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I ordered it so, I just drank it...period.

I drank it.... thats really all I have on that.

By {L.B.}Published about a year ago 3 min read
Original work and edit by UFA L.B

Warm sake, vermouth, hibiscus whiskey, and a lemonade vodka. Or something like that.

I was invited to dinner and didn't know it came with drinks. Now upon discovery I want take into account that it was not a requirement for me to make a purchase, nor was it forced upon me by any other party, I simply just didn't want to waste the drinks. I made such a fuss about not being able to place the order from the table's QR code any way.

The table was reserved, because sometimes I roll with people who reserve tables. Das' it.

After the girls and I arrived to the table and took a seat, a waitress brings drinks on a tray to the table and I was intrigued. Allow me to make this clear, either not too much happened or I don't remember a lot of the verbal interaction that went on prior to me having to address the disconnected code. In no sequential order her is what I remember in very short.

The first order of drinks that made it to the table definitely were fun and full of pizzaz.

Selfie by UFA L.B.

There was a fire pit, there was a flame, it was hot.

I was hot.

It was toasty.

I acknowledge that my genetic developments should not spill over into someone else's drink, however I do appreciate the passive judgment that i've never really outwardly received from my friends and acquaintances. At least not to a degree of indefinite alteration of our friendship.

In my defense I did share the drinks, and really tried to give them to the people at the table, but they sipped the drink instead of gulping, and again I felt responsible for the consumption of the money I exchanged for poison.

Somethings I remember, and that I can specifically recall for fact, at this time.

By Tomasz Rynkiewicz on Unsplash

Back tracking I really am responsible for the delayed affect of the warm sake. Once I really had a moment of reflection, I blame my memory, and my need to participate when in public. This instance is an example of that. It could stem from people pleasing, along with the instillment that showing gratitude for things that you have by way of acceptance and consumption verses simply changing your mind and not accepting something; hindered me. Frankly though, I enjoyed myself and have yet to receive a report, even though i'm not checking for it, I could have caused some commotion. Fortunately, everybody is safe.

I have come to a point in life where I often see people doing whatever makes them happy. I am always at a crossroads because I have yet to see the people speak so freely about the consequences of them doing what they want. Every action has a reaction to follow. My reaction to alcohol is similar to the reaction I have when I eat too many shrimp that I know I can't have. I'm excited to even be doing this but I can have about six, then after that things begin to itch my throat slightly swells and well I just shouldn't have it.

Social drinking is somewhat of a mind F**k in a twisted kind of way. If you socialize and like your associates, then realistically there is no need to poison yourself for the sake of fun and the ability to speak more open and freely. I respect that my last statements may have been a reach and no I am not drinking right now. I say all that to say I still do it even though my full conscious mind has experience for proof that I in fact should not ingest anything that can clean a wound and kill bacterial just because fruit and ice was added.

Staying on track though....

THE DRINKS WERE DELICIOUS. So was my food. I should have left the drinks, or taken the sign that presented itself to me in the form of a dead end online order integration, to be my cue. Even still.... I had a time that night.

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I write, draw, and sing my feeling and a few facts if I feel like it. I'm funny but don't laugh at me, I may cry. It's fine im an artist. Huggs?

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    {L.B.}Written by {L.B.}

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