What are the 5 signs of mental illness?

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Signs of Mental Illness

What are the 5 signs of mental illness?

Mental illness is nothing but change in behaviour and actions of an individual. It highly affects your thinking and causes mood swings. This change in thinking could lead to many severe mental disorders. Many psychiatric problems could arise due to the combination of how you feel, think or behave.

You need to understand and analyse the symptoms or signs of mental illness to get proper guidance. It will help you cure your problems quickly as you seek the required help.

Signs of Mental Illness

Extreme Sadness

Extreme sadness does not mean that you are feeling unhappy at times. But, this means you are sad without any specific reason, just that you feel low all the time. If anything good happens to you, then also you do not feel happy about it. Negative energies might overwhelm you and your thoughts, causing extreme sadness.

Lethargy and Sleeping Issues

Another sign of mental illness is lethargy. You feel tired without doing any physical activity or without any productive work. Your body does not cope-up from any work. Sometimes you could also feel some sorts of pain in your body.

You could also face trouble in sleeping, which means insomnia can be another sign. You will feel tired, and you need to sleep, but you will not feel sleepy.


Isolating yourself from others is a major sign of mental illness. You will feel uncomfortable while interacting with other people. The crowd will disturb you and your thoughts, and then you will try to detach yourself from your known person and will withdraw yourself from any gatherings or meetings.

You will feel like staying alone. But, you need to improve social health to ensure you feel better and participate in a healthy conversation.


At times, you will believe in things which are unreal, and it will lead to hallucinations. You can experience sensations in your body which are not happening. This can affect your state of mind adversely, and you may end up misinterpreting reality with imagination.

In such a case, acquiring appropriate mental health consultation is imperative. It will ensure you to stay socially healthy for your sanity and to maintain healthy social relationships.

Suicidal Thoughts

Thinking of suicide is the extreme sign of mental illness. You will feel trapped with no hope left. But you need to push those thoughts away to make your life worth living. Make sure that you avoid thoughts which might provoke you to harm yourself.

You can freely ask for help if at any moment you feel like harming yourself. Seeking immediate consultation is the need in such case.

Apart from these signs, there are many more signs which can lead to mental disorders. These signs include issues in understanding people and situations, taking various drugs or medications, creating violence, excessive stress, uncontrollable anger, inability to concentrate, unusual eating habits and many more.

Dipali Roy
Dipali Roy
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