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"I create with the hopes that my content will influence, educate, or inspire myself or others. Everything I do has the end goal of progress." - Angelica Pasquali

Angelica Pasquali (or Jelly for short) is a professional photographer, climate activist, and mental health advocate based out of New Jersey. When she's not out shooting for her sustainable wedding and elopement photography business, Dawnpoint Studios, you can find Jelly volunteering at local cleanups and inspiring others through her sustainable lifestyle on Vocal, Instagram, and Youtube.

After winning the grand prize in our Vocal+ exclusive "Sustainability Hacks" challenge (on her first submission!) in August 2020, Jelly has continued to craft her niche on Vocal. In pairing art and activism, she creates "powerful visuals that influence and educate people on global issues."

We're absolutely thrilled to feature Jelly in this #VocalSpotlight! Enjoy!

On Her Background:

I’m Angelica, a NJ born photographer and climate activist! My journey to a low waste lifestyle and interest in becoming more active in fighting climate change started in college. After attending educational events and volunteering at a local farm, I knew climate activism was important to me.

Photography has been a vital part of my life since high school and I wanted to incorporate both passions together to make a difference.

On How and Why She Decided to Start Writing:

I wanted to share my experiences, education, and ideas with others. I tried making videos, but I’m a little shy in front of the camera ironically as a photographer.

Somehow Vocal came up in my news feed and I saw a challenge to write about sustainability, so I took a chance! Now, I think it’s a great platform and encourages me to write. The more I write, the more I learn to love it!

On What Inspires Her to Create:

Progress. I create with the hopes that my content will influence, educate, or inspire myself or others. Everything I do has the end goal of progress.

As far as who inspires me, I can name some influential climate activists such as Anne Therese and Lauren Singer.

Anne Therese Gennari, The Climate Optimist

However, I have to be honest and say that I get most inspired when I see my family, friends, and even strangers appreciating my work and incorporating that knowledge into their everyday lives. Seeing my content have a direct impact inspires me to keep going.

On Her Goals as a Climate Activist:

As a climate activist, there are endless goals and opportunities to grow. That’s one of the beautiful things about sustainability. You can start with one practice or waste-free swap and then you’re onto your next seamlessly.

Some short term goals of mine are to fully switch over to oat milk, make reusable tissues from old shirts, and switch to WhoGivesACrap toilet paper.

For long term goals, I want to be a sustainable wedding/elopement photographer. I already am, but I plan to keep growing and gathering knowledge on how to improve. To this day, I keep working on new resources to offer to couples on how to have more sustainable events and celebrations.

On Combining Art and Activism:

To me, photography holds so much creative freedom and powerful influence that must be used to improve the lives of others. Ever since early high school when I got my hands on a small point-and-shoot camera, I’ve been using photography to create a better world. It could be as simple as helping a family create heirloom memories or as ambitious as crafting an inspiring and educational photo series.

To this day, photography is my superpower that I continue to strengthen, learn about, and utilize for good. In regards to climate activism, I’ve incorporated photography into my activism by photographing major historical events and creating influential photo series.

On Misconceptions and Actionable First Steps Toward Sustainability:

Sustainability being an overwhelming, expensive major lifestyle change is a huge misconception. I’ve found that since taking steps to a more sustainable lifestyle, I have saved money and my daily routines have become a lot easier.

Imagine not having to run to the store for razors every month? Imagine not having to buy feminine products every month? Heck, imagine never buying paper towels, lugging heavy laundry detergent containers, and even worrying less about what toxins are in your everyday items.

My advice is to simply take the first step. One sustainable swap/switch. The easy ones are: a reusable insulated tumbler, a safety razor, a bar of soap, a to-go cutlery set, or even just a simple canvas tote bag. Make one little change in your lifestyle and watch how you start naturally brainstorming how other aspects can be more sustainable. It’s not about being perfect and producing zero waste, it’s about simply trying to do your best.

On Her Favorite Photo Story:

This is my favorite photo story by far. I was hiking in the Catskills Mountains with friends on an Autumn trip. During the hike, as usual, I love to ask friendly strangers if I can take photos of them if I feel prompted to.

There were this woman and a man with their two dogs on an overlook. We chatted for a bit and a few days later I sent her the images. Nothing special right?

Fast forward a year and I get an email from those strangers on the overlook which read, “We are eloping and we thought of you for our photographer!” Fast forward a little more and we are in Ithaca NY, roaming around a state park for their intimate elopement.

The universe brought a couple of strangers together in the most random, best way possible. That was my first elopement and was truly a milestone in my life where I decided I wanted to pursue weddings and elopements more seriously.

On @JellySavesTheWorld:

I simply post about my personal journey and tips to encourage others to live more sustainably. I have taken a break from that account as I focus on @dawnpointstudios which is my sustainable photography business.

There I share tips and advice more related to sustainable celebrations and events. I’ve created a sustainable wedding guide, which is available for free if you signup to the newsletter on my website.

On Creative Outlets She Enjoys Other Than Photography & Writing:

I’m a very creative person so painting, scrapbooking, and cross stitching are some other creative outlets I enjoy.

On How Vocal Has Helped Her Develop Her Online Presence:

Vocal has helped me develop my own voice and storytelling style. It strengthens my writing skills and encourages me to read/write more. Photography is visual storytelling, so Vocal helps exercise my verbal storytelling skills and abilities while still sharing visuals to share stories.

On What's Keeping Her Sane During These Crazy Times:

As a woman who started her own photography business, I always seem to have my hands full with tasks to keep me busy everyday. Learning how to cook new recipes, hiking to new places, and brainstorming new content has also certainly kept me sane.

This period of extended isolation sent me through an emotional and creative rollercoaster. There were days where I had mental blocks - no creative thoughts. On the other hand, there were days I created from the time the sun rose to the time the sun set. Overall, quarantine has taught me that just like everything else in life, creativity will come in waves. Learn to ride the waves and be calm in the lull.

Her Favorite Story She's Published on Vocal:

Don’t think about it—first thing that comes to mind:

What is one thing you couldn’t live without?


Favorite Musical Artists at the moment?

Lord Huron

Cats or dogs?


Favorite travel destination?

Varenna, Italy

Day or Night?


Favorite local restaurant?

My local Italian pizzeria!

What’s your go-to late night snack?

Sour cream and onion chips

What are you currently binge watching?

The Office

What are you currently reading?

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

If you could speak a new language, what would it be and why?

Italian so I when I travel there again I can talk the native language

Favorite story you read on Vocal by another creator?

Thanks for talking with us, Jelly! As Jersey natives ourselves, we're beyond grateful for your local impact and continued efforts at keeping the Garden State in tip-top shape.

Whether you're engaged to be married, constantly searching for ways to decrease your carbon footprint, or looking for a new blogger to obsess over, Jelly is the activist for you! Be sure to keep up with her here on Vocal as well as Instagram, Youtube, and on Dawnpoint Studios' website.

Thanks again, Angelica!


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