Introducing Comments on Vocal

A new feature to foster deeper connections, ideas, and conversations on Vocal.

By Justin @ VocalPublished 11 months ago 2 min read

Over the last 5 years, creators on Vocal have shared nearly one million stories that have attracted, inspired, and entertained hundreds of millions of readers around the world. In response, readers have provided creators with valuable insights and feedback via Likes, Tips, and Pledges to show their support.

Many of your stories have also sparked important conversations that happened off-platform, in Facebook Groups, Twitter Threads, and Instagram DMs. Admittedly, we were hesitant to introduce a way for creators and readers to communicate to mitigate toxic trollers and spammers. Our moderation team and community curators have worked tirelessly to prevent Vocal from turning into a dumpster fire, and to ensure it remains a safe space for creators and readers.

But in order for the Communities to continue to grow, we must open the conversation to allow both creators and readers the ability to be vocal. As part of a broader effort to reimagine how readers connect with creators and each other, we're excited to introduce Comments on Vocal.

Comments are the most direct form of engagement between a creator and their audience. We encourage creators to invite and engage their readers to enter into conversations on Vocal. As a creator, you have the ability to control how you engage with others on Vocal. Comments can be globally enabled or disabled via Settings, as well as on an individual story.

Why do we allow comments to be turned off? Some of us just want to share our stories without the expectation of responding to comments. Also, sometimes the Internet can be a toxic place, and certain stories can invoke hurtful responses. Vocal has always been a safe space for diverse opinions and viewpoints, but we believe the creator should have control over how they receive feedback. Additionally, to ensure continued platform safety, we will actively moderate comments in compliance with our Community Guidelines.

With the introduction of Comments, our aspiration is to foster deeper connections, ideas, and conversations on Vocal. We know this has been a long time coming, and we are thankful for your continued support.

We are excited about the many planned upgrades on the roadmap, including the ability to mention other creators, a notification feed, a new in-app currency, and the Vocal app which we are to launch this summer.

We're excited for you to join the conversation and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Julie Shetler4 months ago


  • Amrit Jain4 months ago

    I have read your article, it is very informative and useful for me. I appreciate the valuable information you provide in your articles. Thanks for posting this..

  • Thayrile5 months ago

    Good 👍

  • yesenia neibart6 months ago

    Not bad

  • Ringler Kucera6 months ago

    Thanks for introducing me further with each update

  • Ivy in Love7 months ago

    The first contact, but I agree, only if you have a dream will you go further

  • Emily Dickerson9 months ago

    How do I find stories I already commented on? I want to have conversations, not just spew words into the void to forget about? What about a list of stories I have recently viewed, etc? Vocal Media, get to work! :) thanks for upgrading the site, though.

  • Mark Graham9 months ago

    Comments are also a good way to earn as well just a few cents per comment, but no spam --Good job. or Love it. Too earn on comment writing one must be constructive or just shared thoughts of the article. A few sites did this that I wrote for a while ago.

  • Gail S.9 months ago

    Will there be an easy way to get to our comments without having to go through every article published?

  • Lynn Reitenga9 months ago

    I am newly exploring this writing platform. Having retired after 31 years in teaching, I'm looking to get more opportunities as I explore a new career in writing.

  • Rose Ben9 months ago


  • Reese Landon9 months ago

    Love this for facilitating support and constructive criticism!

  • This comment has been deleted

  • Emily Dickerson10 months ago

    Vocal needs a feature to mark stories that each user has already read, or filter them out of immediate search results. I also want an easier way to reach each subcategory of communitities, like "fact or fiction" under Poets took me way to long to get to today! Thanks for the great improvements.

  • Ansuman 10 months ago

    Hello I have a few suggestion for you guys , our Vocal platform is very content rich platform but inspite of that due to one major issue it is failing to get the number of visitor it should get. Image captcha , yes it is the thing which is preventing outsiders to read our shared articles. First of all it’s time consuming , second most of popular websites don’t do this , it unnecessarily makes an irritation like visiting pirated site. Now you guys may say to add extensions but why should a stranger who is unaware of this platform will do this. Please solve this query guys ASAP.

  • Natalie Wilkinson10 months ago

    I’m happy about this. Comments and suggestions are to growth as sunshine and rain are to flowers.

  • Mustafa Albazy10 months ago

    Finally 👏👏

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