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A Generation Misunderstood

by Lakayla Jones about a month ago in support
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Writing Through Societal Pressure

This is me. This is Gen Z

I’m just like you, and your just like me, we may be different but if you look and see… the sparkle in our eyes, our hearts…so big in size, the innocence within our mind, our qualities?...oh so kind. So, you see, though our differences make us human, we still live in a world of confusion, illustrated by this act of illusion, within a world full of seclusion.

A world so beautiful, rare, wild but spiteful…a world so eager, confident, cruel, and entitled. Why are we so secluded from the right and the wrong? why are we so taken back by the polite and the strong? We grow to be told confidence is key!...but forget to mention, society will disagree. Our opinions be sacred, our voices translated, into the burdening hole to soon be degraded. Our society’s norm is head down mouth shut, a cult like act, that leaves you nothing but trapped. The ways of the world keep revolving with time, leaving the tree of life even harder to climb.

You wonder why, the kids don’t play… they sit in their rooms, to escape the day. The pressure, the demand, the silence that alarms, don’t you ever see the secret words written on their arm? Their different… more aware… special humans placed on this earth in despair, they think more deeply…with no desire to share… they feel so unseen, it’s quite frankly…not fair.

The minds that go racing, to a destination unknown…the beliefs of feeling at ease, become too well outgrown. Society’s standards become too high to reach, so we ponder, we wail, we sit at their feet. How is this fair on our generation tree?... My friends… my people… Generation Z.

Social media has ruined, the everlasting essence of hope, our minds falling, in a constant downward slope. You wonder why we don’t feel safe… when you shame our choices to try and escape. Escape from our thoughts, our mind and our feelings, in a unique, steady way of healing. Don’t question our ways, don’t portray it as a phase… we’re are different generation, with no care of a reputation, we have no room for discrimination, within this population. Head down mouth shut, it’s not our way, we rise and speak, not hide away. Your 9-5… how so merely outworn, we’re here to change these ways, that’s why we were born. The possibilities are endless, your opinions tremendous, commend us, befriend us…Just don’t try re-mend us.

Step back… take a seat, you’ll be surprised at what we speak… what we know… and what we preach. Don’t question our choices, just listen to our voices, support us, listen to us, that’s all we may ask. Our journey is different, our values so innocent, your words to us are so very discriminant. Open your mind… look at us with ease…as your child is wondering thru this earth so free. So free from the societal standards, the pressure, the norms… the ways of the world which we set to transform. Step back, take a seat and open your mind to Generation Z.

We’re not weak…we’re not rude…we’re just a generation misunderstood. We live in a world full of followers and likes… comparing our bodies, our photos, and our life. You can’t blame us… its’s not our fault, that society has dropped to such default. It’s the norm within today, to sit back and scroll, to tap and to play… to avoid the decay.

In a hyper-connected world, our feelings emerge, we feel such loneliness…something we seem to preserve. We’re surrounded by people, from all aspects of life, our countries, the oceans, leave no distance within our device. Time Zones become apparent, accents transparent, your friend lives just over there? Oh darling…my friend isn’t even in the southern hemisphere. So, you see, open your mind to what we believe, the relationships we create are not always at our feet, because the possibilities are endless, strangers become momentous, please trust us here without being pretentious.

You call us the lost generation, full of sadness, dull light, and prolonged confusion. Except… where did you get this knowledge of delusion? If you look at the world from our eyes, you too will see, we are indeed full of surprise, a mere innocent soul in disguise…we are, smarter than you realise. Gender norms, we pushed you aside…we made you realise no one should hide. We accepted your son, as you pushed him to the streets, after learning he was apart of the LGBT. Anxiety, Depression, BPD, to say the least, we don’t just throw into the backseat. We stand up, we stand tall, we show up and preach to the world…for the ones left unheard and for the ones still reserved. So next time, before you judge so irrationally, look at us…look at me, before you so rightfully disagree, the world is changing, why can’t you see…just open your mind…into the eyes of Gen Z.


About the author

Lakayla Jones

23, She/They. Even the smallest voices can impact an entire society. We are the kids of today and the adults of tomorrow. Reach out, open up, bring awareness, show realness. Advocate.

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