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Nomi Network - Empowering Women in Rural Communities, Blazing the Trail to End Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking Charity Organization

By victoria patricoloPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Nomi Network Charity Program

Nomi Network is a charity organization that empowers women and girls that have survived human trafficking or are potential victims.

Nomi was an eight-year-old girl. The founders came across her while traveling in Cambodia. She had been abused and trafficked by her stepfather. This prompted the beginning of the organization, and a search for a solution, to end human trafficking. Today Nomi is healthy, strong, and independent. She has been empowered by Nomi Network.

I came across this organization on Instagram. It caught my attention and I took a closer look. Nomi Network is a charity that goes the extra step, they get to the root of the problem and the systemic causes of human trafficking. They work in the red-light districts, that have a history of trafficking women and girls, in NE India, and Cambodia.

Nomi Network trains women and provides them with employment. Ultimately, becoming earners for their families. The money the women earn allows them to keep their children off the street. Studies show that this is the main concern for families and women in rural communities around the world. Often these children, that are not in school and wandering around the street, are swiftly trafficked. Most are sold into these situations by a family member.

Human trafficking includes child labor, forced marriages, and CSE (commercial sexual exploitation). This is the horrible world of Modern Day Slavery. Modern Day Slavery is defined as individuals who are threatened with violence and forced to work. In 2018 the Global Slavery Index reported there are 40.3 million people in modern slavery today. 71% of whom are women and children.

Nomi Network provides the education for these women to become experts in the craft of sewing, creating products, leadership, and financial management. It sounds simple but these tools that we take for granted put women on a path to not only survive but to thrive and become pillars in their communities. The money they earn pays for their children to attend school and help out their families. They are taught how to manage finances and to create savings. These tools empower women to become independent.

The lockdowns during Covid-19 have increased the poverty situation throughout India and Cambodia. Many of the workers travel long distances to get to their place of employment. In India alone, 140 million people lost their jobs, with very little assistance from the government.

In response to the situation, Nomi Network rolled out a digital curriculum. They pivoted their direction and continued their goal to train and educate women. Currently, there are eight Nome Network sites in NE India and Cambodia. Like everyone else, they became remote learners and teachers. They quickly started a program to teach 242 trainers, trainees, and graduates to become Community Outreach Workers. The ripple effect of the program has reached 177, 267 people.

Because of the success of the Nomi Network, existing leaders were prepared and had some money put away that sustained them through the difficult months of 2020. This allowed them to continue their work in the communities, educating people about the virus and how to take precautions to stay healthy. They have secured clean water, food, PPE and have distributed 50,000 handmade masks all through the Nome Network sites.

Nomi Network’s Vision.

A world without slavery and where women realize their potential

Nome Network Mission.

To end human trafficking, creating pathways to safe employment breaking the cycle of slavery.

The steps Nomi Network takes to accomplish its mission.

  • Work in hot spots - red-light districts places where reports of slavery are highest
  • Provide training and technical skills
  • Create jobs (shop Nomi products)
  • Empower women to become leaders.

Nomi Network multi-level approach to end Modern Day Slavery.

  • Providing training to girls and women who have been trafficked or are vulnerable to becoming trafficked.
  • Build up local organizations to assist women who have survived trafficking.
  • Connect women with jobs and promote a fair standard of living.
  • Create a supply chain for Fair Trade Products.
  • Raise awareness of human trafficking and advocate an end to Modern Day Slavery.

Nomi Network successes in 2020 include.

  • Raised 30K for Covid-19 relief in Cambodia.
  • Partners with Cambodia Women’s Support Group (CWSG).
  • NNFI - Nomi Network fashion incubator - Courses created in Cambodia, that hone the craft of fashion.
  • 7 training sites in India offering WDP (workforce development program).

Train the Trainer initiative.

  • AGP - Adolescent girls program in India (a safe place for young girls to socialize).
  • 242 trainee graduates became a community outreach workforce.
  • 93 community outreach awareness teams have been formed educating 115 people in 135 communities to continue the community initiatives.

By donating or purchasing a beautiful handmade product through the Nomi Network, you will be directly empowering women in India and Cambodia, switching their path, from victim to independence and freedom.

Please visit the Nomi Network website to learn more about their latest campaign.

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