Top College Mixed Drinks

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Top College Mixed Drinks

College is the time for experimenting. You’re still young. You’re going to be introduced to many different views and walks of life. Everything you learned (history, science, how a class functions even) before is going to be questions and you're going to like it. Your liver is fresh and hangovers are cure easily with a plate of tator tots. Cheesy eggs if you’re feeling fancy. That being said, please drink responsibly.

Vodka Cranberry

- One shot of vodka

- Two shots of cranberry juice

Perfect drink to have while cooking your third ramen of the day. Or to start pregaming. Or to continue making until you forget you failed your chem midterm.

Gamer Juice (need a pot or large bowl)

- Three cans of Mountain Dew ‘Gamer Fuel’

- Vodka to taste (meaning way more than two shots)

The final product should taste like Dr. Pepper. Please remember that it isn’t. Please, please, please. Definitely have a designated sober person and prepare for one of the worst hangovers in your life. Wouldn’t suggest have more than two drinks, regardless of how “high” your alcohol and caffeine tolerance is.

Jungle Juice

Fuck if anyone actually knows. Everyone has their own recipe to this terrible bathroom sink/tub drink. Typically has so much cheap tequila that your tastebuds give up the ghost the second it’s in your mouth. Enough fruit juice (usually a tropical juice blend) to mask the burning taste to get freshman to drink a cup or two. Take a glass only from people you know and trust. Regardless, your body, not just your head, is going to hate you the next morning.

Rum and Coke

- One shot of Rum

- A can of Coke-Cola original.

Mini can if you’re calorie conscious. Which is a silly thing to be in college. Freshman 15 isn’t actually all that bad. And half of students stop eating due to stress so the actual calories wouldn’t kill you. Plus, the rum is going to be cheap and awful. For the sake of your tastebuds, if nothing else, please just use a full can.

Rum and Coke but it’s not Rum, it’s Vodka

- “One shot” of Vodka

- A can of Coke-Cola original

Rum? In this economy? The work your liver will do after three, four, eight of theses make up the difference in price so don’t worry about it.


- Its just a mimosa but you’re hungover in a friend’s room right before brunch.

This is a strangely wholesome drink. Most people pour more juice than champagne (also, champagne in economy? with this debt notice?) as they share the ups and downs from the night before. Sometimes, photos are shared. Lofi or jazz is playing in the back depending who got ahold of the bluetooth speaker first. Everyone is still in pajamas. It’s sweet. Easily doable with a just about any size hang-over.

“Irish” Coffee

- Leftover coffee

- Enough hard liquor to match

I would also like to call this ‘Midterm Week’. Or ‘I have social anxiety at this party and I would rather not right now”. Whatever name you find fitting, your liver will still hate you for it.

Finally, because unless you had one standard drink at the beginning of the night, you’re going to feel it, even just a little, the next morning. Here’s a little something to help.

The Hangover Cure

- Cheesy eggs

- Plain Bagel(s) with as much butter as it can soak in

- Orange slices

- As much water as you can stomach

Abandon your keto diet for a day. You need carbs to soak whatever is left in your system. Protein is always good to help your body heal itself up. Then citrus to help your body’s natural cleanup process.

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Kat L'Esperance
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