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The Pragmatic Otorhinolaryngologist

by Zeddicus Zane 3 months ago in Pride Month
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A Doctor's Induction into LGBTQIA+

The Pragmatic Otorhinolaryngologist
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

I heard about an otorhinolaryngologist

The doctor was extremely pissed

For his patient had an obsession

Sadistic in each painful session

I'm sure you get the very gist

Being the pragmatic thinker type

The doctor was used to swab swipe

To test for ear, nose, or throat disease

But his patient was just a gross sleaze

The doctor just didn’t see the hype

Sympathy was the doctors true gift

So you can see why he was so miffed

Being sensual was his main game

To hurt would bring him much shame

Between the two was a bit of a rift

But the story gets better from here

The patient was an androgynous dear

Female up top, male down below

The patient had the whole show

Tits and a schlong to be perfectly clear

Sadism aside, one thing was absolute

The patient was a hilarious lil hoot

With pick up lines and jokes a plenty

(S)he was actually a spark of divinity

Perfect in a miniskirt or even in a suit

With big gorgeous eyes like emerald

(s)he could leave a room utterly leveled

A unique flower in the land of the free

A mosaic of masculine and female divinity

And quite a hell of a seductive little devil

But the doctor was still so conflicted

His morals had become contradicted

Oh the aporia of labeling her a she

Because some parts made him a he

But doc gave in and became addicted

He decided to give them a good try

At first, outside of the public eye

He started slow as he experimented

But soon his feelings were cemented

He concerned not about if girl or guy

He was truly amazed that they could morph

One day they could be a masculine mesomorph

The next day they could be a feminine beauty

Them in a ball gown is such a sight to see

Each day brings in a brand new polymorph

On one particular day they chose to use she

And she came down the stairs so elegantly

He took her to dinner at a five star restaurant

Her beauty amazed all, and she did flaunt

All the men drooled over her exquisite beauty

Then back at his place, he had her as dessert

She gave in to the authority that he did assert

He did things to her he never thought he would

Things that he thought that he never ever should

But now he was completely and utterly and convert

That night was filled with so much taboo

But now they were a thing. Not one, but two

Morning came and she decided to be a he

And gave the doctor his thick hard tree

Yet the doctor remained calm and carefree

As the next day quickly passed through

He took the doctor to a new club preview

They had drinks and occupied a pool table

Neither one concerned about gender label

The night ended with wings and cheese bleu

Back at "his" place the doctor gave in to him

He territory marked the doctor's every limb

Claiming the doctor as his very own man toy

He growled "Oh you like being my "pool" boy"

Unable to speak, the doctor nodded to him

Having never been wrecked by another man

The doctor wasn't prepared for this game plan

But he enjoyed every single bit of pain inflicted

And let him pound away completely unrestricted

Loosing track of where this relationship began

The moral of this story is one for every eye

A lesson every woman, girl, boy, and guy

As our bodies mature when we grow up

Brand new pleasures begin to fill our cup

You cant rule anything out until you give it a try

Pride Month

About the author

Zeddicus Zane

I am an engineer and reiki master. I write stories and poems across various genres.

IG: @zeddicuszane

Twitter: @ZeddicusZane

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