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Depression Memes Help People With Depression: Study

And I feel validated

By Erica BallPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Depression Memes Help People With Depression: Study
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Welcome to a collection of memes and links to teach, entertain, and inspire you about mental health.

Because it's still so cold where I am, today's digest only consists of uplifting messages I've gleaned from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and several other platforms where you can connect with others.

In this post you'll find

  • Meme: Some sweet affirmations
  • Science: Depression memes are helpful: Study
  • Tweet: Life doesn't end at 25
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  • Unrelated: The Cookie Monster rock

Some sweet affirmations

See what happens when you say them to yourself.

"... I believe in you. You can do it." This has been around for a while. If you can tell me who made it, please do!

Depression memes are helpful: Study

I feel validated. I found this article describing the ways that viewing depression memes can help people with depression. I'm a big fan, as I personally often feel validated and connected by the right meme at the right time.

The articles states:

People with depression actually prefer memes that relate to their experiences of mental health. This might be because people with depression actually use humour in a different way - partly because of the unique way a person with depression controls their negative emotions.

They also found that:

[T]he depressed group rated depressive memes as more relatable and funnier compared to those in the non-depressed group. More importantly, the depressed group also thought these memes could be used to improve the mood of others with depression, while the non-depressed group didn't.

Finally, the study suggested that sharing and swapping these memes was an effective way for depressed individuals to stay socially connected. This is especially important since many common symptoms lead to self-isolation:

[W]e consider this form of online interaction as a positive way for depressed people to maintain social relationships and have access to social support systems… With memes, depressed people can share their experience in a simple way - possibly even allowing depressed people to form socially supportive and emotional bonds with others. It might also help them feel less alone in their experience with depression. (Umair Akram, Depression memes may be a coping mechanism for people with mental illness, The Conversation)

If you are interested in knowing more about this subject, the article also includes links to several related articles.

Life doesn't end at 25

It's strange to me how deeply ingrained this fallacy is. It's illogical that we feel we have to choose a path in our 20s and stick with it for the rest of our lives.

"… Life doesn't end at 25. Let's stop acting like it does." Originally tweeted by Deanna (@DietitianDeanna) on July 17, 2020.

The Mighty is an Instagram-style social media site with the express purpose of connecting those experiencing similar health concerns and disorders. Users choose which topics to follow, comment on each other's posts, and ask and answer questions. It also posts more lengthy articles written by different contributors. I am happy to say I am about to be one of them.

In their words:

When you join, you'll get a personalized news feed emailed straight to your inbox and on the site. You'll be able to follow bloggers you love and topics that are important to you. Plus, you'll be joining a community of amazing people contributing their stories and their support. (Why Join The Mighty?)

The Cookie Monster rock

I saw this all over the place a couple of weeks ago, but I want to make sure you have seen it, too.

In November 2008, an egg-shaped volcanic rock was discovered near Soledade, Brazil. The inside bears an uncanny resemblance to Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster Rock from the Daily

How did this creation come to be? It's agate, a type of quartz that is formed where ancient lava has hardened in a cavity:

The hard outer layer of rock is then penetrated by liquid, often silica, which makes its way inside the existing rock and solidifies in different layers. These layers are what provides the interesting patterns within the agate. (Darren Boyle for Mailonline)

What a wonderful thing.


Originally published at on February 12, 2021.

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