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Top Low Calorie Alcoholic Beverages

by Ossiana Tepfenhart 4 years ago in alcohol / list / review

If you love to drink, but hate the calories, check out the top low calorie alcoholic beverages to appease your thirst and waistline.

Most people love to drink, but they don't love what happens to their waistlines where they do. The fact is that most alcoholic beverages will end up wreaking havoc on waistlines, and as such, are heavily advised against by nutritionists.

Obviously, life isn't going to be fun unless you get to indulge once in a while. That's why weight-conscious drinkers tend to need to seek out beverages that won't destroy their diets. These 20 drinks taste great, get you buzzed, and don't kill your waistline.

Extra Light Beer: 60 - 100 Calories Per Bottle

Everyone knows that beer is a pretty lethal choice for a dieter, primarily because you can never have just one. A single bottle of regular beer can add up to 200 calories a pop, with the typical beer costing you about 150 calories a pop.

Light beer, since it has less alcohol, tends to have much lower calorie rates. The best rated beers in this category include MGD 64 (64 calories), Pabst Extra Light Low Alcohol (67 calories), Anheuser Busch Natural Light (97 calories), and Bud Light Select 55 (99 calories).

Champagne: 90 - 100 Calories (Per 4 Ounces)

If you're a wine lover who enjoys the fizzy stuff, we have some good news for you. Champagne packs a very light average of around 80 to 90 calories per serving.

The benefits of sipping champagne wine is manifold. The serving sizes are smaller, so you'll sip more carefully. The calories are also lighter, so you'll feel less guilty about drinking it all. And, the bubbles actually get you drunker than you normally would get from this stuff.

It's a win-win-win wine.

Vodka/Gin/Tequila/Whiskey Shots: 60 - 80 Calories (Per Ounce)

Are you a fan of the clear stuff? That's actually a great thing if you're looking to lose weight. Drinking clear alcohols is the best way to get blitzed while keeping calorie counts to a minimum.

In most cases, high proof liquors get almost all their calories from the alcohol content. So, if you're looking to get trashed, you may be able to dodge a lot of empty calories by just downing 2 - 3 ounces of vodka without any mixers.

Vodka + Diet Soda: 60 - 90 Calories (Per Glass)

Dieticians who have clients that love mixed drinks will often tell them to just have simple vodka mixes with diet soda when they do indulge. This is because diet sodas have no calories, and also still impart flavor on the shots.

Common 0-calorie mixers include...

  • Diet Red Bull
  • Diet Orange Soda
  • Seltzer Water

Gimlets: 178 Calories (Per Cocktail)

Compared to many other offerings on this list, Gimlets may seem a bit decadent. However, there's some good sides to this cocktail that are worth noting. Limes have a nice little punch of vitamin C, and since it is a cocktail, it's unlikely that you'll drink three or four in a row like you might do with beer.

Rum + Diet Coke: 80 Calories (Per Drink)

Rum drinkers who enjoy the classic "Captain and Coke" combination can rejoice. Diet soda makes this barroom classic one that won't end up annihilating your waistline in the process.

Sazeracs: 136 Calories (Per Cocktail)

Illustration by Angela Oster

This cocktail makes it easy to enjoy a strong whiskey cocktail without involving too much extra calories. So, why not class it up by ordering a Sazerac?

The absinthe and bitters involved in this cocktail bring out a lot more calories, without adding too many calorie-laden syrups like most other mixed drinks you'll see on a bar menu.

White Wine: 130 - 150 (Per 6 Ounces)

If you're a oenophile and can't splurge on a glass of champagne, your next best bet is white wine. Wine white has around 130 to 150 calories for a generous 6-ounce glass, with more alcoholic wines being on the lighter end of things.

Though wine does have a lot of health benefits, it's important to also take into account the fact that it will make you gain weight. If you must drink wine, make it a once-in-a-while splurge rather than a habit.

Red Wine: 140 - 200 (Per 6 Ounces)

Red wine does have a lot of perks that are worth noting, but the fact is that when it comes to the number on the scale, it's not always the best thing to drink. Alcohol-heavy red wines tend to be the most calorifc, as well as red wines with a bit of sweetness to them, such as port.

The best way to trim the chance of weight gain with wines - red or white - is to stick to a four ounce serving instead of a six ounce.

Bloody Marys: 100 - 120 (Per Cocktail)

The classic hangover cure and V8-based favorite actually isn't as decadent as it tastes. Vegetable juices like V8 are surprisingly low calorie, while the alcohol content in these cocktails tends to be relatively low.

What really makes the Bloody Mary an amazingly waist-friendly drink is the fact that it's got no sugary substances in its recipe. Moreover, the hot sauce used in most of these drinks also gives a thermogenic boost. So, if you must indulge, a Bloody Mary is a good option to consider.

Ossiana Tepfenhart
Ossiana Tepfenhart
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