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by Justin @ Vocal 10 months ago in product updates · updated 10 months ago
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A new way to organize your stories and your profile page on Vocal.

This week, we’ve made a few more changes to the Vocal network. As we announced in our last update, these next few updates will work together to allow you to enhance your Vocal presence and organize your profile exactly as you see fit.

At Vocal, we are constantly developing better ways to showcase your content and provide meaningful assets to aid your creative processes. Everyday we are committed to making Vocal the best place to create, publish, and share content across all media and genres. Today, we are releasing our latest update, which allows creators to more deeply customize their Vocal profile pages. You are creators, and so are we, so we know that presentation and design is key. How your profile looks reflects how you think and feel as a writer, an artist, a poet, a creator. Perhaps you have a favorite story, one that you wish everyone could read, but it’s buried on page 17 of your profile. Now there’s a solution. 📍

With this latest update, you can pin stories to the top of your profile. This will show everyone at a glance what your best work is, or what you want them to read first. To pin a story, navigate to any story on your profile and click the pin icon found in the bottom right corner. This will push that story to the top of your profile page where it will live front and center for everyone to read and enjoy. You can pin up to three stories in any order you'd like.

Alongside pinned stories, we're also releasing a filter to help sort and view all the stories you’ve written. That’s right, no more scrolling. The story filter will allow readers to see every story you’ve written sorted by community, publish date, and length, as well as alphabetically. To use the filter, you can select a particular community in the tool bar to see only stories published in that community, or you can use the dropdown to organize all the stories by their total word count or when they were published.

We’ve heard for some time that the community wants Vocal to help creators present their work in the best and most organized way possible. Our development team is always working to find these solutions for you. In the coming months, here’s what else you can expect from us:

📍More fun updates to your Vocal profile

📍More communication on-platform

📍Even better content creation tools

📍More resources to assist you in your creative processes

We’re so excited about all of these updates. We know they’re going to continue making your Vocal experience better and better, and allow you to make Vocal your home base for all creative endeavors. We hope you’re excited too. Now, go pin some stories!

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  • Lawanda Fewell8 days ago

    Nice work. Can someone tell me how to I pin a story? Who story do I pin?

  • Titus Smart 24 days ago

    Very well written. We hope for more update like this.

  • Titus Smart 24 days ago

    Very well written. We hope for more update like this.

  • jhonson jeery26 days ago

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  • Awa Nyassi28 days ago

    Good idea

  • Rodulfo Todio30 days ago

    This is great!

  • Chris Aragonabout a month ago

    This is a good idea.

  • Aymen Issaoui2 months ago

    very good guideline, Thank You.

  • i like

  • Grilli Fromong2 months ago

    Very well written

  • Karma2 months ago


  • Sadique Wabwiiso3 months ago

    Let me go pin my stories and let others learn from them thanks 🙏

  • Maureen Denning4 months ago

    Just trying to post my story to the challenge which only see no stories, so now what??? Got the story how do I get it posted?

  • Andrew C McDonald4 months ago

    I see everywhere that I can now pin stories to my profile. I see nowhere HOW to do so. So…, how do you do it?

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  • Money Union4 months ago

    very good guideline, Thank You.

  • Hover4 months ago


  • Aprile Hatch4 months ago

    I want to be able to tell my story so others can learn from my words, works, and experiences on this journey we call life

  • MXCLl4 months ago


  • This comment has been deleted

  • Nurul Islam5 months ago

    Fine topic

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