year ago
Even with female hip hop artists making millions right next to their male counterparts, it still seems like there is a shortage of dope female rappers. But there isn't. In fact, they're as common as g...
Products That Help You Stop Contributing to Plastic Waste
a year ago
Often, when people think about "going green," they think it's going to be a big, inconvenient ordeal. That doesn't have to be the case! You can stop contributing to plastic waste by making simple chan...
Best Gifts for Your Gamer Girlfriend
a year ago
Buying gifts for gamers is probably the most fun gift-giving experience. The world of video gaming is filled with fantasy worlds, adventurous characters, and engaging stories. It comes as no surprise,...
Best Nature Documentaries on Netflix to Stream Right Now
a year ago
Most of us don't get to explore the vast deserts and tundras of the world. We don't get to dive into the deep ocean or climb the highest peaks. The dense forests and jungles remain out of our reach. T...
Signs He's Not Being Honest With You
a year ago
Lack of honesty is one of the biggest reasons people break up. Often, we think of infidelity strictly in terms of an affair, but your partner can also commit emotional infidelity by lying to you. If t...
Feminist Rappers from 2017 You Need to Listen To
a year ago
It's no secret that most of the rap songs from male artists that make it on the radio have to do with subjugating, objectifying, and degrading women. Yeah, they all have catchy hooks and sweet beats, ...