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Benefits of Starting a Journaling Blog

Blog Journaling for Your Mental and Emotional Health

By Timothy A RowlandPublished about a year ago 5 min read
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Journaling Blog vs Blogging Business

Before we talk about the benefits of starting an online journaling blog, we first need to clarify the difference between a blog journal and a blogging business. If you are trying to earn money from your blog and your writing efforts, then what you want is a blogging business. A journal blog is for writing out your thoughts and not bothering with the “usual” or “traditional” concerns of being a blog owner.

When building a blogging business, you write posts with a specific goal or end point in mind. You write the post to get impressions on the banners, or you want to guide people to follow the link you include. Often, you may be writing several posts that are all keyword targeted in order to gain more traffic to the downloads or course you offer. The goal is to make money and every little step takes planning and strategy.

Blog journaling can become popular and, yes, eventually earn a little income if you choose to monetize it later. Just know up front that this is very rare. The viral blogs that read like journals and are making a lot of money… yeah, those were planned out and are actually blogging businesses made to look casual. A true journaling blog means that for this one blog, you don’t worry about search engine optimization, correct grammar, or trying to write with a specific goal or end point in mind. There is no strategy that needs to go into an online blog journal. It is a place you write, even nobody else in the world will ever read it. You are essentially allowing others into your world if they happen to stumble upon it but building the world just for you.

What Journal Blogging Is and Isn’t

It is true that you could place your online journaling blog on a site such as Medium or Vocal Media, and you may earn a bit of money from people reading each entry. However, you have to consider that in most cases, the general public on these types of platforms are not interested in reading about your day. Aside from that, these posts will still require keywords and a little strategy unless you already have a huge following. The harsh truth is that there are so many casual “lifestyle” blogs that nobody pays much attention to them anymore. Certainly not enough attention is given to for the majority of people to make a good amount of money from them.

Aside from these harsh facts, the intent and purpose of creating a blog journal is quickly lost if you try to force monetization on it. If it happens naturally somehow, that’s great, but that is not what it is for. Creating and writing in a blog journal is for getting your thoughts and feelings down in one place. It allows you to lay out everything and to, hopefully, release any negative effects the day or your thoughts are having on you and your life.

Journaling blogs are personal. It can also be a place to share thoughts and feelings with friends who are aware of your blog, or even strangers who happen upon it. However, this is the only type of blog that it is not only okay to be selfish; it’s fully expected. Write entries (posts) just for you. You can share as much as you want or not. You can even share more than you would normally online and then hide those parts with plugins or other means. It’s yours. You control it and it can be your sanctuary if you’d like.

Last Considerations

Remember, your journaling blog is a personal record of your thoughts and emotions. It’s for you and nobody else. You control the structure and the content. If you find that you’ve written something that is too personal to risk the public finding it, simply set the post to private. Just don’t be afraid to write something you want to get out because of fear of who will read it. Keeping it from the public is easier than most people think.

If you are going to leave a post public, you may want to consider changing the names of people that may be mentioned. At the very least you need to ensure that nobody can be identified in your posts. It is a benefit to your mental and emotional health to get everything out, but you also must protect the privacy of others. You can always use nicknames, made up names, or other terms that will allow you to know who the person is, but not violate their right to privacy.

It is also vital that you do not view your blog as a replacement for seeking professional help if you feel you may need it. Often times, therapist may have patients write in a journal, which is what you are doing. However, the journaling alone will not be able to replace the guidance and help that a professional may be able to provide for you. There is no shame in seeking help if you need it.

Short of needing professional help, a blog journal can be a great way to sort thoughts and express emotions and troubles in a creative and constructive manner. As I keep saying, your online journal blog is for you. Use it to get out anything and everything you want to get out. Be sure you don’t allow yourself to get hung up on grammar or structure or any of the technical aspects of writing. For lack of a better term, it is essentially a “brain dump” for the day, week, or whichever interval you choose to write posts.

There are tons of benefits to writing a journaling blog. Give it a try and see if it serves you well. If you don’t have hosting or domain then you can always go to and create one. Yes, that is one of my sites that will earn me commissions, but that is not the purpose of this post. I didn’t know I was going to put it here until just now when I mentioned it. Either way, if you don’t want to use that walk through, then find a platform you are comfortable with and create your own blog journal. Get your thoughts and your feelings out. Get help if you need it. Just do what’s right and best for you; no matter what that may be. After all, you are irreplaceable.

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