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By Vocal Creator ChatPublished 9 days ago 1 min read

Have questions about creating stories, growing your audience, and getting rewarded on Vocal? The Vocal community and team are here to help answer your questions and feedback together.

Every other Tuesday at 12 PM ET, we'll assemble the Vocal community, as well as our Creator Experience and Product teams, in a thread to respond to creator inquiries for one hour.

Please follow Vocal’s Community Guidelines and don’t spam your own profile or stories in the thread. We encourage the community to report users or comments that break these guidelines.

Some updates and reminders from the Vocal team:

  • There are 11 days left to enter the Vocal Writing Awards.
  • The word count requirement has been removed from the Art community so creators can share their other art forms more easily.
  • We are still fine-tuning our spam and AI moderation processes. We are fighting a new battle each day as the technology evolves, and we greatly appreciate your patience.

Got questions about Vocal or feedback about what’s new? Leave a comment in this thread to join the Vocal Creator Chat.

Also, be sure to join our Raise Your Voice Threads every other Thursday at 12PM ET to champion inspiring stories and outstanding creators on Vocal. Save it to your calendar so you don’t miss it.

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Vocal Creator Chat

Every other Tuesday @ 12PM ET, we we'll assemble the Vocal community, as well as our Creator Experience and Product teams, in a thread to respond to creator inquiries for one hour on Vocal. Subscribe now

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  • Bolaji Funmilayo a day ago

    I'm new here, I submitted my story several times but it was rejected, I was told my words weren't up more than the minimum words count(600 words), meanwhile it's more than 1,000 words. I don't understand what's happening

  • rajee pandi3 days ago

    I am new here I created poem. It does not show how to publish it.

  • Walterego6 days ago

    great post

  • Jesse Bridges7 days ago

    I have a question , I have asked it a few times but have not received a response. I have multiple stories that have likes and have been read , but the count for reads is 0 while the likes is more than 1. We dont get paid on the likes yet those are the ones being accurately tracked not the reads. Does anyone else experience this? Judging by my like total im not getting about 25% of my earnings due to inaccurate tracking of the reads.

  • A. Lenae8 days ago

    Any chance there could be a way to see in our drafts the minutes it takes to read something? Like before we publish it? Instead of just the word count? Maybe I'm the only one who would appreciate this, but thought I'd throw it out there. Thanks for all you do, Vocal Team!

  • Poppy the Poet8 days ago

    Can we get more tags in poets community please? Like one for friendship, one for family, one for mental health, maybe a gratitude one

  • 👀 just reading some comments…

  • Oh! I keep forgetting to mention I still get app notifications for people I unsubscribed to (iOS) 🫥

  • Tiffany Gordon 8 days ago

    Thx 4 all of your hard work Vocal. I just have a quick question for the team. Is there any way to keep all top stories up on the front page for the entire day like before so that each story gets the same amount of exposure. Thx

  • Darkos8 days ago

    Another question: there is sometimes an issue with comments while some are written in a joking way which is fun some consist of a hidden abuse or insult is there any way to block such a person? from going into a conversation with such an individual they will always make you look smaller and worser not telling about the side effect of your mental and physical health and unfortunately such people will be doing this in an ongoing manner so being able to block such person will be an option no matter who they seem to be in here! Thanks! We all do make mistakes but its not only fun and joy its also lot of work while sharing in here and entirely dealing with hidden abuse or ignorance as it happens a lot too is just not healthy and affects writing sure I deal with it on my own and not only me in here as some people just cant feel it and some do ! and I feel it through their writing but some they are fine with it but someone who is aware of abuse and reaction of body and brain from it need a protection and mostly poets writers are very sensitive individuals from where their creations are arriving in here so an option as a protection from people who we already experienced are harmful behaviours, comments would be a Plus :) ! As they abuse ignore and stay okay while we are left hurt in empathic pains so without such an option we are left entirely open for them to bring new shots to us whenever they want to !

  • Novel Allen9 days ago

    Hello, Just saying hello. I guess that the Vocal folks are extremely busy, so I will only say HELLO!!!!! Except that I miss my comments in my e-mail and my notification replies take forever to get to my stories. 🔆🔆🔆🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️

  • I was wondering if Vocal could start a delivery service? It would make my life so much easier! You could deliver cash prizes right to my door!

  • A suggestion to the team that could definitely solve the issues with spam and AI-generated content. I think Vocal+ members and free members whose accounts are in good standing should not have to go through the review process. Their stories should be published immediately. Why not implement a "probation" period for all new (free) accounts? A month or 15-20 stories.

  • Thank you for the great news! I'm glad you are finally doing something against spam and AI-generated content, because it has been very annoying. Happy to see you removed the word-count requirement for the Art community! It's going to make things so much easier for minimalist writers like me! Thank you! Also, could you please let us know why stories seem stuck in the review process instead of being published right away?

  • Darkos9 days ago

    I have a question do we get a premia when we get 1000 more reads? if yes when it is happening once we get 1000 or at the end of the month where it happened as all other bonuses I registered that I got the same day when achieved? Thanks!

  • I have a question/suggestion. Wouldn't it be possible to pin Kayleigh's Top Story for a couple of days as the first one in the list so that it doesn't vanish under a crowd in a couple of hours? I think it's important for people to see it. https://vocal.media/humans/help-me-dl1x500fe

  • Paul Stewart9 days ago

    Also. Bacon is really great. I mean, really. Thoughts? Bacon and churros should be a thing in my life right now. If Vocal or anyone can help deliver that right now, that'd be fab!

  • I had a relevant question, but I forgot it. So, what's your favourite pancake topping aside from real Canadian Maple Syrup?

  • JBaz9 days ago

    Always have questions, but most are answered in time. Overall I still appreciate vocal platform and the content ( minus the Ai)

  • Lamar Wiggins9 days ago

    Hello everyone. Vocal, I know you guys get a ton of suggestions that come from different creators but are the same or similar in content. We appreciate when you say that it’s added to the road map. Maybe, once a week during the leaderboard you can post a generic copy of what’s on the roadmap or maybe even a priority list. I think it might eliminate the same suggestions if people know it’s already on there, and or currently being worked on. Either way, thank you for all you do.

  • Ian Read9 days ago

    Hi everybody! I don't have anything, just stopping in as a sounding board and moral support!

  • Mark Graham9 days ago

    Thank you for removing the word limit for ART for I have many drawings that I would like to share and hopefully get responses from.

  • Ashley Lima9 days ago

    What do we do about stories stuck in submitted? My stories usually post within minutes, but I have 2 from last night pushing 16 hours.

  • On the many AI accounts. If an account has been found to have 3+ plagiarised stories - shouldn’t the account be removed entirely? Many are churning out more than are being taken down….. daily ! it’s not just a publishing issue… There needs to be tighter rules..someone suggested looking into the pay structure to deter them…I’m sure you guys are already talking a lot about solutions… it’s just crazy that many of these accounts have been on here for years churning out this content, totally unnoticed. My reporting 2/3 stories to leave another 300 unreported just seems pointless. I would make the effort on all of our behalf to help clean up the site if there was any point (as in - if I knew that by bothering to flag 3 stories for you to confirm on your side) would have the account banned and all that rubbish removed - I would absolutely do it. But right now? No point….

  • E.A. Wilcox9 days ago

    No major questions but I did just want to drop in and say “Hey!” My only question is about the app…have I asked this before?…will there be an option to write and edit stories in the app?

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