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San Antonio's Best Margaritas: The top 5 Places

Want the best margaritas in San Antonio? You've come to the right place.

By Rick MartinezPublished 2 years ago 2 min read
San Antonio's Best Margaritas: The top 5 Places
Photo by Johann Trasch on Unsplash

We'll help you find your true destination for frozen, on-the-rocks, and upcoming seasonal flavors by recommending five places to try in the Alamo City.

There are several San Antonio traditions that locals and visitors look forward to. Our incredible Tex-Mex cuisine, of course, The Alamo, a centerpiece of Texas history, our very own basketball team, the Spurs, has won five NBA championships to date. Finally, we are a day-drinking necessity...margaritas! (responsibly, of course)

About margaritas, we take them pretty seriously, in case you haven't noticed.

So without further ado, here's where to find the five best margaritas in San Antonio; whether it's an after-work happy hour or just want to enjoy a drink with dinner, these spots will do you right.

La Fonda on Main

2415 N Main Ave

Operating since 1932, this mainstay is regarded as a local favorite for Mexican fare. Consider the margaritas — available in seven flavors — the cherry on top. The La Fonda Gold and Jalapeño Cucumber are favorites for a reason.

There is a tried-and-true tradition of Mexican cuisine in this city, and as the go-to spot for margaritas, it stands out from the crowd. Of course, I mean La Fonda on Main. Open since 1932, this treasure is regarded as a local favorite not only for food but especially for their margaritas. The La Fonda Gold and Jalapeño Cucumber are favorites for a reason.

Paloma Blanca

5800 Broadway St #300

Paloma Blanca is a popular spot for both tourists and locals, known for its delicious food and drinks.

Choose from the house margarita, top-shelf margarita or opt for one of the inspired creations like The '09 or The Heights. I'll personally vouch for "The '09".

Regardless of your choice, you can't go wrong here.


7959 Broadway Street St #204

There's a reason Soluna always has a waitlist. Sure, the food is fantastic, but it's the margaritas that keep the joint hopping!

The best drink to enjoy at a party is one of these fantastic margaritas. The extra-strong concoction will make you feel like your awesome moves will keep going all night long!

The Margarita SoLuna is made with Herradura and Bauchant — and it will definitely leave you feeling just fine.

My personal fav here? The Chispa. Trust me on this one and word of advice? Stop at one.

Aldaco's Mexican Cuisine

20079 Stone Oak Pkwy

Enjoy a margarita and breathtaking patio views from the highest point in San Antonio at Aldaco's Stone Oak, where these guys hold down the fort in both its food and drink menu.

So let's talk margaritas.

There are many different drinks to be enjoyed here, but if you want a taste of something different, order the Prickly Pear Margarita or the Avocado Margarita.

Having lived in this neighborhood, my fav is definitely the Prickly Pear. Uhm-uhm good!

The Hotel Emma

36 E. Grayson St.

The best for last?

You decide.

One doesn't need to be a guest at this gorgeous hotel to enjoy a handmade margarita here.

Guests, visitors, and tourists alike can simply pop into the Hotel Emma's Sternewirth bar. If the decor doesn't leave you breathless, then the margarita sure will.

Named "La Babia" after the hotel owner's ranch, this craft margarita is made with a proprietary mix, top-shelf tequila, and made by hand for just the right touch.

No matter which you ultimately choose, San Antonio certainly has a margarita to suit your taste.

Whether a hilltop view at Aldaco's, a low cal zinger like The Chispa, or historic surroundings at Sternewirth, we've got your every margarita dream covered.



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