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by Renee Russell about a year ago in cocktails

Mint Julep

Renee Russell

This is a fictional web series I created for my Multimedia Communications Performance course at the Academy of Art University in 2016. For our midterm, we had to create a two minute "How To..." video. The only thing I could think of was cocktails. This piece was shot in the spring, that's why I chose Mint Julep. It's a spring time drink and very popular this time of year beacause of the Kentucky Derby.


1 Whiskey Glass

2 oz. of Bourbon

4 Mint Leaves

2 teaspoons of water

1 teaspoon of Powdered Sugar

Shaved Ice

Make one for yourself and enjoy. Cheers!

Compeletly off subject-here's some information about my school if you're interested.

Academy of Art University:

Renee's Bar was shot at the Urban Knights News studios at the Academy of Art University in an Francisco. I've been studying Commuications and Media Technologies at the academy since 2015. My goal is to become a broadcaster in radio and/or television. If you're thinking about having a career in broadcasting, here's what they have to offer for that department.

Business of Media:

A creative career needs sound business management, built on real world experience. Gain that experience as you pitch and create productions for real clients, learn marketing through social media, and lead a team to manage our popular radio station: Urban Knights Radio on iHeart.

In-Depth Project: Studio Entertainment Series:

Talent competitions and other reality programs are a staple of modern broadcasting. They require a team with a broad spectrum of skills, working closely together under time pressure. You and your team will take on the roles of host, producer, director, videographer, and editor to produce a weekly live studio series covering entertainment, art, food, and fashion.

Media Specialties:

Drones are everywhere. Learn the aerial production skills that are in high demand. eSports is the fastest-growing entertainment segment in live production. Learn videogame streaming and play-by-play. Apps are critical to a still-growing mobile world. Learn to turn your idea into a tool on your own phone.


Using voice and personality, today’s performer entertains and informs on every platform – from broadcast to streamcast, both live and recorded, in studio and on location. Learn sports play by play, eSports announcing, and YouTube channel promotion. Working alongside industry professionals, you will act as the talent and as a producer directing that talent.

Visualization and Effects:

Virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-video and motion graphics account for the fastest-growing jobs in media. They require the skill to visualize things never before possible. You will use the latest tools in graphics and animation to tell a story that crosses the boundaries of broadcast, web, and mobile devices.

Deep Thoughts:

In my opinion, aspiring broadcasters such as myself need a school like this. Its hands on experience with professors that have top notch expirience. As a practice-based art school, they believe in a disciplined approach that encourages students to develop their own styles, to blend talent, technical skills, creative aspirations and professional knowledge.

For example, sometimes I get star struck walking down the hall. Bay area legendary broadcasters such as Jan Yanihero, Joe Fonzi and Richard Hart not only teach courses, but guide students after graduation.

You can make amazing connections while attending the academy. One successful alumnus is now an Emmy award winning producer for a film company here in the bay area. Others have gone on to work with Pixar and other media companies. It's a very good idea to make as many connections as you can, no matter what department you choose. You'll never know if that connection will lead you to a new and promising career.

Renee Russell
Renee Russell
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