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Are You a Toxic Person?

by Cloe Maclure 4 months ago in list
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Find out the signs that give you away!

Are You a Toxic Person?
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

We hear more and more about toxic relationships, about toxic partners, we are advised to avoid and move away from this kind of people, but have we ever wondered if, somehow, we are those toxic people from our life?

If you had several inappropriate relationships, based on the same pattern, the same grievances, the same reproaches, the same shortcomings, weren't you the wrong one? To find out if you are a toxic person, find out what the defining signs are and see if you fall into this category!

You gossip about others

One of the signs that you are a toxic person is that you gossip and speak ill of others. It is good to be a communicative person, but from here to constantly criticizing those around you is a long and toxic way.

If you do not look favorably on your colleagues, if you find them all a stain, whether moral or physical, if you disregard them and you are never satisfied with the contribution made in your relationship, it means that you are a toxic person that others should run.

You are a negativist

Negativists do nothing but pessimize those around them. If you can have a few conversations with a man who sees everything in the dark, believe us you can't keep any kind of relationship going because this kind of person can exhaust you. It seems strange, however, in their negativity they behave like "energetic vampires" and at the end of the conversation, they leave you speechless as if they had poured all their "bitterness" on you.

However, we do not want to confuse an anxious state with a pessimistic one. Some people go through depression, behaving as such, and people who have acquired this character trait along the way. We are sorry for the negativists, but all we can recommend to them to change their vision is a lot of will and, possibly, a visit to a psychologist.

You want to be in the center of attention

And this aspect is closely related to the toxic character. If you want to be always in the center of attention and stand out, often no matter if, by positive or negative events, it means that you are not too interested in the preferences or needs of others.

Do you claim to be always on the lookout? Always being asked about yourself and your actions? Do you like to talk a lot about yourself? Then your toxicity level goes to a high threshold and you should ask yourself some questions.

You dramatize

If you take negative situations to the extreme and you like to play a role, to make a scene from an incident, you will end up removing everyone around you. The constant dramatization is tiring and boring and, in addition, no one will believe you at some point.

For example, you can have a real jealousy attack for the simple fact that your partner did not answer your phone when you wanted to. At the same time, dramatization involves pessimism and exaggeration, aspects that take away even those who carry your feelings.

You lie

The character of toxic people reveals another unpleasant side: lying. If out of the desire to protect someone, you get rid of a lie, it is not so serious, but if you do it consciously, to give another value to a situation or a person, then it becomes a problem.

Liars, in general, cannot accept reality and create a world in which, one day, they will get lost. If you fall into this category, try to find the explanation, find out what drives you to lie, and try to treat yourself. A visit to a psychologist can help you overcome the problem more easily.


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