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Those who use violence to control violence will eventually be swallowed up by violence

A beautiful life is what everyone will pursue.

By kakueishinPublished 4 months ago 5 min read

People who advocate violence usually believe in social Darwinism, and the essence of social Darwinism is that the strong eat the weak. The strong have the right to speak and have the power to explain everything. No one cares either. Because the strong eat the weak. Yet socialists also overlook a problem. There is no end to a society where the strong eat the weak, and a person can't stay strong forever either. When a believer is dying, when he is replaced by another more brutal person, no one will stand up to speak for him.

There is such a movie, which tells the truth that there is no final winner in the game between the weak and the strong in a society that believes in the law of the weak. "Menace II Society" armed everyone in the film with this truth, and highlighted the theme with a happy ending. Two black youths came to a convenience store opened by Asians. The owner did not like such youths, so he always regarded them as thieves and stared at them with unfriendly eyes, so tragedy broke out. The film begins its own story in violence when two black youths shoot the owner and his wife and loot the cash in the convenience store.

Next, the black brothers began to embark on the road of desperation. If they disagreed, they would kill people and gradually become addicted to this life that advocates violence. When they have an asymmetric absolute status, this behavior is naturally unimpeded. However, this asymmetric status did not last long. One quiet morning, a group of people who needed revenge stared at one of the young people. So, tragedy happened, even though he had always realized that his days of fighting and killing had no end, it was too late.

The story told in this Hughes Brothers film is very simple, but also very complicated. The simple reason is that everyone understands this truth, and the complicated reason is that there are always people who think they are exceptions, and this awareness is not Simply rooted in a person, he is rooted in a group.

The film is called "Menace II Society". What is the nature of the so-called menace to society? Naturally it is violence. The ultimate result of this kind of violence is to make people who believe in this kind of violence more and more paranoid. They always think that they can achieve everything they want through violence, but there is no way to make this kind of gain more and more paranoid. Good continuation. The benefits brought by violence are huge, but the huge benefits naturally come at a certain price. Those who advocate violence often ignore the price that should be paid.

What is the price paid by the black brothers in this film? The price is that his fleeting life is not completely in his own hands.

Why do Americans have endless social cases, and there is no way to completely ban the proliferation of guns. In addition to the historical issues, the most important point is the social Darwinism that Americans advocate.

The core of social Darwinism lies in the survival of the fittest, and those who do not fit into this set of laws will naturally be excluded. The essence of this exclusion is complete stripping, and the black people in the film understand the method of stripping as violence. Through violence, they can do anything, and also through violence, they get what they need, but the price of the gains from this violence has been ignored by them.

Any income has to pay a certain price, and not everyone is willing to pay this price. Therefore, when the corresponding price needs to be paid for the corresponding income, the film will have an ending. However, at this time, no one thinks that the people killed in this film are worthy of pity, and no one thinks that these people should not usher in these endings. Anyway, does all this seem very cold, but it is not, this is an answer given by people to the above phenomena under social Darwinism.

The strong prey on the weak and the survival of the fittest is not a simple concept, but also an established social value and a widely recognized so-called modern civilization. The strong have everything, and can deprive the weak of everything without punishment. When everyone generally agrees with this concept, the benefits and costs paid do not need to be publicized. These are all acceptable to people. Therefore, even if there are problems of one kind or another in American society, it can still maintain a stable state. The reason is that members of American society generally agree with such concepts and values.

Even if the black people in this film die in high-risk, high-reward activities, there will always be a steady stream of people like this. At the same time, people will continue to "leave", and when these things happen, or after they happen, people don't get any reflection. This is fatal. Social threats will exist, but they don't have to exist all the time. How to cure it is important. If it is really just a dynamic cycle, then the continuous feedback of social threat content does not make much sense.

A beautiful life is what everyone will pursue. However, in fact, when these beautiful lives happen, not many people are willing to see the cost behind these beautiful activities. If the cost can be reflected, then life may be lost. Not so unpredictable.

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