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Waking Up in Jail, Headaches and Regret, Hope It Was Worth It

by Ann King 2 years ago in humanity

In less than five days, life went completely to hell.

Waking Up in Jail, Headaches and Regret, Hope It Was Worth It

I knew it was coming. I have been telling you for months. Now I just hope that alcohol/drug-induced high was worth everything that it has now cost you, me, and our family.

As I predicted from one of my recent posts, Thanks For That, my AH has since been arrested for drunk and disorderly, robbed of all his cash, dignity. and respect from his family

God, I hate when I am right about things like this. This morning around 10, I received a call from my AH saying that he needed a ride home from the county jail.

He said he had been arrested, though not his fault. He first claimed he was harassed by the police in the parking lot behind a local bar and was arrested after telling his opinion to the police.

Lies, lies, and more lies. Well, stupid me went and picked him up and listened to his side of the arrest details all the way home. By the way, I was not buying any of it.

After we got home I took a look at the ticket; he was given a citation for drunk and disorderly conduct, inciting a commotion and inflicting harm upon himself. What? The time of his arrest was also 4:38 AM. Bars here close at 2:30. So what the hell?

I kept questioning him and the story kept changing. So I called the police department to get the real details. I was told my AH was found leaning against a car with another man, identity not revealed in the parking lot.

Considering the time, police on their regular patrol found it odd. Go figure?

The officer also stated that AH was leaning against the car completely out of sorts, unable to function, and moaning as if he was in incredible pain.

When they approached him to question his condition and to see if he was injured, he went completely off on them cursing and screaming, (starting a commotion).

Thus being arrested. Now of course that I know the details, he has no recollection whatsoever of what happened during the night leading up to the arrest.

He claims he woke up this morning lying on a metal cot behind bats thinking "WTF?" I believe that he does not know all the details—let me rephrase that—does not remember the details because he was black-out drunk.

I do not buy that he is an innocent bystander harassed by the police for no reason. What I believe to be the series of events goes like this. He left the house Monday evening around 6 PM, already completely wasted and went to his friend's house, then to the bar, and drank himself beyond stupid.

Mind you I warned him before he left that he appeared in no condition to go anywhere and that it was a bad idea, wasted breath. I then think he partied the hours away and when it came time for the bar to close he wandered out back and sat down most likely intending to call for a cab, but passing out cold before he could.

I then believe he was awakened by someone outside, who appears to have robbed him of all of his cash, and this is when the police found them. However, the police had no idea that the man may have robbed him if that part is even true.

AH husband became belligerent with cops and fell unsteadily to the ground a number of times because he was so intoxicated. There are skinned knees and marks on his person that seems to point to that, and that is where the part about inflicting harm to himself comes in.

He now has a court date for next week, a hangover, and a whole lot of regret. More than he is even aware of just yet, because I do not think I am able to take much more of the stress every day of dealing with him and his addictions.

It is bad enough that we are losing our home, and are being forced to move. Not to mention he feels little need to work anymore so money is a major issue with this move. I think it is time for me to figure out a way to get the money to move, By the way, I am totally expecting him to get some jail time out of this, considering his multiple alcohol arrests over the years. It would be awesome if the judge court ordered rehab, but who knows.

Hopefully, find another job that will help me support myself and begin living the life I deserve, stress-free and free of him and his addictions. I am not going to let my guilt over trying to help him continue to burden me. I did not cause, I can't control, and I can't change it. What I can change is me and how I choose to live out the rest of my years.

SMH...The Alcoholic's Spouse

Ann King
Ann King
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