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The Honest Words I’m Too Afraid to Tell Myself — So I’ll Tell You Instead

by Jennifer March, MS 7 months ago in support
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Baby steps are bigger strides than never starting at all.

I’m stuck in a rut, and I’m struggling to get out.

I find it hard to continue on some days.

But I’ve always made it out no matter what.

I get caught up on the minor things — the most insignificant things. But I’m working hard to get out of that pattern.

These are typically the things I tell myself on a daily. I want to remind myself that I am on a journey that has no real destination at the end. Life is ever-changing, and I have to get with it.

But maybe one day, I’ll learn that it’s okay to feel this way and that I can make myself the person I want to be.

But there are still some things that I cannot formally tell myself. I mean, I tell myself these sentences but, I do not hear it.

Here are three things that I desperately need to learn but can’t seem to make stick. So I’m going to teach you instead, lovely reader!

Rest, but don’t stop

This is a hard time, but I want you to keep going. I want you to keep trying no matter how many times you fail. Failure is only a sign that you’re learning.

Don’t stop learning.

Although the days are hard, your depression is awful, and family issues can make life difficult, still, I promise it won’t last forever.

Even though the days feel long, and time seems to be slowing, know that it won’t always be this way.

Nothing ever lasts — including bad times.

When there are bad times, there are good times to take their place. Keep going; you never know what tomorrow could bring.

Make today count

Try your very best every single day. Sometimes there are going to be days when you have extraordinary time-blindness or some awful forgetfulness.

And those days will pass and will eventually be followed up with bright and happy days. Not every day can be bright, nor can every day be dark. Enjoy the bright days when they’re here, and don’t give up on your dark days.

It’s such an easy thing to talk about, but it’s the truth. What you do today will dictate tomorrow. Keep going, and do your best every single day — whatever that looks like for you day to day.

Keep your sights set on today; yesterday will only hold you back.

Don’t look back; there’s more to admire in front of you

Going through rough and challenging times can feel like an endless chore. No matter what you do, change, or feel, it all stays the same. Yet, you still manage to find moments in my past where you should have done better.

But if I am always looking back, how can I enjoy what is right in front of me. Do I sit, thinking about how the past could have been different? No, you need to focus your sights ahead of where you are now.

My Italian grandfather always had this saying,

“put your blinders on, and focus ahead of you; don’t worry about anyone else but you.”

And he was right. My grandpa always used the analogy of a horse needing to wear blinders so they can’t look at who is next to them. If the horse is constantly looking to the side and watching other horses, how can it stay on track?

You’re better than where you once were. The life you currently have is temporary — this too will be a memory one day. Then someday, you won’t even remember this moment happening.

There are so many beautiful memories that are right around the corner. Keep going, and they’ll find you.



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Jennifer March, MS

MS in Psychology | Mom of two cats and some house plants | I write about mental health, self-improvement & overall well-being|

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