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7 Assumptions Female Veterans Hate

So many people believe that a female can't join the military because of her appearance. These are the most ridiculous assumptions female veterans hate hearing.

By Rachel BlanchardPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Veterans in general are amazing individuals who risked their lives serving our country and believing in our freedom. Going out there into battle and facing horrifying events, all veterans should definitely be treated with respect for what they've gone through sometime in their life. However, what some people aren't giving full respect to are the female veterans who served in any of the US Armed Forces.

There are so many people who assume certain things based on female veterans that are all completely wrong. While the male veterans get praised for their time serving, many women in the military and any other force are gaining assumptions about serving. So, these are the worst assumptions female veterans hate hearing all the time.

All female veterans are lesbians.

Starting off with literally the most assumed out of them all—all female veterans are lesbians. I cannot express how false this is. Not only does the military have nothing to do with someone's sexual orientation... that's actually it. Joining any of the branches has absolutely nothing to do with anyone's sexual orientation.

This also means that a female who's heterosexual doesn't become a lesbian after serving. The military doesn't change anyone's sexual orientation nor are all female veterans lesbians. The two simply don't go together at all.

People think that the woman is the spouse of a veteran and not a veteran herself.

From the absolute ridiculous assumptions female veterans hate is that the woman's spouse is the veteran and she's not. I don't understand how this can possibly make sense, but it's actually something that people believe. So, people assume that if a woman is a veteran... it's her military spouse that's the veteran, not her.

When certain people hear that a woman is a veteran, then that means her spouse is and not her. If a woman is a veteran, that means she's a veteran. She's the one that's the veteran. It doesn't make any sense to jump to the conclusion of her spouse being the veteran.

That time of the month will affect their behavior.

Oh, boy... here we go. Anything and everything that a woman does will always somehow go back to menstrual cycle. They say stupid shit like, "a girl with a gun while she's on her period will cause mass destruction." First of all, women who are trained in the military know how to control their emotions. And this goes for everyone.

When it comes to the military, people with anger issues, uncontrollable emotions, and anything else related to that topic can easily control them. That's one of the factors of serving—having self-control. So women in the military aren't bothered by their periods, at all, and their behaviors are constantly maintained.

Women only join the military to get over someone or get over their past.

This might be true to some people, but not all of them. Many people do serve in the military to gain a new, fresh look to life. To start all over again with a new attitude and positivity. However, this doesn't mean that all women who join one of the branches is trying to get rid of thoughts about their exes or their difficult past.

From the assumptions female veterans hate hearing is that women use the military to get away from their past. There are women who simply want to serve in the army, because they have a strong passion for it. Other women have dreamed of being part of the Navy SEALs. There are so many reasons why women are choosing to serve, but it not solely based on getting over the past.

Based on her appearance, a woman could never be in the military.

Among the absurd assumptions female veterans hate is that their appearance could never be fit for the military. This is easily one of the bigger assumptions that's still assumed to this day and it seriously needs to stop. So, a woman can either be enlisted or not depending on their appearance...

This is couldn't be any more wrong. If a petite woman and a body-building woman want to join the military, they're going to take both. It doesn't matter what their appearance is. If the woman truly believes that she has the capability in serving for any of the US Armed Forces, then she can. Simple as that and it's something women veterans want everyone to know.

Simply just assuming anything about a woman's mental health status based on gender or career field AFSC/MOS.

Women and men in the military face the same exact things. Depending on their career, what they've witnessed, it's all the same. This means, a woman's mental health status isn't affected more than a male's. These women know exactly what they're getting themselves into, and it's no surprise to them.

So, both females and males approach serving in the military the same. There's no way you can assume that a woman's mental health after serving will be impacted more just because of her gender.

Female veterans are all sexually dominant.

Finally, from the annoying assumptions female veterans hate hearing is that all female veterans are all sexually dominant... Excuse me, but does this really matter? For starters, like I've mentioned before, being in the military definitely doesn't change your sexual orientation.

Therefore, it has nothing to do with whether being sexually dominant or not. Sexual domination doesn't come from being trained in the military. The person themselves, coming from their personality, can determine their dominance. But then again, this doesn't matter at all when it comes to serving in the military.


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