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by Justin Maury 6 days ago in product updates
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A new feature to foster deeper connections, ideas, and conversations on Vocal.

Over the last 5 years, creators on Vocal have shared nearly one million stories that have attracted, inspired, and entertained hundreds of millions of readers around the world. In response, readers have provided creators with valuable insights and feedback via Likes, Tips, and Pledges to show their support.

Many of your stories have also sparked important conversations that happened off-platform, in Facebook Groups, Twitter Threads, and Instagram DMs. Admittedly, we were hesitant to introduce a way for creators and readers to communicate to mitigate toxic trollers and spammers. Our moderation team and community curators have worked tirelessly to prevent Vocal from turning into a dumpster fire, and to ensure it remains a safe space for creators and readers.

But in order for the Communities to continue to grow, we must open the conversation to allow both creators and readers the ability to be vocal. As part of a broader effort to reimagine how readers connect with creators and each other, we're excited to introduce Comments on Vocal.

Comments are the most direct form of engagement between a creator and their audience. We encourage creators to invite and engage their readers to enter into conversations on Vocal. As a creator, you have the ability to control how you engage with others on Vocal. Comments can be globally enabled or disabled via Settings, as well as on an individual story.

Why do we allow comments to be turned off? Some of us just want to share our stories without the expectation of responding to comments. Also, sometimes the Internet can be a toxic place, and certain stories can invoke hurtful responses. Vocal has always been a safe space for diverse opinions and viewpoints, but we believe the creator should have control over how they receive feedback. Additionally, to ensure continued platform safety, we will actively moderate comments in compliance with our Community Guidelines.

With the introduction of Comments, our aspiration is to foster deeper connections, ideas, and conversations on Vocal. We know this has been a long time coming, and we are thankful for your continued support.

We are excited about the many planned upgrades on the roadmap, including the ability to mention other creators, a notification feed, a new in-app currency, and the Vocal app which we are to launch this summer.

We're excited for you to join the conversation and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Founder and President of Creatd (Nasdaq: CRTD), the parent company of the Vocal platform.

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  • Cristina Hectorabout 8 hours ago

    Very exciting news!! Love how we can now all connect with the author's we enjoy. :)

  • Implementing comments is not enough. Your team needs to be on the ball when it comes to moderation. I have reported several spammy comments, and yet, after three days, nothing has happened. Without a notification system, we can't even know who left comments or responded to ours. So far, you need to do better. Thank you!

  • Sammiea day ago

    I tryed this company my hopes on my story’s was bombed shelled and not excepted it broke my heart to be onnest this company don’t except all story’s just picky about certain ones because this company makes 10 dallors a month for if you sign up with them but you don’t get told that but ok

  • Sammiea day ago

    I do two pages of my own face book under sammie whitecloud and wondrous creator and I don’t do to bad but I like to put my pets on face book and show them off. And I always put on face book how other peaple should put their pets on there to I even put my cow Bella on there. At one point she got 6t shares probably more now but don’t know. Peaple should share the story’s now days about pets though I’m trying to sign up for medium to so I get into a lot of things can reply back and follow me on my face book pages if any one wants to and thank you for being a new freind I live in st Aug Fla and I work at aunt Kate’s on sat and Sun If any one wants to come in and say hi to me as miss sammie

  • Kamran Mehmood4 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this exciting news, I am happy to hear about it. Commenting is very essential part of any content for this we can engage with each other and share our thoughts. Its a source of feedback. Love it

  • Karen Brazee4 days ago

    look like vocal is doing an amazing job for readers and writers alike. Some replies and feedback on subjective material can work wonders for any real writer and reader. To get plentiful of critique on ones writing and reading comprehension skills and abilities. One has to remember comments are only a part of the process.

  • This is very good! Thank you!

  • Sara Rose4 days ago

    This is really exciting. I've been looking for a way to get more involved as a reader on others' posts and to have feedback on mine. I think this is the push I need to start writing and posting more again!

  • Congratulations, Vocal! Introducing comments on Vocal is great news and a huge progress for readers and writers who want to communicate around reads and writing! I have so far published the seven first chapters of my novel The Love we Had, and I am curious to see whether readers will comment on the story. I wish us all, readers, writers and the Vocal team good luck with this improvement!

  • kanchan chauhan5 days ago


  • James Corby5 days ago

    Great work! keep updating this paltform with more new features.

  • Thomas Walker5 days ago

    Well done Vocal team!

  • Bugsy Watts5 days ago

    I hope this will create a deeper sense of community! I'm excited and nervous for this.

  • Carol Townend5 days ago

    I have been writing here for many years, and I have been patiently waiting for a comments section. I think this is a great way of engaging writers and readers alike!

  • that's awesome! More engagement.

  • Natasja Rose5 days ago

    Looking forward to my first notification email

  • Yay, I'm glad it's finally here!

  • Sherry jackson5 days ago


  • Caleb Geiger5 days ago

    This is a long time coming. I'm glad y'all were finally able to provide this. I hope for all our sakes it doesn't turn out bad.

  • Lilly Cooper5 days ago

    I absolutely understand why up till now this feature has been unavailable but it is an exciting development.

  • Honk Magazine5 days ago


  • Gail S.5 days ago


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