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10 Signs You're a Lightweight

by Jacqueline Hanikeh 4 years ago in humanity

Does it take you three to four sips to finish one shot? These are the accurate signs you're a lightweight.

I'm the biggest lightweight ever. I'm always the first one to be drunk, the first one to finish having drinks, and the only one who can never participate in drinking games. People see being a lightweight as the worst, because you can't enjoy a whole lot of alcohol. But that doesn't bother me, or some of us lightweights. Want to know why? We don't blow all of our money on so much alcohol! We'll spend $15 max and it's enough drinks to get us feeling great throughout the night.

But there are some people out there who refuse to believe that they're a lightweight. No matter how many drinks they down and the nights they've puked it all up, because their body couldn't maintain it all, they still refuse to believe it. But it shouldn't be a bad thing! Not only is that how your body is, but you'll be having fun first before anyone else. While some people are fuckin' tanks who can drink, drink, and waste more money trying to get drunk, just two glasses will get you feeling good! If you're not sure if you're a lightweight or you are and you want to relate, these are the accurate signs you're a lightweight. And never be ashamed of it, and always remember to drink responsibly!

You're tipsy after half a beer.

It doesn't even matter the ABV percentage, if you drink half a beer and your vision starts to drift, you're probably a lightweight. People get drunk a couple of bottles in and if you're already feeling it just a single bottle in, then just three bottles will have you passing out.

You can carry the same beer bottle for hours, unable finish it, because you know you'll be busted if you do. The best way to stop yourself from drinking it is mentioning that the beer tastes gross or you hate beer. People won't judge you if you don't like the drink you're drinking.

You're terrified of pregaming.

Almost all lightweights are horrified when someone says, "pregame at my house." Pregaming is literally chugging so much alcohol just to show up to an event tipsy. And once you're at that event, you basically have to drink more to get drunk. This way, you won't drink a lot at the party.

But you hate hearing the word pregame, because you know that you actually get drunk during those—one of the signs you're a lightweight. You then show up to the party absolutely plastered. If you don't drink anything at the party, they're going to look at you like you're crazy. But you've already had your glass and a half at the pregame and that's all you need to be drunk. And when someone forces a shot down you throat, that's it, game over.

It takes you a couple of sips to take one shot.

From the signs you're a lightweight, shots are your ultimate nightmare. Especially if they're straight liquor and no chaser... the worst! It'll take you forever to finish that one shot. Everyone has already taken theirs and they're just waiting for you to finish yours.

Signature shots aren't so bad, because there are juices and other flavors hiding the alcohol. But still, you need to take a few sips of it to really get it down. Since your body can't handle so much alcohol in one swallow, you force yourself to slowly take the shot. At this point it's not even considered a shot, but a beverage as a whole from the amount of sips you're taking from it.

You're two glasses of wine in and you couldn't be any more drunk.

After fully drinking your second glass of wine, your cheeks are flushed, you're feeling great, and you're simply drunk. Regular people get tipsy off of two glasses, but if you're gone just by two, then it's one of the signs you're a lightweight. And don't think wine is just "grape juice," it can mess with you; dry or sweet.

Just thinking about drinking wine when sober brings the redness straight into your cheeks. While the first glass will immediately get you tipsy, the second one will have you spilling out your deepest secrets to a random stranger.

Your frozen alcoholic beverage is melted by the time you finish.

Ah, frozen beverages like frozen sangrias and margaritas are the best. They taste so delectable, so fruity, and the fact that it's frozen makes it much more appetizing to drink. But for us lightweights, as much as we love the drink, it won't be frozen anymore by the time we finish it. It'll completely melt the second we drink our beverage halfway.

Sometimes, we want to appreciate the cool, frozen alcoholic beverage in our hand. We sip on it and enjoy the fact that it's frozen. Even though it's so good, we just can't seem to finish it within a few minutes. An hour will pass, the frozen drink isn't frozen anymore, and it'll look as though we barely put a dent in our drink.

You always look the worst in photos.

Oh, gosh. Easily one of the worst signs you're a lightweight, you look horrible in photos. For someone who genuinely looks the worst drunk in photos, I always suggest taking photos before drinking just to look a bit more kept together and normal. But if we're taking shots right before taking up-close photos, it'll look as though I have a lazy eye and a crooked smile.

If you and your friends plan on taking photos, make sure you take them before drinking. You know that you look the worst out of your friends in photos when drunk. So, do yourself, and everyone else a favor by taking photos before drinking, or not taking photos at all. Because when you're all reminiscing on a great night the next day and looking through photos, you just want to burn them all and then burn the ashes.

You can never finish a drinking game.

Among the signs you're a lightweight, you can never finish a drinking game. From beer pong to chandelier, flip cup, and any other game, you seem to just bail out in the middle of the game. It's not because your team is losing or you just don't feel like playing anymore... it's because you suddenly got drunk.

For drinking games like beer pong and flip cup, we're usually sipping beer and not entirely chugging the drink. Regular people play three to four drinking games by the time they even feel tipsy. But in just one game, you're absolutely gone, and probably end up making your team losing. Just apologize and head for the water bottles.

You're having more fun than anyone else at 9 PM.

For us lightweight individuals, 9 PM is our prime time! It's 9 PM and you're at the bar with your friends. The music hasn't even started yet and you're feeling like a million bucks, because you drank a cocktail that made you drunk fast. You're friends are still ordering drinks while your second drink was enough for you.

The only downside to this is that you'll get sober by 12 to 1 AM while everyone is drunk as hell. People pressure you into drinking more, but you're gagging just the sight of a vodka and you seriously just want to go home and sleep, because you've already had your fun at 9 to 10 PM.

You hate when people buy rounds, because you can never keep up.

Also something that lightweight people can't stand is when people buy rounds. It's definitely one of the signs you're a lightweight. Just how many rounds can people buy until they're fully drunk? You're already gone by the second round and people are calling for the fifth, and they're just starting to get tipsy!

At this point, you can barely keep your eyes open while someone's putting a shot glass to your mouth. You then start to question how you're hanging around with them and hate the fact that you can't keep up with them. Never worry about this. While they keep drinking, don't allow them to force another one down you if you're already drunk. You know your limit and stick to it!

You're the first one to pass out. Every time.

Finally from the signs you're a lightweight is being the first one to pass out. So many lightweights hate this about themselves, but they just can't help it. And it's something that shouldn't be looked down on. Who doesn't want to sleep after drinking?

However, the best way to prevent yourself from passing out and getting Sharpied on is drinking water in between alcoholic beverages. This way, the alcohol won't affect you as hard causing you to knock out. This is also a way to prevent a hangover in the morning!


Jacqueline Hanikeh

Reading good literature plays a huge role in my life — and so does online shopping and wine.

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Jacqueline Hanikeh
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