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ADHD Is My Superpower

by E.L. Martin about a month ago in list · updated about a month ago

Five Reasons Why ADHD Is More than a Disorder

ADHD Is My Superpower
Photo by Michelle Cassar on Unsplash

Did you know that October is National ADHD Awareness Month? I didn't either until a couple days ago. Whoops! It seems like there is a day for everything anymore; National Ice Cream Day, National Hot Chocolate Day, National Hangover Day, National Personal Trainer Awareness Day-wait, what? If you have a personal trainer, aren't you already aware of them?

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I definitely can't keep track of them all, and most people can't either regardless of whether or not they have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I'm on to all you people who claim otherwise, you have it on your calendar in your phone or saw it on Google, and you'll not convince me otherwise! While these holidays are great and all, I do well to remember friends and family member's birthdays and the major holidays (and I suspect the rest of society does as well), oh yeah, and Taco Tuesday because it is reoccurring and well, who doesn't love tacos?

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Anyway, I digress. As it is currently ADHD Awareness Month, I wanted to share with you some BENEFITS of having ADHD. Yes, there are such things! Too often we focus on the issues and problems of having a brain that works differently than neuro-typical. Today, however, I want to explain why there is power in harnessing ADHD instead of shaming it! Here we go:

1. We are idea generating machines.

By Dstudio Bcn on Unsplash

Need a new marketing strategy, recipe, or want to try out a new business venture? Chances are, someone with ADHD in the room will think of something you haven't thought of before. Because we think differently and have a variety of interests, we veer away from the traditional norms and typical mundane ideas that others use. Many of us are inspired by a little bit of everything. If there is a way to stand out and appeal to others, it is by accepting new, unique, and creative solutions. Those who are diagnosed as having ADHD are often some of the best innovators because of these reasons. We often need others to reign in and simplify our ideas, assist in follow-through, and fill in potential gaps in oversight, but humanity needs all types of these people in order to thrive, those of us with ADHD included!

2. We are funny and entertaining! (Is that one reason or two? Well, anyway, you know what I mean.)

By Lidya Nada on Unsplash

Some may think our ideas are random or completely out there. They would also be correct, but this randomness is exactly what makes us funny and entertaining! You never know what we are going to think, say, or do. If you want some bizarrely hilarious imagery about something we have interpreted from a conversation, you are going to get it and usually walk away laughing or completely horrified. Sometimes we aren't trying to be funny, it just comes naturally. Occasionally, we have to think about why our remarks were so hilarious and then usually realize it post-facto. That's okay though because like I said, it comes naturally which makes others want to be around us for a good time.

3. We are often gifted in the arts or physical activities.

By Jakob Owens on Unsplash

The "excess" energy we have can actually be geared, targeted, and thus appreciated in arts and sports. Despite our difficulty in concentrating, things that are physical or artistic can often speak to a part of our brain and enable us to focus. Where we may have difficulty in focusing on things we aren't interested in, we can usually focus on these sections, even too deeply at times. We are as a whole passionate people. This gets our "jitters" and energy out and points them in a direction most people can appreciate or applaud. Some may even call individuals in these communities admirable, which sounds like a positive attribute to me!

4. We are hard-working!

By bruce mars on Unsplash

Despite the known fact we have difficulty focusing, there are times, like aforementioned, we are able to "hyper-focus." This means that regardless of how cluttered or disorganized our workstations are; we can be trusted to concentrate on our tasks. As long as tasks are known in advance and made important to the employee, they will be accomplished. While it may not look like it to the casual observer, supervisors are often surprised at how reliable their employees with ADHD are at accomplishing their tasks. Some may not even suspect their employee has ADHD if they are good enough at accomplishing tasks consistently, and the employee has not revealed their diagnosis.

Adults with ADHD usually had to work harder in school than others without the disorder, and likely have found individualized ways to work and focus with the disorder by the time they enter the workforce in order to compensate for their "neuro-divergent" status.

Given that point, many ADHD diagnosed individuals are also willing to work long or varied hours in order to better accomplish tasks. In the process of discovering how to properly manage time, many individuals with ADHD will seek out external time management aids through various classes and multiple jobs. It is not uncommon to see someone with ADHD carrying a full load of college courses and hold three part-time jobs with shifts that work with each other to impose this type of structure.

If individuals with ADHD are able to get past the issue of time management and properly organize their time, they usually make highly successful entrepreneurs and businessmen/women as they have just the right skill sets for the job. I have also met successful doctors, lawyers, therapists, and other business professionals who have been diagnosed with the disorder. So, although ADHD could be considered a hindrance by some in the workplace, it seems that it even has benefits there.

5. We won't judge you if your house, workspace, or car is cluttered or disorganized!

By Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Like previously mentioned, our workspaces are generally a cluttered, chaotic mess to the casual observer. Sticky notes often regularly adorn the walls, computer, keyboard, and desk only to be deciphered by the hieroglyphics translator that placed them there (a.k.a. us). Whereas we drive others, like those with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, crazy, we will never judge someone else for having the same amount of clutter or more than we do. Need help after having a baby when your two older kids have strung toys and goldfish cracker chaos all over your home? No problem! Do you have a stack of dishes still left to do in the sink? Sure thing, we'll be over to help! These types of things do not bother us, and usually don't even register in our brain as a problem. To us, it is just normal life. That doesn't mean we don't keep things clean, we still like things clean like the rest of society, but we definitely don't get worked up about those miniscule issues. You can always feel casual and comfortable around us. Count on us to be judgment free!

By Inside Weather on Unsplash

While there are various other positive ADHD benefits, this is what made my personal short list. Overall, we are generally warm, sociable, friendly, impulsive, passionate beings. Occasionally we are clueless about social norms, but as long as you understand that, we are often some of the best and most entertaining friends you can have. Next time you're looking for adventure, fun, help with a project, a partner in a new activity you'd like to try, or someone to come over and spend time with who won't judge you for your everyday clutter, you can count on one of your ADHD friends. Sometimes being different is best, and there are obviously some positive reasons we were born this way! Time to let our ADHD superpowers shine!

By Miguel Bruna on Unsplash


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