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The 570 million-made science fiction giant rolled over in the first episode?

finally come!

By wei chengPublished 8 months ago 3 min read

The first episode of the 2022 sci-fi drama "Halo" has been launched.

"Halo" (also known as Halo) is Microsoft's 2001 XBOX shooting game, which claims to have millions of players.

As a game adaptation, it was highly anticipated from the start.

But who! also! No! Have! think! arrive!

The Master Chief, who Microsoft has been covering for 20 years, actually took off the mask in the first episode! ! !

The game's blood book "please let go of the Master Chief", and the audience of the series shouted "it's a masterpiece, the special effects are blinding my eyes".

Is it a high-quality sci-fi drama, or a parallel import that destroys the original——

Produced by Paramount, and directed by "Spielberg", the father of science fiction.

The first season has 9 episodes, and the production cost of each episode exceeds 10 million US dollars, and the total production cost is 90 million US dollars (570 million RMB).

Money is basically used in modeling and special effects, whether it is an alien aboriginal base or a joint military base, it is very realistic.

The story is set in the 26th century, 500 years later, when the human coalition conquered and colonized the galaxy, and the brutal colonial rule caused many planetary aborigines to rebel.

So the coalition created the Spartan warriors, who could suppress the rebel army with one enemy against one hundred.

And another powerful alien force, the Covenant, came, and they wanted to destroy humanity.

The coalition and the rebels are united, and the battle between humans and the Covenant begins!


On a planet called "Pastoral Star", the colony of Madrigal.

The aborigines (rebels) on the planet are discussing that the coalition will conflict with them in order to obtain the Deuterium resource of the Shepherd.

These locals have witnessed Spartans and said that a single soldier can kill 100 Marines and is a killing machine that "cannot kill".

At this time, the colony general's daughter, Xiaoquan, is venturing outside with her friends.

They stumbled upon an alien spaceship nearby, and there was a strange noise in the cave.

Xiaoquan realized that the situation was not good, and quickly ran away with his friends.

But the next second, the little friend was bombarded by some kind of weapon.

With blood all over his face, Xiaoquan quickly found a hidden place and sounded the alarm that he was carrying with him.

The sentry tower that received the signal immediately notified the colony chief.

The internal defense line was pulled up and entered a state of combat readiness.

Xiaoquan ran back with all his strength and was locked in the shelter by his father.

Before long, a bomb from the sky shattered the gates of the fort, and Covenant elite troops appeared.

A massacre begins.

The human colony, also known as the Rebels, is far behind other stars in technology, and fights with weapons from centuries ago.

In the face of aliens with advanced weapons, there is no way to fight back.

Xiaoquan watched his compatriots being slaughtered one by one from the gap in the shelter, his eyes were full of horror.

Just when mankind was about to be wiped out, the spaceship of the coalition forces appeared.

Someone jumped down from the sky, it was the Spartan chief.

The Super Force soon turned the tide and wiped out the aliens.

But even so, humans have not been spared.

According to the Master Chief's statistics, the only survivors nearby are Xiaoquan.

The Master Chief led the soldiers to the cave where the alien spacecraft was located.

They found that aliens appeared to be excavating some kind of device.

The Master Chief inadvertently touched the device, and in an instant a certain energy began to spread, and vague memories appeared in his mind...

And his fate changed.

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  • Robyn Clifford8 months ago

    Wow, two top stories in a row??

  • Jeremy Gant8 months ago

    Great work. Artist to artist though, what is your process for getting permission for these images? I've considered similar categories, but get shoved on the phone.

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