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I Don't Want

A Seven Days In Excavation From 2018 On My Attitude To Drink

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished about a month ago 3 min read
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At the moment my Seven Days In Blog is getting a lot of visits and this is throwing some interesting pieces that I think are worth sharing with my Vocal friends and audience.

These were written before I applied Grammarly and the integrated spell and grammar checker was virtually non-existent.

I thought I was going to post this in the Vocal Confessions Community where they still have me as a Top Creator.

But then I thought, as it is about my attitude to drink, it should go in Feast, then I thought no, it should be in Proof.

Although I have not really touched alcohol for twenty years, last year I discovered Guinness Zero, which as my friend Jon Raine staed "Has no right to exist". It tastes just as good as alcoholic Guinness (in my opinion) and is not alcolic. True Perfection.

I always wondered what the point of alcohol-free beers, lagers and wines were as to me those drinks tasted rubbish anyway, and removing the alcohol was removing the reason for drinking them.

I don't mine sparkling white wines such as Cava, Champagne and Prosecco but that is something I don't drink now but does taste OK.

I Don't Want

I was thinking of maybe writing a poem that starts:

"I don't want coffee

I don't want tea

I don't want alcohol

I don't want soup ..."

Then I thought I couldn't really stretch it out any further.

I never understood the phrase "I need a drink" referring to alcohol. I've only ever needed a drink when I have been thirsty. I understand also, the need for stimulation so coffee and other caffeine-based stimulants can be beneficial.

I have always thought most alcohol tastes atrocious, although I did acquire a taste for Guinness when I was in hospital recovering from ITP in the mid-eighties (I've included my story about it at the end of this piece), and the odd alcoholic drink has been pleasant, I still love the smell of Southern Comfort.

I have always found all lagers as enticing as drinking vinegar or dirty dishwater (a bit like green tea), and most beers had a similar effect, but after I developed a taste for Guinness, then Stouts and Porters became my preferred alcoholic options, which I often overdid when I shouldn't have.

Flavoured Ciders are the new alcopops, Cider is Apple flavoured not berry or mango or whatever. They are very easy to drink though and I also used to like drinking Cider, it was usually quite refreshing.

I don't mind Diet Coke and often use it for a caffeine fix but am well aware of the damage Aspartame can do, so if I do indulge it's generally two 500ml bottles a day, or maybe two 330ml cans. It does surprise me that a 500ml bottle is classed as two servings.

So as I've been on about drink what about The Dubliners' "Seven Drunken Nights"


This piece was only about two hundred words originally but I have added a few extra observations.

I am fine with people drinking and am not judgemental unless it causes them to hurt others or cause trouble in other ways.

Many thanks for reading this, and would love to hear your opinions on drink.

The five Top Creators in the vocal Confessions Community are Me, Hannah Moore, D-Donahoe, Heather and Catherine Kenwell all Vocal Friends, but Vocal still minimise the Top Creator status. This is the piece I wrote on it and tried to share with them.

This was the story about ITP if I piqued your interest

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