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Do Aliens Exist? Proof of aliens on Earth | Edge of Wonder

Explore the advancements in recording technology and mathematical probability of Proof of alien sighting, which is also mentioned in the Holy Bible in the Book of Ezekiel.

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proof of aliens

Explanations about aliens, their existence or conspiracies:-

Some argue that it is prominent that we are not living alone, while others reject the alien proof altogether. However, with advancements in recording technology and fundamental mathematical probability pointing to the possibility of alien life, disbelief is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.

Following on from the incredible assertions made by senior officers of the US military during an investigation into ‘Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena’ before the US Senate in July 2023, below are some of the most persuasive proof of alien life. There is proof of alien life, according to Britain’s first astronaut, and they may exist among us but remain undiscovered thus far.

Helen Sharman, who explored the Soviet Mir spacecraft in the year 1991, said in a British newspaper that “aliens exist, there’s no two ways about it.”

“There are just so many millions of galaxies that exist in the universe and there must be a variety of various kinds of life,” she said. “Will they be composed of carbon and nitrogen, as you and I are? Perhaps not. Then, in a tempting theory that should make you skeptical of your coworkers, Sharman added: “They may be here at the moment and we simply can’t see them.”

A little reference to our last article:-

In our last post, we magnified the excellence of the interview within “Tucker Carlson Interviews Putin?” Furthermore, we decide to describe to you the potential variations of the mysterious happenings. Our energetic team is diligently exploring different methods to boost your understanding abilities. We are also proud of your awareness of our materials. That’s why you allow us to improve your brilliance with advanced knowledge.

Historical proofs:-

It’s easy to dismiss much contemporary activity, citing everything from errant meteorological balloons to the propagation of mythology and UFO encounters in pop culture, which provides a consistent image of extraterrestrials for eyewitnesses to draw on whenever someone claims aliens. However, ancient data (pre-National Enquirer) is more difficult to deny. Enter ‘The Madonna with Saint Giovannino’, often known as the UFO painting.

It was painted in the fifteenth century and features the Virgin Mary, as well as a man and his dog peering up at a floating disk-like object that appears strangely familiar. This painting is not alone in representing extraterrestrial life; everything from old cave drawings to Sanskrit scrolls does. A sighting is even mentioned in the Holy Bible in the Book of Ezekiel. Perhaps this is solid proof, or humanity has a long history of conspiracy theories.

Unanswered sightings:-

There are more recorded UFO encounters than there are words in this article to deal with them, and most of the time, they are accompanied by detailed debunking. Yet there have been various cases that have been more difficult to explain, ranging from an 1853 sighting by a group of learners and instructors on the University of Tennessee campus to the well-known Stephenville Lights scenario from 2008, in which over 200 witnesses saw the UFO, including three police officers who remained anonymous. Consider the following fascinating examples that remain unsolved.

Statistical data by Frank Drake:-

In 1961, astronomer Frank Drake developed a formula to predict the possibility of the presence of extraterrestrial life, taking into consideration several parameters such as the average number of planets capable of supporting life and the fraction that might be traveled on to sustain intelligent life. This was later adopted in 2001. As a result, statistically speaking, many thousands of such planets are expected to exist.

Government records:-

While some presidents of the United States have published classified papers about the proof of aliens, with Jimmy Carter publicly detailing his personal encounter, others were denied possession of sensitive information entirely, with Bill Clinton professing to be one of them. Many Christians suspect there is a cover-up going on. Clinton has been continuously open about the existence of any proof about aliens, and it’s worth noting his thoughts on an ‘Independence Day’ scenario.

Space Travelers’ Claims:-

If you continue to believe any UFO stories, you might as well believe those coming from individuals who have gone to space (who typically originate with all their teeth and a Ph.D.). Edgar Mitchell, Cady Coleman, and Dr. Brian O’Leary have all claimed sightings, with several citing official awareness and proof of alien life and cover-ups.

Buzz Aldrin has also commented about his personal experience on board Apollo 11 when they noticed something flying alongside them. At first, they believed it was the last stage of the separated rocket, but mission management verified it was 6000 miles distant.

The historic congressional UFO hearings:-

During a historic congressional hearing in July 2023, retired military officials presented several disturbing claims. Three witnesses testified under oath that the US administration knew far more regarding alien proof than it was putting on.

One of the important lines of investigation was video evidence of the famed ‘Tic-Tac’ UFO, which emerged in 2004 yet was not publicly revealed until 2017. Former Navy captain David Fravor, who originally noticed the item with three additional pilots, raised alarm about its apparent ‘supersonic’ technology. He said that the object vanished in front of their eyes before reappearing 60 miles away only seconds later.

David Grusch Said:-

David Grusch, who previously served as an Air Force intelligence officer, claimed that the authorities worked diligently to conceal data and intended to punish informants. He stated that, although he had never witnessed a UFO, a few of his peers and coworkers had been hurt by them. However, the most bizarre allegation Grusch stated was the fact that non-human ‘biologics’ had previously been retrieved from craft crash sites.

There is still a lot to learn from this historic hearing, but many individuals are more persuaded than ever that the authorities are covering up something.

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  • Alex H Mittelman 2 months ago

    I know aliens exist because… I’m an alien! From Venus! Great work!

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