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Laila Jatti Rising Star of Social Media Influencer

Content Creator TV & Film Artist

By Qaiser KandaraPublished 10 months ago 3 min read
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Aboute Laila Jatti

Laila Jatti is a social media; content creators emerge and captivate audiences, Laila Jatti is shines as a Social Media star. With a Millions of following on platforms like Instagram, YouTube,, Snapchat,Like app and TikTok, Laila Jatti the Real name is Huzaifa Bibi, has become a prominent figure in the world of online entertainment. This article delves into the life, passions, and journey of Laila Jatti, exploring her rise, her captivating content, and the connection she establishes with her audience

laila Jatti's Born on November 18, 1996, in Bahawalnagar, Pakistan, she started as a Social Media Influencer, Content Creator TV & Film Artist. From 2018, her passion for acting and hosting, setting the stage for her remarkable journey in the entertainment industry

First Project Laila Jatti

Laila jatti’s first Project is a road show is a based on common sense then she Started travels & explore the Beauty in Pakistan. Road Shows are typically conducted in a series of common Sense Political National & international issues etc.

Laila Jatti’s web series

After that she Produced her own web Series the name is "Shaikh Di Jatti" in 2022. "Sheikh Di Jatti" is not just a tale of romance or drama; it's an exploration of the complexities of identity and cultural diversity. Set against the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity, the series follows the lives of characters from different cultural backgrounds, highlighting the challenges and triumphs that arise from their intermingling worlds.One of the series' strengths is its well-crafted characters, each with their own motivations, flaws, and growth arcs. Sheikh's determination to challenge societal norms and Jatti's struggle to balance her heart's desires with her responsibilities create multidimensional characters that audiences can empathize with and root for.

Cast of Shaikh Di Jatti: Bhola Record, Laila Jatti, Ahsan Sheikh, Qurat ul Ain Zia, Sheikh Qasim, Jannat Bebo, Imran Khan, Jam Safdar, Muqaddas Ch, Amjad Ali Noor, AK Boxer Special Appearance: Marhoom Ahmad Bilal

Produced by: Laila Jatti & Ahsan Sheikh

Directed by: Ahmad Mughal

Script & Screenplay: Ahsan Sheikh

Producer & Casting Director: Laila Jatti

Edit & Sound Design: Ahmad Mughal

Executive Producer: Ahsan Sheikh

Production Manager: Zia Liaqat

And Web series title track

Writen by: Suraj Baba

Music & Vocals: Faraz Nayyer

Dop: Ahmad Mughal

Camera Team: Rana Ahsan, Sherry

Presents by: Filmix Entertainment

Journey of Laila Jatti

Laila Jatti Certainly, as an artist, your inspirational journey involves a unique blend of creativity, self-discovery, and professional growth. Here are some considerations and aspects specific to an inspirational journey in the context of our life and work as an artist:

Songs of Laila Jatti




Lyrics Composition: FAAZI ROLEX

Music Produced by: Stunnah Beatz

Mix Mastering: FAAZI ROLEX

Video Editor Director: FAAZI ROLEX


2nd Song



Lyrics: Salman Javed

Starring: Laila Jutti

Composer: Salman Javed

Director: Sagar Khan

Edit & Post Production: Azam Sadiq

and other Music and prank videos number of Hight's on Social Media

Stay connected with Laila Jatti

TikTok: Follow Laila Jatti on TikTok: @Lailajattiofficial

Facebook: Follow Laila Jatti on Facebook: @lailajattiofficial

Instagram: Follow Laila Jatti on on Instagram: @ Lailajattiofficial

Snapchat: Add Laila Jatti on Snapchat: lailajatti20

x: Follow Laila Jatti on Lailajattiofficial

YouTube: Subscribe to Laila Jatti YouTube channel: @ Lailajattiofficial

Lila jatti is a well known personality at showbiz industry Pakistan she is also doing social work as well, she is a animal lover, she is so humble and honest in our life.

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